Pixar Planet Award Winners (2008 - 2012)

I was reading the archived threads of Pixar Planet. I then thought it would be nice to have a thread that has all the winners of all the Pixar Planets of all the years in one place. The list will be updated every year.

I’ll also posts links to the original pages, records, and awards of interest. If you have an information you’d like to add to the records, please let me know!

I hope you guys enjoy this piece of Pixar Planet History!

*Member Awards

Best Member
2008. Sky
2009. Sky
2010. ellie-jessie-eve
2011. ellie-jessie-eve
2012. Spirit of Adventure

Best New Member
08. bright dot-dasher
09. ffdude1906
10. ellie-jessie-eve
11. MissCarrera
12. ObsessedWithPixar

Friendliest Member
08. Mitch
09. little_chef_eva09 & Sky
10. ellie-jessie-eve & K9Girl
11. ellie-jessie-eve
12. Leirin

Funnist Member
08. Bright dot-dasher, lizardgirl, Pixfan
09. Thewisecookiesheet
10. aerostarmonk
11. thedriveintheatre
12. IncredigirlVirginia & thedriveintheatre

Most Informative Member
08. Martini833
09. Miafka
10. Bryko614
11. thedriveintheare
12. Spirit of Adventure

Member you would Most like to Meet in Person
08. Sky
09. ffdue1906
10. ellie-jessie-eve
11. ellie-jessie-eve
12. ellie-jessie-eve

Member Most likely to get a Job at Pixar
08. Mitch
09. Mitch
10. Mitch
11. Mitch
12. Mitch and little_chef_eva09

Craziest Pixar Fan
08. EVEisawesome
09 Ffdude1906
10. IncredigirlVirginia
11. IncredigirlVirginia
12. ObsessedWithPixar

Best Pixar Planet Staff Member
08. The Star Swordsman
09. Phileas & Sky
10. thedriveintheatre
11. little_chef_eva09
12. little_chef_eva09

Best Critiquer
08. n/a
09. thedriveintheatre
10. thedriveintheatre
11. thedriveintheatre
12. thedriveintheatre

Most Mysterious Member
08. n/a
09. n/a
10. n/a
11. S 330
12. n/a

Best Debater
08. n/a
09. n/a
10. n/a
11. thedriveintheatre
12. n/a

Fandom Awards

Best Sig
08. hannahmation
09. Czarine
10. little_chef_eva09
11. Grifoshka
12. JustSoWall-eCrazy, Violet Parr, ObsessedWithPixar, and Pixarfan91

Best Avatar
08. thedriveintheatre
09. qxgnxamy
10. Bryko614
11. Leirin
12. thedriveintheatre

Best Video Maker
08. The Star Swordsman
09. The Star Swordsman & thedriveintheatre
10. thedriveintheatre
11. thedriveintheatre
12. little_chef_eva09

Best Graphics & Icons Maker
08. Mitch
09. Phileas, thewisecookiesheet, & little_chef_eva09
10. Spirit of Adventure
11. Spirit of Adventure
12. Spirit of Adventure

Best Fan Fiction Writer
08. Netbug009
09. Karly05 & little_chef_eva09
10. little_chef_eva09
11. MissCarrera
12. little_chef_eva09

Best Fan Commentator
08. n/a
09. Sky, LightningEclipse, LightningandDoc
10. n/a- Retired Award

Best Artist- Traditional
08. Mitch
09. Mitch
10. n/a- Retired Award

Best Artist- Other
08. Haunt
09. Haunt & hannahmation
10. n/a - Retired Award

Best Overall Artist
08. haunt
09. Mitch
10. n/a - Retired Award

Best Video
08. WALL-E music video- You know my name by thedriveintheatre
09. Soul-bot is Eva by the driveintheatre
10. Wall-E ‘The Axiom’ on Piano by Ding
11. What I’ve Done by little_chef_eva09
12. Speed of Love: A WALL-E mv by little_chef_eva09

Best Fan Fiction
08. Awakening the Rat by putmoneyinthypurse & The Incredibles: Syndrome’s Return by The Star Swordsman
09. Psyche OS X by little_chef_eva09
10. n/a - Retired Award
11. n/a
12. n/a

Best Pixar Fan Fiction
08. n/a
09. N/a
10. How to Raise a Racecar by x3haijessiex3
11. Family Tidings by MissCarrera
12. Triangolo D’Amore by MissCarrera

Best Non-Pixar Fan Fiction
08. n/a
09. n/a
10. I’m not one of them by little_chef_eva09
11. Out There by Ballboi & Seasons of Marquette by queen_of_painting
12. Poems and Stories by queen_of_painting

Best Pixar Artwork
08. Blindfolded Linguini by kageri
09. Campfire Tales by Mitch
10. Adventure is Out there by Leirin
11. FinnMcMissile by lennonluvr9
12. little_chef_eva09

Best Fan Commentary
08. n/a
09. Toy Story Comm. 1 by lizard girl, JesusFreak, Lightning Eclipse, Sky, and The StarSwordsman
10. n/a - Retired Award

Best Artwork- Other
08. Wall-E and EVE among the plants by uruseiranma
09. Scale model of a house from Up by themodelmaker
10. n/a
11. n/a

Favorite Fandom Medium
08. Artwork (Traditional)
09. Artwork (Traditional)
10. Icons & Graphics
11. Fan Fiction
12. Fan Art

Best Non-Pixar Artwork
08. Rat and Egg by MItch
09. Fiasco and Deblacles Buttertart Convo by haut and Conflicted Vulcan by lennonluvr9
10. Cobra by Violet Parr
11. Woman by Queen_of_painting
12. S 330

Best Non-Pixar Artist/Original Arist
08. Mitch
09. Haunt
10. Queen_of_painting
11. Queen_of_painting
12. Leirin

Best Fan Artist
08. n/a
09. n/a
10. Violet Parr
11. Violet Parr
12. little_chef_09

Thread Awards

Best Game
08. Pixaria
09. Corrupt a Wish
10. ^>v
11. Say Something About The Person Above You
12. True or False

Best Thread
08. The Definitive Pixar In-Jokes List
09. Current Mood & The Definitive Pixar In Jokes List
10. What’s on Your mind (Status Updates)
11. Pixar Planet History
12. Who has the Best Signature and Favorite Films of 2012

Best Thread Starter
08. Sky
09. Sky
10. x3haijessiex3
11. Pixarfan91 & Sky
12. PixarTeo

Best Picture
12. Wreck-it Ralph and Lincoln

Best Animated Film
12. Wreck-it Ralph


Member with the most awards. (In all years)

  1. thedriveintheatre (16 awards)
  2. little_chef_eva09 (16 awards)
  3. Mitch (13 awards)
  4. Sky (10 awards)
  5. ellie-jessie-eve (8 awards)

Member with the most awards (in a single year)

  1. 2008- Mitch (5 awards)
  2. 2009- Sky (5 awards)
  3. 2010- ellie-jessie-eve (4 awards)
  4. 2011- thedriveintheatre (5 awards)
  5. 2012- little_chef_eva09 (7 awards)

Categories won by the same person every year
*Best Artist (Traditional)-Mitch
*Best Critiquer- thedriveintheatre
*Most Likely to get ajob at Pixar Planet- Mitch

Only member to win Best New Member and Best member

2008- Sky & The Star Swordsman
2009- Sky
2010- thedriveintheatre & The Star Swordsman
2011- The Star Swordsman & little_chef_eva09
2012- little_chef_eva09 & thedriveinthreatre

*Links to Original Pages

2008 Awards
For Your Consideration Thread

2009 Awards

2010 Awards
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2011 Awards

For Your Consideration Thread

2012 Awards
For Your Consideration

Excellent idea EJE! It’s nice to look back on the awards won in previous years. I’m proud to have participated and volunteered for each.

congratulations to all the winners, despite of not meeting some of them

Can’t wait to the 2011 awards.

Same here!

Thanks TSS!

I thought it was interesting too look back at the first two awards, and all the people that were important to Pixar Planet back then. I wish I could of met a few of them!

EJE: oh you would like the old members here that won a few years back.

Who was your favorite old member?

Looks at the “Best Fan Fiction Writer” category for 2008 and blinks repeatedly.

Wait, you mean I didn’t just dream that that happened? I could have sworn that was just a good dream caused by too much tea.

Jk. Man, I need to get back to writing more fic.

This is such a cool idea Kenzie!! It’s nice to have them all in one place. And I wish some of those members were still around too, I’d love to meet them.

I wasn’t here in 2008, so I couldn’t say congrats! So I say it now. Congrats!

Evangeline- I know, I’d love to be friends with a lot of these people.

I was so close to being the craziest fan member of 2010 (only nominated by Wall-E, most indefinitely).

Still, congrats to everyone else who got their awards, there is always next year!

Oh! I’m so excited for the next one! I hope I can win an award in fan fiction, I don’t think I’ll get any of the others. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awards season is not for another few months, but boy, every yime we get closer, I get more excited.

I think I’ll enter the same ones this time.

You never know!

I’ll try to root for craziest and funniest member, best fanfiction, maybe graphics (but there is a certain someone that i will never ever be able to compete).

Cough Spirit Cough :sunglasses: Hey, have faith in yourself! I think you could very well win something. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you could win something, somethingguy :slight_smile:
When is awards season? I’m intrigued!

I’m pretty sure it’s at the end/beginning of the new year. I can’t wait either! :smiley:

That sounds like ages 8D