Pixar Summer Internship 2016

Here we go again!

As with every year a topic is opened for all of those who apply to one of Pixar’s internships for the summer. Here we can share our work, our feedback, our support and woes as we wait and hold our breaths for that golden opportunity.

Anyway, here’s the link to the Internship page in the Pixar website, I listed all the summer internships available from the site at the time I wrote this. A lot of them do not have an application deadline, but the ones that do list it as March 1, 2016. So there’s a lot of time to polish that portfolio or demo reel.


Animation Internship
Graphic Art Internship
Art Internship
Editorial Internship
Archives Internship
Safety & Security Internship
Human Resources Internship
Production Internship
RenderMan Software Developer Internship
Core Software Internship
Shading/Rendering Software Internship
FX Development Software Internship
Foundation Software Internship
Research Internship
Story Internship
Systems Software Development Internship
Media Systems Internship
Systems Production Support Internship
Systems Mac Team Internship
Systems Hardware Support Internship
Technical Director Internship, Simulation/Tailoring
Technical Director Internship, Rendering
Technical Director Internship, Rigging
Technical Director Internship, Character Shading
Technical Director Internship, Cloth
Technical Director Internship, Set Dressing
Technical Director Internship, Global Technology
Technical Director Internship, Set Shading
Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP)

Let’s get to workin’ y’all!

I applied for the Core Software Internship yesterday.
The wait is going to drive me insane :shake:

Good luck Albert!

Yeah, waiting is a pain. Have you applied before?

I applied for animation and art. The wait is driving me crazy! ;-p

I’m going to be applying soon. This will be my 3rd year in a row.

So interested I am to be one of the internship. Hope I could possibly accepted.

Yeah, the wait sucks, it can be sumarized in:

  1. Waiting for the deadline to happen, in this case March 1st, which sounds like its a long way from today, but it’s less than two months
  2. Waiting for acceptance/rejection letters it’s usually another two-month wait. Last time I didn’t realize it was such a long time, best way to use that time is to improve your demo/ portfolio.
  3. Waiting for your acceptance/rejection letters AFTER people start actually recieving acceptance/rejection letters and then posting about it here in the forum there’s an outbreak of panic, excitement and fear… fun times

Yeah ToyStoryShark, this is my first time applying so I am quite clueless about the whole process!
So the earliest I will hear anything is early March? Also is there then a round of interviews before the acceptance/rejection letters?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I think middle of April is when people start recieving news. From my experience looking at what people post in these forums, they select a number of people with whom they have an initial interviews and at the same time they send rejection letters to all the people that didn’t make the cut

hi guys!
A few insides of how u can get an internship at pixar.
First of all send an amazing and professional employment package (cover letter, CV, Show reel, and the link to a web page or blog u have created, even facebook page) On your cover letter don’t sound like a “fan”, they don’t like that.
Check the CTN web site and go to the portfolio review section. They have portfolio reviews all year around now and we are there!!!
Find someone u know if possible that works at pixar and mention him on your cover letter (make sure that person knows abt it) THAT HELPS A LOT!
After you send you employment package follow up with an email after a week or so, asking/ making sure that they got it and if there is something else they would like u to send.
getting an internship does not mean that after the end of that you will work for pixar. So get as much as you can get and do as much networking as you can. Lunch time is a great opportunity for networking since u will be having lunch with all the employees.
Good luck to you all!!

Thanks for the advice katwestiesf!
I hope I didn’t sound like too much of a fan in my cover letter… :open_mouth:

I applied for the Mac Specialist Position! Used to work at an Apple store and love disney and what they do as well so figured i’d put the 2 together! I wasn’t required to submit a cover letter of any sorts as people are mentioning on here. Am I missing something?

Back again! Applying for story one more time…

Baaaaack into the fray.

Story Internship, here I come.

Applying for a 6th time to a Production Internship! I am from Australia, does anyone know if they hire International Production Interns? I know they do for story/art.

Also if anyone who is American knows some sort of standards they look for in Production interns please let me know! I would love to send my resume to someone to look over it and see if I have any sort of chance!

I applied for the Production Internship as well! I don’t think there’s necessarily anything specific, just have good experience, a good cover letter, and be somebody they feel like they can get along with well in a working relationship. I also think being international isn’t a problem as long as you can obtain the required documents.

Hi, everyone! Applied for the HR internship earlier this morning. Sending everybody well wishes! We can do it!

Okay Thanks! I just noticed on linked in, a lot of Pixar Interns had internships at Nickelodeon and Google and Entertainment Tonight before hand. I thought that may have played a huge part in getting an internship.

I just checked the Internship Site and I can’t see the Editorial Internship anymore… anybody knows why?

BTW Thanks for the tips katwestiesf! Glad to see many people in the forums applying for story

I’ve looked at linkedin for past interns a lot as well. Sounds like you saw a lot of interns in general, because the more software and technical driven interns would have had internships at places like Google, while the animation or story interns might have done Nickelodeon. If you look for the strictly production interns, they have a wide variety of backgrounds. Some with a lot of great experience and some with very little. Of course the experience and connections help getting past the initial stage, but once you get to the interview process you’re all on equal footing.