Does anyone know if there is any plan to make sequels for Cars, The Incredibles, or Finding Nemo?

Since Toy Story has one why not the others.



Don’t really think so. I think it’s been made very clear that Pixar will only do a sequel if they come up with a story that’s equal to or even better then the first film. I would like to see The Incredibles II, but I don’t know if they can do justice to the first one. I have high hopes for Toy Story 3, hopefully they’ve come up with a good idea for it.

I understand that films like Ratatouille would be difficult to make a sequel to but I do think the Incredibles would make a good candidate for a sequal.

After the ending they had they need to continue the story.


They did make a game though that continues the story. It’s called “The Incredibles: Rise of the Under miner” I’ve never played it though, I don’t play games much. I do wish they made a movie of it though.


nathan: I played Rise of the Underminer before. It is a pretty nice way to see what they did after the movie, even though it solely focuses on two characters. However, if “Rise of the Underminer” was ever in a TI sequel, it would most likely be the opening “fantastic” scene.

I would love a Incredibles 2 and even possible Finding Nemo 2.

Jumper5: I would love a TI 2 as well. That is why I keep hoping that there might be one in the near future.

I did read something about The Incredibles 2 on Wikipedia, but it might not be true.

i’ll i’ve heard is that the producer of TI has said that if any story comes up that is as good as the first he would love to do it.

Cars 2 is coming soon though…that should be good.

I’d like to see them do a Monster Inc. 2

Brad Bird said a long time ago that he would love for the characters to return, but he would like to do other things first, and he would need the majority of the cast and creww to be returning to do it. In addition, he needs a great story for it to be just as good or better than the original.

If The Incredibles 2 ever gets out, i find it sorta weird; but extremely exciting at the same time…

Why would you find it wierd Pixar.Rocks?

I don’t know i’m just so used to the first one, i guess…

Yeah, I see what you mean. But I guess the more I see the movie, the more anxious and excited I get in hopes that there will be a sequel.

It really depends on how the end of the movie is like… But in TI’s case, it’s exciting because we all want to see Jack-Jack grow up ! :smiley:

Hmmm, I don’t know. If there is going to be a TI sequel, I would perfer that Jack-Jack would still be an infant with no clue of what is going on in the world. He is much cuter and innocent that way.

Yeah, in that case we won’t see what he’s capable of… :unamused: But you’re right, he’s just so cute ! :stuck_out_tongue:

If anything, I would like the movie to be at least 1-2 years after the Underminer attack. Bob goes through a midlife crisis (just like he will be going through in the Incredibles comic book sequel), Helen doesn’t change that much, VIolet is in High School, Dash is in middle school, and Jack-Jack is still a cute baby. That is what i would like to see in a sequel.

If they are going to have a TI 2, one thing that would be interesting is the addition of superheros we heard about. Like those in the archives on the DVD. I mean we’ve seen the Parrs in action already…not to say that their potential wouldn’t be stale…
I don’t mean replacing the family as central characters. Also, an interesting idea is to add in what became of Mirage and if Syndrome survived.