Small Fry (TS Toon in front of The Muppets) … announced/

I’m super excited about this. I’m interested to see what’s in this one. I like that it’s Buzz-centric.

Yay Buzz! He got the short end of the stick in Toy Story 3, which focused on him much less than the first two. Especially since he was basically three different characters.

From that description I expect this short will feature Buzz interacting with a smaller Buzz Lightyear toy.

Sounds interestiong. Shame I will not be seeing the Muppets. :confused:

Some more details: … small-fry/

Reminds me of the scrapped Circle 7 TS3 plot, with Buzz meeting less popular/malfunctioning toys. Sounds amusing.

I already said what I thought in the Toy Story section of the boards. I think it sounds like it’ll be another amusing short, can’t wait to see it in front of the Muppets!

I am very excited about it. I think it will be great.

I have no interest in The Muppets, but will probably still end up paying money, just to see the Toy Story short (and hopefully the new Brave trailer).

Can’t believe I’m saying these words, given that a few months ago, I despised who said they were willing to pay money just to see the Hawaiian Vacation short, not the Cars 2 movie.

Awesome sauce! I most likely will not be going to see The Muppets, but I’m looking forward to seeing this whenever I get a chance. Sounds like a great story. And Angus Maclane’s doing it! He’s one of my favorite Pixarians! :smiley:

How can anyone not be excited for The Muppets? It sure looks a lot better than Cars 2…

I’m am excited for The Muppets. But, I did enjoy Cars 2.

You’d know when you had as recent an experience as The Smurfs, a movie full of characters you utterly love all your life, sucking all the will to live out of you. After already losing a IQ points after seeing The Smurfs, I’m scared of losing a few more.

Fair enough, but I’m inclined to believe a lot more heart was put into this movie than that one. A live action Smurfs directed by Raja Gosnell sounded like a disaster from the start, whereas we have a fanboy in Jason Segel taking center stage for this movie.

Same here! I loved what he did with BURN-E, can’t wait to see how he treats this new short.

^He’s Pixar’s big sci-fi/space geek, so hopefully he’ll do something fun with Buzz. :-D)

Sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see it.

I agree!

Does anyone think that all of bonnie’s toys will be appearing,cos it would be hard to take 15 toys to a fast food place.maybe it won’t take place in the fast food place for the whole of the short…

Maybe. They’ll could appear for brief cameos or so.

Most likely ^^.

Hm… I don’t know if I like that the short is going to be Buzz-centered. However, if all toys have their moments, like in Hawaiian Vacation, it might be great :smiley:

In my opinion, while Woody is my favorite character and Buzz second, Buzz really had a small role Toy Story 3, so I think he does deserve to have a center role on one of the short films. Either way I’ll probably love this short.