Ratatouille on Blu Ray?

Does anyone have it on Blu-Ray and ifso, could you possible create captures of Paris in the scene where Linguini first takes Remy to his apartment at night?


I have it in 720p, but not here. i’ll make a screencap in a couple of day, if you can wait :slight_smile:

Sure whenever you get a chance!

Is it unreasonable that I want a BD player and 1080i TV just for this one movie?

No at all nubetre, I saw this movie in 1080i and the picture quality is stunning

by the way this’ my first post


Welcome to PP, McFly!

Thanks nubetre :slight_smile:

If anyone has the Blu-Ray version of Ratatouille and could upload to YouTube the behind-the-scenes featurette that Michael Giacchino’s son did of the recording of the soundtrack, I’d be forever grateful! :mrgreen:

Hehe, this may be a little late than what anyone expected, but I saw Ratatouille in Blu-Ray and I must say it looks absolutely stunning. Here are some pictures:

Wow, talk about high quality! Cool pictures!

lol, I’m sorry but I’ve forgotten this topic…

(click to enlarge)
Here’s Paris at night in HD 720p, requested by bennifer3000

and here’s the first view of Paris, from the roofs (the merging is not so perfect :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thanks, and I realize I forgot to post the requested pics. :blush: Thanks, Elikrotupos.

Poor me, I sometimes now wish we had it on blu-ray. BUt I can be happy with DVD.

That’s beautiful! I need Blu-Ray, if anybody would like to, could somebody tell us any interesting topics talked about in the commentary?

I was extraordinarily pissed when I discovered that the reason there was no Cars or Ratatouille commentaries on their respective DVDs was because they were on the Blu-Ray versions. In fact, I didn’t buy the DVDs of either solely because of that. So I am eternally left out of all of the special features (commentary being the most important,) as there is no realistic way that I am going to acquire a Blu-Ray player, let alone a good enough TV for it. Man do I insanely want a Blu-Ray player …


sorry, it just really hurts …

never say never. In a couple of year the price of the Bluray and HD TV will be affordable and we will convert our Pixar collection to BD :smiley:

Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, I needed to be reminded of that.

Don’t know if anyone cares, but I finally saw Ratatouille on Blu-Ray!!! I went to a friend’s house and I got the full experience, commentary and all.


Wow. The screenshots are amazing!!

I’ve a normal DVD version of it. But most definitely going to get the Blu-ray version once I get a Blu-ray player.


I am also one of those angry that disney would force pixar to put all the goodies onto the blu ray. It’s not right to force loyal fans (I own every single pixar film) to switch formats, and spend so much money too. If I were to buy a blu ray player it would be only for ratatouille and cars! I wouldn’t buy blu-rays of other films cos I don’t need blu-ray for those other films, DVD would suffice. And I have a good old fashioned CRT television, so I wouldn’t benefit from blu-ray EXCEPT the special features that *#%X disney doesn’t want to put on the dvd.

Sorry for that rant. I would like to beg anybody who has the blu-ray and has the know-how, to please “rip out” the commentary track and post it up somewhere as an MP3 track. I really admire (you could almost say, idolise) Brad Bird and would love to hear the story behind the film. Heck, I’d love it if anybody could rip all the special features out and post them somewhere but that’s highly illegal so all I’m asking for is the commentary.

Thank you.

Edit: P.S., all you need to do is play the blu-ray on your tv, select the commentary and plug a line from the telly’s “OUT” to either 1) your computer with recording software or 2) MP3 players with recording capabilities such as those by Creative. Thanks!