PPT's Graphics.

weee… I started to make some graphics. I guess I can take a few requests.

Those look nice, Pizza Planet Truck!

Groovy… my favourite is ‘Don’t Fail Me Straw’!

I like that one too!

Wow, these are all very clever! My favorite is “Don’t fail me Straw”

Cool, those are really good graphics! :smiley: :-D)

I like these!! Keep it up. :smiley:

Mini-update because I can’t believe I forgot to include this one in my last post:

And I have some new ones:

I did this one as a “homage” to Little_chef_eva’s graphics:

Ooh, nice. I like the cockroach one. :laughing: I can only wonder what you can do with the Incredible family… :wink:

I can make some incredibles ones if you want.

Yay! More WALL-E! I like the first one with EVE.

I’d like to see some Incredibles ones, but don’t do them on my behalf. I’d hate to cause more work for you, since I recently got a new signature.

Hee… these are cute. x3 I must say that I’m quite happy they’re all WALL-E-related, too. I haven’t seen WALL-E graphics around in forever. <3

Yay, another who’s caught on to my “Sign of Insanity” series thingy! :smiley: I should make sum’more of those… :wink:

Great job with these! :slight_smile:

little chef

Here’s a few:

and my current sig (also my favorite):

I’m working on some incredibles ones, hopefully they will be up by sunday.

As I’ve said on the signiture thread, your sig is awesome! it is my favorite of all your graphics!

Mine too. :smiley: I like how everyone seems oblivious to the fact that their new captain is Wall-E. 8D

I love your Star Trek signature!! :smiley:

Thanks IV. Sorry your request is taking so long. I’ll try and get some up soon.

Cars 2:


My Pixar-Star Trek (Pixar Trek) Crossover series #2

I love, love, love the Cars 2 ones! Right arm!