Pixar Planet History

The lack of history on this forum has made me decide that we must make a history thread. In this thread we will discuss, well, history.

So those of you that are buffs, ramble on to your heart’s desire while you answer questions posed by those less knowledgeable in this great art!

I remember when PixarFan thought that TSS and EJE were dating…

History as in subject history or history as in Pixar Planet history?

Pixar Planet History.

I remember when…Methuselah became a Methuselah.

Well, you all know me, PP History? That’s what I’m here for if ya need it. I rmemeber when PP wasn’t PP. I remember being a member of a forum before that, and the one before that.

I guess we can discuss both here.

Pixar Planet was the second forum I joined. The first is Varaces (a car chase fan site). I still log on there occasionally.

I remember when members like Sky, lizardgirl, thewisecookiesheet (although she’s popping in every now and then), hannahmation, Mitch, wannabechef91 used to hang out here.

I remember when ffdude was telling us about his Up obssession and how he became a minor celebrity because of his numerous theatre viewings and his hosting of Movie Nights.

I remember when Radio Pixar was running during '08-'09, and when I heard my name mentioned in one of the podcasts for winning ‘The Art of Pixar Short Films’ book. I still have it now. I also was a guest on one of the podcasts (though I forgot for what) and I even had my request for ‘Carl Goes Up’ played!

I remember when we used to have Pixar Planet Movie Nights and I wore promo sigs advertising the events. Qxgnxamy would record our rambles and post them for download.

I remember when we used to have Pixar Planet Chatroom Nights, and the buggy chatroom which censored some words which weren’t even curses!

I remember when my request to be a Mod was granted last year, and the warm welcome I received when I joined the team.

I’ll post more as I remember.

All those things you’ve mentioned were just stuck with the past.

I don’t know if I’ve been here long enough to participate in this discussion, but it seems like fun. :stuck_out_tongue: I remember and miss many members, namely Ami, Evil-Genius, and Lizardgirl. I remember all the crazy Ts3 hype last year. :open_mouth: 8D

lol, how was that an important part of Pixar Planet History?

Methuselah: You can learn more about the founders if you follow the link on the main page, www.pixarplanet.com

I’m still a reletively new member, of only a year.

I’ve been wanting to go threw the archives here, and find out all the people who have ever one a Pixar Planet Award. I’ll post that information here once I finally do it.

I remember ffdude! Weird, I forgot about him until right now. I remember lizardgirl too. She was really sweet, and she replied to the first thread I started about Charles Mintz and Charles Muntz :smiley: I remember reading posts by Mitch but never talked to them. And Ami, she was so sweet too! And EvilGenius, I used to talk to her a lot too.

I haven’t been here that long, I guess a year now, but I still feel special that I remember them! :smiley:

Awwww, I do miss all thoes guys. Anyone else remember Snipe?

Oh my gosh, I don’t know how I missed writing his name. He was literally amazing. And he was the fastest poster too! I miss him a lot

I totally remember Snipe! He wasn’t here for long, but he was a really fast poster and a nice guy. :slight_smile: I remember this one chat session we had, he had me laughing so hard I really almost fell out of my chair. 8D
I miss him as well.

I hope some of those members will return to post a bit this summer!

I feel that i’m a lone crowd in a new generation of posters…

When you guys mentioned the old posters, I totally remembered all of the fun times we had when they were still here.

yep! right place at the wrong time!

Don’t worry! As you said, a new generation! A new future! And you’re apart of it now.