Red and Andy's Graphics! =8P

[i]EDIT: Here is a link to every image that has been posted in this thread, for those of you who are looking for avatars and siggys. :smiley: … ?start=all

You’ll find some random stuff that isn’t related to Pixar, but just disregard them. :wink:[/i]

Haha, I just watched the new Podcast “Parle-Vous Francais?” And saw Brad Garett say this…I was on the floor laughing! So I made it my new sig. hehe

Ha ha ha. Now that is a very funny pic. Nice job JF. My lord that is just hilarious. Keep up the god work. I can not wait to see more.



Ok, I’ve been kinda busy the last…month or

two…BUT, I just got Photoshop!!! :smiley: So I’ll be doing more of these, and they’ll

be much better than before…Now I just need to get myself acquainted with the program…It’s pretty confusing

so far! hehe

I just made this one, and the

way it came out…well…I’m on the verge of tears! In my eyes, this is the best I’ve ever done…It’s very

touching to me (Thanks to Sara for the screenshot! =D).

P.S, I’m putting my initials on all of my pics, so you don’t have to say stuff like "Avatar by

JesusFreak" if you don’t wanna. :slight_smile: I give you permission to NOT do that. hehe

I agree, this probably is the best graphic/siggy you have ever used/made so far. I

really like it. Remy’s pose is perfect, and the lines are clever. nice job.



JF: You are most welcome. But I want to challenge you to

something. You said this one was the best one you have ever made. Well, can you make a better one through your

eyes? That is what I do hen I make something. I challenge myself to get better.

Hmmm, interesting…I’ll spruce that pic up and see if it comes out better. :wink:

Not as much as increasing the size. What I am asking is

can you make a while new one that will really impress you just as it did with your latest one?

That’s what I’m aiming for.


Beautifully done, JesusFreak. Nice job! :wink:

you make cars signatures!!! YAY! :smiley: Could you make more!!

Mitch-Thank you very much! :smiley:

Luigiandguidofanatic4life-Well, I’m on a Ratatouille frenzy for now, but I’ll get back to Cars someday…

:open_mouth: That reminds me! People requested stuff and I forgot all about it! :open_mouth:

Here’s two more that i made. they’re the same quote, though.

And one I did in about 3 minutes. hehe

Haha! I love that last one! :laughing:

The last one pretty much killed me. HAHA! :laugh:

Great job!

One more here…It’s not that great, cuz I rushed near the end…I think I’ll start posting three pics at once instead of one at a time.

JesusFreak - Ahhaaaa!!! Oh gosh, that “potty mouth” one is hilarious!! Oh man…I…I’ve gotta have that one. May I, please? :laughing:

They’re all wonderful in their own right, though. I love them (crackle and all…)! :wink:

JesusFreak- Wow, the siggies you create are amazing! I especially love the fonts used in all of the ‘only the fearless can be great’ ones. :smiley: