I just saw an ad on Facebook about a Pixar film named Planes (assumedly a Cars spin-off) coming out in theaters this summer. I knew the film was in the works, but ordinarily Pixar only releases one film a year and this year’s film will obviously be Monsters University. So can anyone confirm whether there are immediate plans for this film to be released?

It’s actually a Disney Toon Studios production as a spin-off for Cars. Also, we have a thread for it in Other Disney. It can be found here: Planes

I apologize for the double-post; I didn’t think it would be in the other forum. However, I’m really excited to see that we can expect two films based on Pixar characters in one year. This way I’m sure to like one of them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the one I liked was Planes.

Oh, that’s okay! I have done it, too.

Despite this rather catty post, I was surprised at how much I liked Monsters University.