Pixarteers Thread!

This is the Pixarteers thread. Look see:

TADA! :smiley: Jonah, as known as Snipe has made this flag.

TADA! :smiley: Forster, as known as pixarfan9099 has made this logo.

We are a bunch of friends who met on the Introduction/I’m Back thread who talked too much. So we created a thread where we can talk a lot.

I’m the “head” of the group and I’m super nice. Call me Jessie! I don’t bite. 8D So don’t be shy…

Unless you play games. Then, I bite. :confused:

Since we all liked Cars so much and were all in high school, we decided to make a so called “club” about it. We’ve become really popular since we were created so I decided to take off the rule where you have to be in high school.

So if you’re as obsessed with Cars, join! :smiley:

Pixarteers is just a label over our strong friendship. We’re all best friends here and we have each other’s backs.

We have already established the fact that Pixarteers is an unfair name for liking just Cars. You don’t have to bring that up.

We can post anything here. It doesn’t have to be about Cars.

Here is a list of some of out real names to break the ice a bit. This is still being edited so if you see this with one name or two, we have more than that! :laughing: So, here we go! Thank you, Jonah, for helping me with all of the names! :laughing:

The Pixarteers (in order of who shows me their name first):

x3haijessiex3- Jessica (Jess) (Jessie)
Evil_Genius_27- Danielle (Ellie)
Snipe- Jonah
Ding- Jeff
Pixarfan91- David
pixarfan9099- Forster
Evangeline- Katie
Rayhawk- Robbie
love70ways- Sean
Biggest_Pixar_Fan_Ami- Ami
IncredigirlVirginia- Virginia
LightningandDoc- Emily
woody- Wyatt
You’veGotAFriendInMe- Brenna
Arkie- Erika
thewisecookiesheet- Lauren
Chuckles- Nick
mikewazowski- Chantelle
Phileas- Gabe
ZacB- Zac
Rac_Rules- Rachel
Pizza Planet Truck
MissCarrera- Rebecca
S 330

^^^ Once again, amazing work by Jonah. :smiley:

Haha, coolio. Now we have our own little corner to conduct all sorts of general awesomeness without disturbing other peeps! I have to crash for tonight, so see ya!

Goodnight talk to you tomorrow! :confused:

This is pretty awesome. Our own thread. We have a little place to call home now :slight_smile:

I sent you 2 messages because I didn’t know if the first one sent :confused: so sorry.

Yes it is kind of cool :stuck_out_tongue: even though this whole forum is kinda home to me <3

Aww! I find these forums to be like home also.

But yeah, our awsome group has a club house now! We should establish criteria for entry into the club.

Is it just that you have to be in high school? I think that is inclusive enough and thus allows younger members to conjoin and interact!

Yeah :smiley: that can be the first one :slight_smile:

Should the next one be you have to at least like the movie Cars? :laugh:

Well, seeing as this is the Pixarteers, making liking Cars as opposed to just Pixar in general might be a little contradictory…


Any true Pixar fan would at least appreciate the work done on Cars (what ever aspect that maybe), so I guess that is okay criteria :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay Cars.

True :slight_smile: okay anyone in high school then :smiley:

Oh no, no, please reread my post. I think you may have misunderstood; I agreed to Cars.

I’ll leave it up to the rest of you to decide, though.

Oh alright I see where your getting at.

  1. Must be in high school or about to be in high school (that still counts, know what I mean?)
  2. Don’t have to totally love Cars, just appreciate it and respect the fact that (so far) most of us here like the movie a lot.

It’s really late here so I’m gonna crash (no pun intended :wink: )

We’ll think of some more tomorrow.

Talk to you tomorrow :smiley:

Oh and we soooooo need to have an online party when Cars’ 4th Birthday comes on June 9th!!! :smiley:

All this is great! It really is.

Hey guys…couldn’t help but notice your thread on the forum and i checked it out…how does one join this “club”…I currently match all of the requirements and would like to know more about joining and what that entitles me to or what requirements are put forth…

Hey guys, I just woke up! :slight_smile:
…Only to find that FINALLY a Pixarteers thread has been created! :smiley:
(You guys shoulda PMed me about this, I’ve felt like I’ve missed out on something big…:frowning: )

Anyways, we should definately celebrate Cars’ 4th B’Day! And come August 3rd, I’ll be celebrating 4 years of my Pixar Fandom, all because of this movie :mrgreen:

In high school and appreciate Cars? :slight_smile:

BPFA- I just woke up too xD

I’m in High School for 19 more days and I adore Cars, especially when I get to talk about it with my 5 year old cousin. Can I count?

YES!! I love Cars, and I’m in high schoool!!!

you betcha…Cars was the first Pixar film i was really able to dissect as a Teenager and review in my own opinion…i saw it three times in theatre and loved the entire movie…Its not my favorite…The Incredibles is just too good…but i do enjoy cars…my dad has an ever growing collection of Lightning McQueens in his room…and my brothers watch it like every week…gets almost annoying.

Haha Al-Bob, I know what that feels like! My sister always puts on the same film over and over, and it’s irritating.

Welcome to the club! :smiley: