pixar obsession!

R U obsessed with any pixar films, i

really don’t have 2 tell you mine! :slight_smile:
(It’s kinda obvious my name is Carfreak! )

Obviously – if all of us geeks weren’t obsessed

with Pixar in some way or another…we wouldn’t be here. (snigger) :wink:

But, in answer to your question:

Yep - definitely. I am 100% obsessed with Finding Nemo, and am proud of it! Here are

my statistics:

Number of times I’ve seen the film: 64+

Obsession Factor: 100% – I know all the dialogue and every move of every

Number of “Nemo” items/memorabilia that I own: 50-100

Special “Nemo” items: Two posters; one of them is signed by Albert

Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, and Alexander Gould
[b]Number of times I saw “Nemo” in

theaters[/b]: 13

Can’t get any more obsessed than that! :smiley:

:open_mouth: Whoa!

Well, I

am practically obsessed with the Incredibles. So you are not alone with obsession here.

I am defititely obsessed with

Ratatouille. I love this film, and I haven’t even seen it yet!

Really, I won’t call it obsessed yet. I will just say extremly amped up Bill.


Really obsessed with Finding Nemo and Cars . I just

don’t have alot of memobilia ( i know i spelt it wrong ) . yet , anyway :smiling_imp: .

For me, just like Carfreak, you will also pretty

much know who i’m obsessed with and the film they were in :smiley:

Film-wise, I very much loved the plot of FN,

as I do believe this was Pixar’s feature mov that contained the most emotional feelings out of all the current 7

existing feature films in the company. The film’s coloring is bright and very colourful in the sense that I tend

to feel comfortable with bright colours that I admire how the visual coloring was put into set in different and

also of how each individual or fish appears in the course of the movie.
By all this, I will watch the movie

anytime that I have the chance to do so, even if its only a scene, or bits and pieces of the movie, and also to

see Bluey, in action again and again :slight_smile: .

Yes, you can say that I am obsessed with

Dory * :smiley: * even from terms of in Finding Nemo.
But that obsession or strong

liking is Not of treating dory as a thing. I treat this by who Dory really is, and as a friend. And not just by

what they always say as a “character”.

My reason for this is a thing I dearly want to state on

PP, but I feel this would not be the appropiate area (thread) to detail it on, and therefore I will look to post

this in topic of a new thread that specifys directly to this of what I stated.

It’s probably safe to say…I am obbsesed with Cars…I mean, I don’t EVEN come close to

Mitch’s obbsestion with Finding Nemo, but…anywho, I’ve seen Cars…13 times on DVD, and 2 times at the

movies…I have very little mercandice…I have some though. Hm…And I can recite every line to this


you know, Mitch just gave me an


Number of times I’ve seen the film: 775 (give or take, an average of

seeing the movie once a day from the release til now)
Obsession Factor: 100+%; I

know the entire movie front to back, back to front, everything, anything.
[b]Number of

“Incredibles” items/memorabilia that I own[/b]: a lot :laughing:

“Incredibles” items[/b]: two posters, and a special shirt that you can only get at Pixar

Animation Studios.
Other “Incredibles” works: 10 music videos, 5

fanfics (rated from, (quote from fellow readers) “The best Incredibles Fanfiction writer on the site”.

A couple songs, documentaries, etc.

And so much more too! :wink:

CarFreak - “Woah”

doesn’t even begin to say it… :wink:

The Star Swordsman - Oh my gosh…

You’ve topped me! You’ve seen The Incredibles more than I have seen

Finding Nemo! I don’t believe it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Heheh – nice obsession factor,

The Star Swordsman. You think you have seen [i]The

Incredibles[/i] enough? :laughing:

Dory’s Defender - You know what, I

know almost exactly how you feel concerning Dory. You should make a thread about her in the [i]Finding

Nemo[/i] section…

I would also like to agree with Bill and say

that I am officially “amped up” – as The Star Swordsman put it – about

Ratatouille. Here is another list concerning the afore-mentioned


Number of times I have watched the teaser: 40+

of Ratatouille drawings/pictures pasted on my family’s computer room

wall[/b]: 7
Number of rats I have owned: 9

I added the last

one, just to make things seem a little more…even. :wink:

Well, you can never be too obsessed

with a film. Even if it is TI. And no, Incredibles is a movie I can watch forever. Even as it sounds, there are

different factors of obsesson.

Actually, you CAN be too obsessed with


Here’s my Pixar obsession list:

Pixarian I idolize: Brad

Bird :sunglasses:
Biggest movie obsession: [i]The

[b]# of times I’ve watched [i]The

Incredibles[/i]:[/b] I don’t keep track because it doesn’t matter. Let’s just say…a

heck of a lot.
Biggest character obsession: Tony Rydinger - He’s a

babe. <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" />
Special Pixar items: Michael Bird

autographed Incredibles DVD :mrgreen:, Brad Bird autographed [u]Art Of

The Incredibles[/u] book, Sarah Vowell autographed Violet action figure,

etc., Owen Wilson autographed Lightning McQueen plushie, Remy Christmas card,



Cars,all the

way! :smiley:

PixarVixen - That means

nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

(snigger) I’m just kidding. But I do have to agree with

The Star Swordsman and say that you can never be too obsessed, unless you start

going crazy or something. :laughing:

And PV: Where did you get a Remy Christmas card?! :open_mouth:

Heheh. A special elf sent it to me.

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/grinandwink.gif" alt=";-D" title="Grin and <p>Wink" /></p> <p>~~=oP</p>

You lucky person. :wink:

I’m really jealous now. Umm…would you mind…showing us a picture of it? :smiley:

Hmm…You know, I guess in a sense, I’m not obsessed

with one particular Pixar film. I like some more than others, but I’m not obsessed with any. I must’ve seen

Monsters, Inc. about once or twice a month since it came out five years ago, so I’ve probably seen it around

60-80 times all together. Thing is, it’s not my favourite Pixar film, and sometimes I just watch the Randall

scenes (I know all the chapters he appears in off by heart :laughing:). I’d say that I love Finding Nemo and Toy

Story as much as MI, and then I just like all the other Pixar films at the same level.

I am definitely

looking forward to the release of Ratatouille though. I have very high expectations for this film! :smiley:

PV- I agree with you, there. If the obsession starts to rule one’s

life…then it’s way too much.

Thanks for agreeing with me, LG.


Mitch, as much as I’m dying to show you and

everybody else the card I have, I really don’t think I should. The same goes for another special item of mine.

They’re both things I feel especially privileged to have in my possession, so…I can’t.



PixarVixen - Ahh – I understand. I surmise that they are quite personal, then. No

problem. :wink: