Pixar Planet Chatroom Quiz Nights!

This is just an idea I’ve been thinking about lately, and I’d love to get some opinions on it. Basically, the chatroom on these forums is pretty underused, which is a real shame, but more members might use it if there were events and things going on at certain times. Hence the idea of holding ‘Quiz Nights’ (though they can obviously take place at any time of the day).

So here are the guidelines for the quiz nights:


  1. Quiz Nights have to be hosted by a single ‘Quiz Master’, who issues the questions and allocates points. Anyone can volunteer to be a Quiz Master, as long as the time at which they plan on holding a quiz does not clash with anyone else wanting to do so.
  2. There should be a maximum number of participants for each Quiz Night, as having too many people on at the same time might make it too fast a game and too confusing. 5 participants is a good number.
  3. There should be a maximum number of questions, something in the region of 20 would be a good idea.
  4. A single point is allocated to whoever answers the question first. The question must be answered in full for the point to be allocated.
  5. If a question goes unanswered for a set period of time (say something like five minutes) then the point goes unallocated.
  6. The Quiz Master is not allowed to participate in their own quiz.
  7. The Quiz Master has to keep a tally of participants’ scores throughout in order to announce the winner at the end.
  8. Questions can be based on anything, but a common theme is a good idea (I plan on basing my first quiz on anything to do with Pixar, but members might like to hold, for example, a The Incredibles quiz, or a Star Wars quiz, basically whatever topic you fancy).
  9. It is a good idea for Quiz Masters to give a warning before asking a question, something like “The next question is coming up in ten seconds!”
  10. When such an announcement has been made, general chatter by the participants should stop until the question is over.
  11. It is also a good idea for the Quiz Master to leave a bit of time between one question and the next, to allow for general chatter.
  12. And I think it pretty much goes without saying that any questions or answers that may cause offence are not allowed. Someone should notify one of the Moderators or myself if anything like that happens.

Quiz Nights Score Table-

ellie-jessie-eve- 11.5 points (1 win)
definedancing- 11 points (1 win)
martini833 - 10 points (2 wins)
K9Girl- 7 points
ballboi- 7 points (1 win)
Bryko - 6 points (1 win)
pixarfan9099 - 5 points
Spirit of Adventure - 4.5 points
love70ways - 4 points (1 win)
Mitch - 4 points
Chuckles - 3 points
bluebomber - 2 points
gazelle - 2 points
Sarah - 2 points
YouAreAToy - 2 points
bawpcwpn - 1 point
Pixarfan91 - 1 point
Snipe - 1 point
ModelTrainMan - 0.5 points

Past Hosts-

Next Quiz Night-

July 16th at 4 PM EDT, Harry Potter-themed quiz night in the IRC chatroom. Hope to see you there

Suggestions and Ideas-

I’ve tried to think of everything but I’ve probably missed something vital out, so please, if you have any suggestions or ideas, let me know, it would be much appreciated.

I would love to come, but that’s a pretty poor time for the US. I’ll be in school then. Any time from 7:00 PM GMT to 11:00 PM would work best for me.

Hmm, did you mean 7:00pm GMT or 7:00pm in the US? 11:00pm GMT makes it 7:00pm in New York, but obviously there are different time zones in the US. Here’s the link if it’s 11:00pm GMT- timeanddate.com/worldclock/f … sec=0&p1=0

I’d love to participate but, like Bryko, I’ll be at school. The time you proposed, lizardgirl, would be at 11 AM for me so bumping it up 3 hours would be the only way I’d be able to participate. Let me know if that works for you. If not, I’ll try another day. :slight_smile:

How about this time, Bryko and martini? It’s a sort of happy medium (I hope!)- 10pm GMT.

That works for me. Hopefully this is successful! :smiley:

That’s perfect lizardgirl! No one from California to New York has an excuse not to attend now. :slight_smile:
I’ll definitely be there. Looking forward to it!
I hope I didn’t miss this, but are you the quiz master for the first game, lizardgirl? If so, I’m excited to hear what you have to ask! :slight_smile:

Cool, that’s great guys! So I’m guessing you’re both officially signed up for the first game? :smiley:

And yup martini, I’m Quiz Master for this one just to see how things go, and if it’s a success then anyone can volunteer to be one.

Of course! It’s this Wednesday, right?

Glad to hear that you’re Quiz Master, lizardgirl!

Now where’s everyone else?

I was just going to suggest regular chat meetings (after a particularly entertaining session about dragons and Buddhism with a couple of members recently), when I came upon this thread, LG! But your idea sounds great as well! :slight_smile:

I should be free of one major assignment after Wednesday, but 1:00 am on Thursday morning is pushing it for me. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe an alternative meeting for other folks can be schedule on the weekend besides this one?

I’ve updated the original thread with the new time and a list of those who are participating so far.

Glad to hear that martini, yup it’s Wednesday, and thanks! :smiley:

thedriveintheatre- Scheduled chat sessions are also a very good idea- feel free to schedule one whenever! I’d love to attend a few. And yeah, hopefully if this one works out we can do a Quiz Night every month or whenever people feel like doing one, and it can be at varying times so that people from all over the world can participate in different sessions.

And thanks! :smiley:

Just to confirm that the Quiz Night is taking place at 10pm GMT tomorrow. Does anyone else want to join in?

Ah! I better set a reminder for myself. Quite excited!! :smiley:
Please people, join in. :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea lizardgirl, and a great way to get people using the chatroom. I’m in it right now eagerly awaiting some others to join in!

I’d really like to participate in the future, but I won’t be able to attend this first quiz. I have an AP exam coming up I need to study for. Next time though :slight_smile:

I think it’d be really great to host one as well!

This is a wonderful idea, lizardgirl! I’m all for it.

My sincere apologies for commenting in this thread at the last minute (before today’s quiz takes place), but would it be all right if I signed on for this evening’s “festivities”? Seeing as I am in Southern California, I take it that I would be required to participate at around 2:00 PM my time (that’s what I gathered from the Fixed Time World Clock), correct?

Thanks in advance for any additional information! :smiley:

– Mitch

That’d be great if you could join in, Mitch! And yes, that time sounds correct if it’s what the clock thingy says.

Be chatting to you later on! :smiley:

I’m soo sorry about this, but I have too much work tonight to come. :frowning: If it’s the same time next week, though, I’ll definitely join in.

No worries Bryko614, I completely understand- it’s that time of year again! As for next week, we’ll see how it goes tonight and if anyone else wants to host their own quiz, but it might become a regular thing at this sort of time if enough people are interested.

lizardgirl - Thank you very much, lizardgirl! I see that you’re in the chatroom already, so I’ll be joining you around 2:00 PM (which is in just a few minutes). Thanks, again! :smiley:

– Mitch

How did it go, guys? I logged in the chatroom at 9:00 am Sydney time but nobody was there for twenty minutes, so I left (I know the quiz session starts at 8 for me, but I overslept, and I thought there would be ‘lingerers’ after the event).