Speculations for Wall-E sequel

If Disney had the sequel rights to Wall-E, this is indeed the sort of movie they would pump out within maybe 2 years. I would rather like to see a mix of old and new characters, not another chase scene aboard the Axiom with the same cast. It’s a big world and maybe something else out there survived and has to be dealt with.

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Admittedly, I have never seen Bambi2 or Lion King 1 & 1/2 or any of those films that capitalize on the success of the first movie. There are people out there, millions, who will buy anything Bambi, or the latest spruced up Pinocchio dvd. Disney needs to be more selective about sequels for its successes, and put more time into them. Pixar and Disney put years into their best movies, but did they do so for the sequels? I know a year before TS2, the movie was floundering and John Lassiter had just finished Bugs Life and it was time for someone else to take the reins over for the next movie. They could have survived by pumping out a turkey that just barely made their money back, but they wisely chose not to cop out like that. Then they made a fortune. Pixar movies already have a built in $100M in box office for each picture with their loyal audience. Disney is much less.

Auto will reboot like EVE did in the trash heap, and then he will get the Steward Bots to round Up the humans and put them back on the Axiom. WALL-E, EVE, and M-O must prevent the Axiom from taking off, while the Reject Bots fight a war against all of the GO-4s on the Axiom (what, you thought there was only 1 GO-4?)

Should there be a Wall-E in Wall-E2? That seems to be an inane question. Let me explain. On the dvd, one of the developers claims that they spent a long time perfecting Wall-E. Ok so:

Wall-E = Perfect

Now there is a school of thought that says perfection is death, so:

Wall-E = Perfection = Death

This isn’t saying that new situations can’t be foisted upon our poor gizmo friend, it’s just that he already has a heart of gold and how are you going to improve on that. A prequel solves this problem.

Wall-E in the first Wall-E movie that we have all seen changes early on in the movie, capped by when he stares at his last cube. I’m hoping there is room for change in any sort of sequel/prequel.

Traps in a prequel to avoid: Learning the lessons from Star Wars Episode 1

When this installment came out, many of the makers were very worried. It just didn’t seem interesting enough to them during screening. The movie came up with a new planet, new characters including a very irritating one, and early on showed Obi-wan and the evil Emperor in his diplomatic guise. The pace was brisk, the scenery breathtaking. But it just wasn’t as good as the first three. There was a feeling at the end of emptiness. It was the most important prequel in movie history. Why didn’t it succeed?

If Wall-E2 is a prequel, it gets locked into a somewhat limited set of circumstances, even more so than a sequel. It’s because the beginning is probably going to be set in this century and the end might be after the humans have left the earth and Wall-E is left alone or with dwindling numbers of bots. When you make another movie in a franchise, you can’t just do anything you want to. The movies are usually true to their predecessor. And this is limiting. For a prequel, it is limiting at both ends, especially the ending, which may be already known or easily guessed at. The producers of Wall-E said at an awards ceremony that they were considering continuing the Wall-E story. They may shy away from any sort of prequel because it inherently limits the mystery, and thus, the wonder.

In the Star Wars prequel, the future Emperor was in control of events. Things largely proceeded according to his plan, methodically at times. This predictability lowered our interest in the movie. It’s steady pace with events occurring that had to fit in with the future of Episodes 4-6 made it unenthusiastically logical. And the Mr. Spock logical nature took away from the wonder of the spectacle on the new planet.

Finally decided to expand my horizons a little bit.

A prequel to Wall-E might be good, especially considering that we know very little about how the backstory happened, what with us just kicking off 700 years after Wall-E was activated. It would also be nice to see what killed the other Wall-E’s.

However, a prequel, to me, would be the only possibility for a good movie, as opposed to a TRUE sequel, which takes place after the events of the first. There really isn’t too much to explore for the future: only the past is somewhat unexplained.

I’ve always thought that a WALL•E sequel would be a good idea, but then again, it is Stanton’s story.

I do think, however, that a prequel is a pretty good idea, or even a WALL•E series that tells how the humans return to being active and the earth becomes new, and maybe each episode could end with a tip on how to live green, a fun fact about robots, or even a lesson. opens umbrella to deflect oncoming tomato bombardment

That’s occurred to me too, if for example Disney wanted to do something Wall-E of its own on its channel, a series would be a good format. It could not have the same quality of the movie, unless some unexpected genius with a fountain of ideas stepped forward. And it wouldn’t be as original, I think it is almost insurmountable to have any production as unique as the first movie.

And that was one of the major reasons Andrew Stanton made this movie, because he was blown away by the uniqueness of it. He says this on the dvd “Director’s Commentary”.

I love WALL-E and am a huge fan, but I would not want to see a sequal for it. I thought it was a great ending, and wouldn’t want a chance to see it ruined. I thought 1 movie of it stood well on it’s own.
Also, I think it would be one of the last Pixar movies to get a sequal.

I’m already convinced that Wall-E is very unlikely to get a sequel. The ending proves that by showing that the Earth would be okay and that all the humans were home again, and since that was central to the plot there’s really no other story after that.

YourMileageMayVary, but I think WALL-E would work better as a short film spin off like Cars Toons than an actual sequel. BURN-E was an awesome short, and I can imagine some of the other reject bot’s storyline (or possibly even M-O’s, which would be great to see) expanded to an 11 minute animation.

Oh, somehow I didn’t get the full gist of your post. That, again, would be a Disney type of thing. Pixar, and Stanton, didn’t make this movie for any green message. But Disney has embraced the ‘Wall-E concept’ and is finally making efforts to go somewhat green, which actually can be profitable. Disney apparently had some sort of series with the Toy Story characters, but it wasn’t that good, someone here said. I’m just skeptical about any sort of series with Wall-E, unless it’s guided by the hand of a master craftsman.

The only things being done now with Wall-E for the consumer market, are the stories in magazines, such as the ‘Disney and Me’ publication, which are geared for fun and some education, but not really any robot facts, green tips, or even lessons about being good. It’s too bad. Edit: oh yes, Netbug is right, don’t forget about the BoomKids comic book on Wall-E! Our very own prequel. I just finished reading them, all 7 of the individual pulp issues (or 2 glue bound paperback books, there is also a hardback version). So I think it’s time some of us extended the commentary on that thread, which hasn’t been posted in for over a year!

I like being a Garbage Boy, and hope the next level is something like ‘Pro Cuber’

The Seqeuel of “WALL-E” (2008) Released in 3-D on November 4, 2016 about WALL-E and his Friends Quest in the Center of Earth to defeat a Evil Giant Mining Drilling Tunnel Boring Robot called “MOL-E” with WALL-E’s Head has new threat on the Earth such as Destroy Robots and Kidnapping Humans, This Film is a pardoy of “Journey Center to the Earth” (2008), “Monsters Vs. Aliens” (2009) “Skyline” (2010) And “Battle: Los Angeles” (2011), the other robots let WALL-E Save the World from MOL-Es.

it will be directed by Steven Dean Moore (the directors of “The Simpsons”)

Hol-E Mol-E !!!

Edit next day: Well, of course it’s a prank, such faraway precision timewise. I had tried to google this and only came up with recent fansite repetition. Still, this is a sequel speculation thread…

But this type of speculation is a breathe of fresh air and hits things right on the mark. We have already been to Outer Space with Wall-E. The outdoors of Earth have been seen and are cluttered with random junk, in other words boring if we have to see much more of it. So Patrick has come up with a scenario placed where we haven’t been: underground. You could throw the ocean in too, and since that is probably mucky and not not very blue or stained with occasional red tides, it would be best there to go under the surface and find colonies or stations on the bottom. To get there Wall-E would have to use an Alvin-like submersible from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, which of course would have its own interesting bots on board.

If they ever, or we ever, come out with a sequel, Wall-E will just have to go on some sort of road trip. This happens in all Pixar movies, perhaps all Disney’s and maybe every cartoony animated movie ever made. Kids, and adults too, would just get bored without one. Action sequences and chase scenes don’t hurt either and Patrick here seems to want one in his sequel.

This was actually a prank I heard on the WALL•E forum.

Doubt a full feature sequel will ever happen, but I want Pixar Canada to get their butts on some Toons featuring WALL-E/EVE cuteness already. :B

What’s actually happening up there, anyway? It’s been over a year since they opened and still complete silence.

They’re still hiring people, training, getting things set up, probably in early development of stuff they can’t talk about yet. Things like that. Idk.

I could see the strengths in making a prequel over a sequel, since i’m pretty sure a lot of people are DYING to try to find out how Wall-E became to be and over unsolved explanations. My prequel fanfic worked quite well to my taste, so if anyone would like to see if that could put off as Pixar’s new ‘sequel’, give it a read!

Well, we already sort of have a bit of a prequel in the Boom! Kids WALL-E comics. I know that comic books/video games/etc are always questionably canon, but I think they fit well.

Of course, I’m extremely bias to more stories after the movie, because EVE is my favorite character and enjoy a good amount of fluff. For a slice-of-life prequel comic like what Boom did, I can go without but since WALL-E is a love story at the core, I think a single, long story like a film would need to follow that for me.

I’m aware, of course, that being alright with the Cars genre transition makes me sound hypocritical not wanting the genre of WALL-E to shift, but I just really think a prequel would need some kind of love story. But idk. If Pixar did a prequel, they could surprise me and pull a successful genre shift. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been wrong.

Honestly, a prequel doesn’t interest me in the slightest. We already more or less know how Wall-E came to be, and I don’t see how you could stretch his origin to an engaging feature length. There couldn’t be a whole lot of adventure or character interaction, since Wall-E is supposed to be one who longs for those sort of things at the beginning of the original film.

There is, however, a lot you can do with the universe that has been created here; whether with the new Earth setting or the other BnL ships still adrift. My hope is after Stanton is finished with the John Carter of Mars franchise, he might be more interested in expanding this one than he is now since he would’ve then had experience with sequels.