Please Read Me!

There’s obviously a lot of activity in this part of the forums now, what with the upcoming release of Toy Story 3 (yay!) So I’m just going to remind everyone of a few rules and ideas that we need to remember whilst discussing this exciting stuff, especially as we’ve been noticing a lot more of these things happening.

1. Using spoiler tags where appropriate.

This is an important one, and will be especially once the film has been released due to staggered release dates around the globe. For the time being though, even though we’re only at the stage where the trailers and previews are being discussed, it’s still worth remembering that there might be some people on here who don’t want to spoil their experience of watching the movie for the first time, so if you think you might be revealing something major about the plot of the movie or the characters, it’s better to be safe than sorry and use spoiler tags.

A spoiler tag in action looks like this- [spoil]spoilerish stuff[/spoil] and you can place spoiler tags over words by using this BBCode-

[spoil]spoilerish stuff[/spoil]

Talking about the trailers or that sort of thing without using spoiler tags is fine, but as I said before, if you’re privvy to some new information or something that does reveal a lot of the plot of the film, it’s best to use spoiler tags just in case.

2. Avoiding quoting within quotes.

Unnecessary quoting has been happening a lot lately, and tends to look something like this-

(I’ve just chosen people at random here- the above isn’t actually a real-life example. :laughing:)

Anyway, it’s best to avoid this sort of thing happening, and one method a lot of users on here apply is by putting the person’s name who they’re talking to in bold, such as this-

ffdude1906- Hello there!

Of course quoting can be very helpful where appropriate, just not excessively used like above. See this thread for more information- Questionable Quoting.

3. Searching for threads before posting a new one.

Basically, just make sure before you post a new thread that there isn’t already a thread on the same topic, either by scrolling through the list of active threads or by searching using the search function at the top of the page. It just saves time and effort for mods so we don’t have to keep locking up unnecessary threads, and it also makes the boards tidier and easier to navigate.

Thank you very much for reading, and discuss away! :smiley:

Ha. Thanks for using me as a ‘bad’ example, lizardgirl. :slight_smile:

Anyway, yeah. Follow the rules, people! :slight_smile:

I would like to thank everyone so far for being considerate and spoiler-tagging any potential plot points. I have been informed that there are occassional slip-ups, and some members are wearing images outside what is shown in the trailers as their sigs. Please remember that what some may perceive as a non-spoiler may be deemed otherwise by others. My personal rule of thumb is:

If something is not shown or mentioned in the official trailers or posters, you have to take it as a spoiler. It doesn’t matter whether it appeared in a Movie Surfer’s Clip, or a featurette, or on the official website, or in the ‘Art of’ book… if it appears outside what they screen in cinema previews, most people wouldn’t have seen it.

This is especially important come release day, as having watched the film, some overexcited members may forget that others have yet to in other countries. So until the DVD release, please remember to keep the plot a secret as much as possible (you can still provide links to images and articles, but please don’t post directly onto the thread or into your signatures/avatars).

Let’s be considerate and make everyone’s first viewing the best one ever! Thank you!

Thanks for letting me know Lizardgirl!.
I will try not to do inner quotes like what you had a example.
I had it happen it to me once but im still learning.Thanks anyway.

Its probably just me, but for some reason I can totally see “I’m saying something!” “Me too!” “Me three!” becoming a meme around here.

I’m certainly going to start saying it.

So, I know Toy Story 3 has been out in the US for quite a while now, but it still hasn’t been released worldwide yet. Hence, spoilers are STILL needed for spoilerific posts.

According to IMDb, the last countries to be recieving Toy Story 3 are Norway, Sweden and Finland, and that will be on the 27th of August. Until then, [spoil]we still all have to use spoiler tags![/spoil]

Thank you for your time. :smiley:

It’s so typical that the Scandinavian countries receive the movie last! :unamused: as usual, not just Pixar films… I’l just have to wait, to see it in theaters…

I think we should push the mandatory spoiler period till the American DVD release, to give the ‘last ones’ a few weeks to catch it. :slight_smile:

Ah, good point, thedriveintheatre! Yes, does anyone know when that actually is? :laughing:

i saw Toy Story 3 back when it came out. i was so excited to see it. i got to see it in 3D! :mrgreen:

When I watched Toy Story 3 i bawled my eyes out, and then i saw it over and over again. I watched it so many times i lost track of how many times i actually watched it. pixar did an amazing job <3

I once or twice double posted by accident, but it is edited.