Remy's DS

I’ve been devoting too much fanart love to Cars, so here’s a spin at Remy in a Citroen DS Décapotable (seems appropriate).

Oh, that’s funny. Nice job with that. :wink:

If Remy and Emile were really that size, i would be running for my life! XD

Ya, I know, I was dealing with proportional challenges when I was making it, but I didn’t feel like paring it down to just the car with no scenery. Speaking of scenery, anyone notice what’s in the background?

nubetre: Hey, that is pretty well done! I gotta tell ya, that many people would love to see them lifesized.

Pfff… Puh-ha! That’s hilarious… :stuck_out_tongue: (snigger)

And yes, I spotted the Pizza Planet truck. Heheh.

– Mitch

PP truck? Where is it? I totally missed it!

The Star Swordsman - Look to the left of the car in which Remy and Emile sit. It’s cleverly wedged into the backround.

– Mitch

Oh, I see it! It has the YO in the back right!

That’s right, it’s the Pizza Planet truck.

Here’s a more scale appropriate Remy in a Citroen. He’s driving around the kitchen in a (toy) Citroen 5CV.

Dude, that is so freaking awesome! Jaw dropper right there. Really nice nubetre!

Haha, I love it! It’s just the kind of car Remy would drive. Nice work, nubetre! :smiley:

LOL it’s awesome! :smiley:

nubetre - Haha! That’s hilarious… :laughing:

– Mitch

“Trying to pick up jaw off of the floor”
That amazing Photoshoping there(or did you gimp-shop it). Im kinda jellous.