Pizza Planet Truck Location?

My bad the Hilux is the truck on the left. I keep on wanting to say the the one on the right it seems like these days.

Oh, boy. Even more theories. AAAAAAAAA!

nightwheel: I like your theory of it being a Toyota Hilux, however, according to the manual in Toy Story 2 it is a 1978 Gyoza according to the manual. Toyota would not allow Pixar to use their car model for the Pizza Planet truck, so they had to make some modifications to it so Toyota wouldn’t get on their case.

rachelcakes1985: If I had a DVD player in my computer (and PowerDVD), I’d love to! The bad news is I don’t, but I found a tiny piece of it on YouTube, and it had the segment I wanted, so here’s a “screencap” (it’s pretty cheap, though…sorry)

As for Brad Bird being a newbie, it’s true when it comes to animation, but in the commentary, Brad Bird noted that he was apprehensive at first, when coming to Pixar, because he had never been there before, and didn’t want to ruin it, but Pixar asked him to be the director of The Incredibles because they wanted something new, so if Brad Bird didn’t want John Ratzenburger to have a part in his film, they would have been okay with it (they could make it a “John Lasseter tradition?” 8D), and they would have been just as okay with it if he did not want to include the Pizza Planet truck in The Incredibles, and I don’t really think that it’s a Pixar tradition. The Pizza Planet truck is used over again in: [size=75]BTW, the stuff that is underlined is stuff that I am not completely sure of.[/size]

Toy Story: As part of the plot.
A Bug’s Life: As an in-joke.
Toy Story 2: As part of the plot.
Monsters, Inc. As an in-joke.
Finding Nemo: As a prop.
Cars: As a prop.
Ratatouille: As a prop.

Here’s the thing: Don’t you love how much detail Pixar puts into the stuff you usually aren’t looking at? Sometimes, they can’t afford to make entirely new models for everything. That’s the case in Toy Story 2 when at the yard sale, most of the sutff can be found in Toy Story in Sid’s room. Also, (you can hear both of these in the commentary) Pixar obviously did not want to create an entirely new character for the cleaner, so they used Geri from Geri’s Game instead (btw how do you pronouce “eri”? :confused: ). Very often, Pixar re-uses cars from their other films (you can see Luigi in Ratatouille, Stanley in Boundin’, and Doc Hudson in The Incredibles.), and the Pizza Planet truck is one of the cars they often re-use, not as an in-joke, but a prop.

I wish I could stop typing now, but there’s more: :neutral_face:

Brad Bird did set a date for The Incredibles, you can hear it somehwere on the second disc when talking about architecture, and on the commentary, but he (for some reason) did not want to tell anyone the year. He even told his animators (listen to the commentary) to keep it a secret. All they said was that it was in the 1960s. Well, according to the newspaper date, we know that it is 1962. However, maybe the truck is in there as an error that Brad Bird didn’t catch (this is highly, highly, highly unlikely, though), but it’s happened before: There is another newspaper on Bob’s wall that has 2004 as the year, but we know (from Brad Bird) that this is not the correct year.

I want to encourage everyone else to stop looking for it, but it’s not that big of a deal anyway. xD

Sorry, A113. I can’t see the picture too well. :frowning:

Now, to support my opinion that the Pizza Planet truck is in every film (and this means The Incredibles…), I looked for an interview from someone at Pixar, and here’s one where John Lasseter was talking about Cars and John Ratzenberger’s cameos in Pixar’s films, when John Lasseter mentions the Pizza Planet truck himself…

What source do you have to back up this statement? Did they actually say that in the commentary? Not to my knowledge… What makes you think that Pixar would allow a newcomer to direct a movie, and break tradition?

So are you saying that they put references in their films, references to future movies in as a prop? But the film that they are referencing hasn’t been completed yet- like when Boo hands Sulley the Nemo toy.

It would be more of an effort for them to make a new model to reference something in the future, than it would be to drag something from the past (eg. the Pizza Planet truck which is a big model, and I presume took a long time to work on this is why they wanted to use it again and again, and it’s just become a tradition).

Why do they reference future films if it takes more time, which you said that Pixar don’t have enough of to waste, then? Because it is an inside-joke. Not because it is convenient, since most things they put in are thought about thoroughly so they aren’t too obvious, which again takes up time. It’s just the Pixar way. It’s a gift to people who watch the movie enough times, like us. That’s why Pixar do it, not because it is a prop.

Well, I don’t know the reasoning behind this decision. For all we know, yes, The Incredibles was meant to be set sometime in the 1960s, but the 2004 on the newspaper just could have been a nod to the fact that the film was released in 2004. Either way, I don’t see what this has to do with the Pizza Planet truck, as Pixar universes don’t necessarily have to be linked for the truck to appear.

Why would you want to do that? Fair enough if you don’t want to look for it, but why discourgage other people? If they do end up finding it, since I have just proven that is in there since John Lasseter said so, then where would you stand?

So, I await your response, A113. :wink:

Oh, boy, I bet this topic will be locked sometime…soon. xDDD Here it goes… :nerd:

Well, that’s very interesting. I think I’ve got someone who really knows his stuff. I’ll contact hm, and see if he’ll do it or not… :smiling_imp:

You can hear this in the commentary, and in the second disc of The Incredibles. Brad Bird mentions that Pixar wanted him to bring something new to the studios, something they had never seen before. Well, TI was a success, and Pixar’s even better than before. Why would they ask a n00b to direct a movie for them when he knows nothing about CGI animation? I don’t know, maybe John Lasseter knew Brad as a very good friend? That could be the answer, but I’m still not sure, but you know, just because things have happened before doesn’t mean they are a


Um…yeah? I don’t think there’s a problem with using objects from future or past films as props. They do it all the time. Doc in TI? Luigi in FN? Remy in C?

Again, the Pizza Planet truck is not exactly a traiditon. We know that John Ratzenburger is a tradition (from the TI commentary), but some things we don’t know if they’re traditions or not. A113, for example. (actually, I’ll have to listen to the TS2 commentary again) We don’t know that it’s a tradition(but I sure like the number 8D), and the same with the Pizza Planet truck.

As you said before, “What source do you have to back up that statement?”. Just kidding.

As for the Pixar universes, I’m sorry to say that I have no idea what you’re talking about. I guess I didn’t state my point very clearly that time. Let me try again: Um…AHA!
Since tiny errors have often creeped into Pixar films before, maybe there was an animator who accidentally crept the Pizza Planet truck into The Incredibles and nobody ever noticed it. The problem with that is that Pixar sweats all of their details, and very, very, very rarely do any errors occur, and usually they only occur when it is necessary.

Why would I want to discourage everyone from looking for it? Well, because I am 100% certain that it is not anywhere in The Incredibles, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to take so much time looking for it, only to realize (like I did) that it is not there.

But if it is found, for certain, then I, A113, will award that person with €50.00.

Do what exactly?

And what do you have to say about John Lasseter saying that the Pizza Planet truck is in every Pixar film? You seemed to have missed this big point.

I’m not questioning Pixar’s reasoning for hiring a new director such a Brad Bird, I wanted to know what source you had when you said that Pixar told Brad Bird that it would be ok for him to break traditions. I assumed you meant it was in the commentary, but it wasn’t and there is nothing to back up the fact that Pixar said this to Brad (because they didn’t), so it’s just your opinion then.

Actually, that’s exactly what a tradition is. John Lasseter said himself that it has been in every movie and in his own words he said it was a tradition. Why are you trying to dispute something that is common knowledge?

It will be in every Pixar movie from now on so that is a tradition. Just like A113 and John Ratzenberger is. What are you going to say when the Pizza Planet truck is in WALL-E and Up? That it was a coincidence, I bet.

Good. Neither do I. I’m glad we are in agreeance there.

But the difference is that you are suggesting that Pixar do things like because it is convenient and because they are just props. I am saying they are put there as in-jokes, and as is the case with in-jokes that are put into every Pixar film they become tradition. Just see them for what they are, dude.

Argh! I feel like I am talking to a brick wall here!

Why would A113 not be a tradition, then? It has been in every Pixar film to date, and we know that it has because we have found it in all of them, and it will be in every Pixar film ever made! This is exactly what a tradition is!!!

Or, shock horror, they might actually find it. And I guess the fact that Pixar’s founder says that it is in there means nothing, right?

PS Please read this threadabout quoting. :wink:

By the way, I hope there’s no, you know, “tension” going on between us. :wink:

I’ve read that quoting thread. In fact, I suggested that the quote button be deleted because of the huge problem. 8D Anyway, back on topic…

He prefers to be kept in secret, but if he accepts, I’ll let you guys know. As for John Lasseter’s comment, that is extremely interesting. One of the most brilliant people in history would not just make a mistake. That’s really got me thinking. By the way, that was a great find, rachel! :smiley:

Yes, it was in the commentary (maybe the Australian DVD is different? could you tell me about that plz?). There was more to it somewhere in the second disc…probably in the “making of” sections. Boy, this search is getting tough! :laughing:

Um, John didn’t say it was a tradition…or the John Razenburger streak.

Let’s not get off-topic…(or personal xDDD) If it clearly is in WALL•E and/or Up, then I have no problem with that. :wink: I’m just saying it’s not in TI, and if it is, I’ll lose 50 euro to whoever finds it, which might just be you. Go looking if you want…


rachelcakes 1985 is right, the “props” are only in-jokes. Their history is that they needed extra models but not enough money to make them so they re-used things, now it’s purely for entertainment purposes.
I e-mailed Nate Wragg (great guy, answers promptly and in a detailed fashion) and he said that he asked around and nobody seemed to know, maybe he’s hiding something…

You emailed Nate Wragg! You lucky…how did you get his email address? (I’m going to feel stupid when this is answered xD)

martini833 (I can call you Martin, right?) is right in that their history is that they re-sed models because it would cost more to model entirely new ones.
They do it now only for entertainment? Well, that’s seems reasonable, since they have tons of money now.

Well… I (and probably countless others) have e-mailed him many times, he answers in a few hours and he doesn’t hesitate to answer each and every one of your inquiries. Well you can check out his blog: where he posts his non-Pixar art, there click on his profile, and his e-mail will be there. You can also comment on his posts (he’ll comment back). I try not to e-mail him much so I do it like twice a month because his e-mail is meant for art purchases, but dont get me wrong, he’ll be happy to answer almost anything you ask.
And yes, you can call me Martin, I’d like that.
P.S. You can also call him…

Whoa that $99 USD. Are you joking? or are you willing to pay up if it’s found? If you willing to pay up. I need to get a copy of the incredables on dvd and start looking.

As for the PP Truck coming in different forms as others have suggested, all I say that changing it costs money, and I’m not sure, as if I have heard it was a last minute addition, that the producer would want to waste more money on changing the Pizza Planet Truck.

If it’s in there, It’s probably in the form we know it as. Colours and all.

As for the time period. It’s not really in the 1960’s. It’s what the future would look like if designed in the 1960’s. A 60’s vision of the future you might say.

Heheh. Of course not. :wink:

It’s not the quoting button that’s the problem, it’s how people use it.

Good. I just wanted to know that the evidence I am presenting is making a difference to your opinion. Just like if you presented me with evidence suggesting that the PP truck is not in The Incredibles, I would acknowledge it it and re-consider my point of view.

And, thank you! :mrgreen:

The Australian version of the The Incredibles commentary would have been exactly the same as the US one. What I wanted to know, was that there is an actual quote of someone at Pixar saying “We hired Brad Bird, blah blah blah… And if he wanted to do things different and not include traditions then that’s ok”.

But I don’t think that’s in there because I really don’t recall anyone saying that.

Ok. He didn’t say it was a tradition. But he didn’t need to. He said that he was in every film, and that he is going to try to get John Ratzenberger in every film which is what a tradition is.

But I Googled “tradition + pixar + john ratzenberger + interview” and I found this…

[quote=" Interview"]
[b]Interviewer: John Ratzenberger has been in every Pixar film to date. Did they encourage you to put him in The Incredibles?[/b]

Brad Bird: That's sort of a Pixar tradition and quite frankly, I was going to rebel against it because I just felt, "Well, that's a Pixar tradition, that's not my tradition. And maybe I don't want to do that!" And then I started going, "Jeez, every film they've done has been a success, do I really want to change this?"

So, basically from that answer we gain that at first Brad didn’t want to have him in there, but then he changed his mind because he didn’t want to go against Pixar and the fact that John Ratzenberger is a good luck charm. And he also outright names it a tradition.

But the point is not whether you would have a problem with it… The point is that if the Pizza Planet truck is in WALL-E and Up and Toy Story 3 and every Pixar film beyond that, wouldn’t that suggest that it is a tradition and not just coincidence?

Well, John Lasseter says that it is in there, so it is. I think I may lose some of that money in exchange, but sure I’ll take up that offer. :wink:

What exactly did you ask him? Did you ask him whether or not the references to Pixar movies are just re-used props, or in-jokes?

Oh, and thanks for that email. Nate sounds like a cool guy and I might ask him whether or not the Pizza Planet truck is in The Incredibles or not. Even though we already have a strong source for that, it still doesn’t hurt to have another Pixar confirmation.

Yes, that’s true. It would have also been going against the grain for Pixar to have put a reference to the Pizza Planet truck in its non-traditional form. But if the truck was put in there in its usual form then it should be easy to find, in theory.

In theory yes. Communism works in theory.

Yes, exactly. :wink:

rachel, why do you always give me headaches with each of these posts? LOL

Yay! (btw do you like sugar cookies?)


Mkay? And, you’re welcome! :mrgreen:

Well, I remember something like that, so I’ll search for it for you.

Yes, I know John Ratzenburger is a tradition (aren’t you glad he is? he’s so funny! “don’t worry, it’s lemon” xD). Everyone (okay, maybe not everyone) said he was a tradition, so I can’t say he isn’t. YAY!
As for the Pizza Planet truck, if you want to call it a tradition, that’s fine.

If you want to say it’s a tradition, that’s fine. I agree with you that it’s a tradition, but traditions can be broken, and no one gtes crazy.

That’s a great idea! A good end to all this madness, too! 8D

No, I am not joking (plz see my profile for more info though). If a Pixar Planeteer finds it in TI (and I’m 100% it won’t be found), I owe that Pixar Planeteer €50 (which is about $71.76 in usd).

I think I just a saw a yellow, mid 1960’s Toytoa Hilux in the incredables on TV on ABC family

And are you sure.

No compleaty. The front headlight asembly look just like the one in the picture i shows you guys. As for where saw it not totaly sure. the RV was moving to fast.

I now have another point of intrest. That makes two places I want to look at now. Dang I need to get the DVD.