PixarPlanetdA Summer Contest!

Finally, I’ve got another competition up and running over at PixarPlanetdA. Here are the details-

July Competition

The Theme- Create a piece of artwork based on your favourite Pixar characters on the beach!


It must contain at least one of the known Pixar characters partaking in a summery activity.
It must have a summery theme.
It may contain some of your own characters, as long as there is a known Pixar character within the picture.
It can be created in any artistic form.
Characters from any of the Pixar films, or shorts, are allowed.
It must not contain any obscene references- keep it universal, please! Any explicit entries will be ignored.

And that’s it! Be creative, and make sure you follow these dates and deadlines-


Opening date: 3rd July
Ending date: 30th July
Voting will begin: 31st July
Voting will end: 6th August

The winner will be announced in the first journal after the voting has ended.


The picture will be the club’s featured deviation until the next competition.
The winner will recieve a one month subscription.
The winner will be inducted into PPdA’s Hall of Fame.

If you want to see more details, here’s the link to the journal- pixarplanetda.deviantart.com/jou … /#comments

I look forward to seeing your entries.:smiley:

Hmm. Now, what would Remy/Emile do on the beach…? (snigger)

Heheh – awesome! I’m liking this competition; I think I’ll take a shot at it! Let’s watch PV crush me again… (No offense, PV!) :wink:

Sounds like fun. Thanks for the information! :smiley:

Well, I won’t be submiting any artwork, but I can’t wait to see the drawings! I can’t wait to vote either!

Squeeeee! I thought of an idea within 10 seconds of reading the requirements. :mrgreen:

Heheh. None taken, Mitch. :wink:


I’m not really an artist in the illustrating sense, so I won’t be entering this competition. If it were a movie-making competition it would be a different story. :wink:

I look forward to seeing the entries from all our young, budding artists here. :smiley:

Mitch- I look forward to seeing your submission. :wink:

PV- Oh, I wonder what that might be? :laughing:

Me too PV! :mrgreen:

Kan’t wait to see what everyone else’s got in store too!WOOO!

This’ll be my first dA competition I’ll be participating in! :mrgreen:

I’m in! It’s also gonna be the first competition I’ll participate in! :smiley:

PV - Heheh – cool. I wonder what yours will be? I can’t wait to see it…! (snigger) :wink:

And I’m looking forward to seeing PV’s, which is probably gonna take the cake. :laughing:

Heheh. Thanks, though! :smiley:

Oh yeah! I’ve been trying to think of something to do, but I’ve had so much on my mind, I havent thought of it. Hopefully I’ll find the idea and the time to do something before the deadline!

lennonluvr9 - Truth be told, I’m in the same situation. I had an idea, but I completely forgot about it. Now I’m desperately trying to think of something to draw before the deadline flies over the horizon. Gah! (snigger)

Don’t worry too much about the deadline, guys- the main reason it’s there is just to ensure that the contest doesn’t drag on and on. If you submit something a day or two after the deadline, it’ll still be accepted. :smiley:

lizardgirl - Oh, cool! Well, that takes a little bit of weight off of my shoulders. Heheh. Thank you for informing us. :smiley:

– Mitch

lizardgirl, mine’ll be a little late. Should have it in sometime tomorrow during the day

July was a hectic month for me. I’ll be ready to submit my entry on August 1, LG. I’m aware of the contest “deadline”, but I CANNOT let my idea go to waste.


This month has also been rather busy as far as my workload (and overall life) goes, but I did manage to send in my entry this evening. Let me know if you received it, lizardgirl.

– Mitch

Ok, mine’s finished but I’m running out the door. It’ll be up in about 5 hours. Sorry! :cry:

I can’t wait to see it Haunt.

I hope I don’t disappoint, TSS

I sent mine via note on DA. Hopefully it’s not too late.

Trust me, you didn’t disapoint me one bit! I love it. GO and read my review of it when ever ya can.