Questionable Quoting

I don’t mean to stir things up, but one of my forum pet peeves has been getting out of hand lately…unnecessary quoting. Some of you tend to quote direct previous posts whether or not you’re continuing the conversation.

Sorry, A113, but I’m using you as an example:

Not only is the quote lengthy, but it doesn’t even relate to the post itself.

If you want to reply to a member’s post, please don’t quote it unless viewers would need to scroll up the page or browse the thread.


Ah heck. I think I’m guilty of doing this myself. Yes, I’ve gotta stop doing that… slaps self’s butt

Thank you for alerting us, PV! :slight_smile:

– Mitch

I do that sometimes too …

just one question , if the last post was really , really long , would it be okay to quote the specific part you are talking about , or not ?

Yes yes. Quoting portions of posts is always encouraged, unless a post is really short.


And you can always BOLD the individual’s name, as well. :smiley:

Gasduude - Yeah, I imagine that that would be the favorable option. Le “quoting system”… (snigger) :wink:

– Mitch

I’ve seen that many times before.

I sometimes forget because on this other forum they require us to quote when replying to keep us all on topic. It’s very orderly there. But they run things differently.

I have been doing that lately, but I’ll be careful now. THanks PV.

I usually cut down the quotes, otherwise all of the quotes within quotes can get quite confusing. It has happened! :smiley:

Usually, instead of quoting, I just put the name infront of the person I want to address to.

TSS - Me too. (See, like that!)

Unless their post is really long and I only want to address a specific part of what someone said. Which is the general idea of the quotes, I think.

Usuallly, I quote something if it is like one or two lines long. I get into the habit of quoting something huge, then only posting something small. Then, I quote something, and take bits and parts from it.

It just confuses me when certain members quote the previous post every single time they reply. Why, I ask you, why? :~o


Well, either the last post was really long and they just want to quote some points, or the previous post was kinda striking to them.

No, I’m referring to what I just did. I quoted the previous post, no matter how long it is. But if I’m continuing the conversation by replying directly to it, quoting isn’t necessary.


PixarVixen - It’s okay. It annoys me too, when people use quotes in quotes in quotes and stuff.

You know, I’m starting to see what you mean by constant quoting, PV. It’s starting to tick me off, as well. Eheh.

– Mitch

Mitch - I’m probably guilty of that… But just give me a chance and I can change! LOL

Rachel: all I could think of when you said “I can change!” is “I can change, I can change!” from the South Park movie. :laughing:

takes out a gun

You better, rachel. :stuck_out_tongue:

(snigger) I’m kidding, man. :laughing:

– Mitch