Speculations for Wall-E sequel

If it ever happens, what do you think will happen in it?

That question is probably the reason why I personally wouldn’t like a WALL-E sequel. :laughing:

If one were to be made, I can probably see something to do with tracking how the humans are now developing on Earth, and obviously the continuation of WALL-E and EVE’s love story, but something dramatic would have to happen to make up the basis of the film. Perhaps they might try and find the other starships and try and tell the other humans that the Earth is safe to live on? I really don’t know. It’s difficult to think of a good storyline for a WALL-E sequel that doesn’t feel re-hashed from the first movie.

they could probably think of something of they wanted to. I mean, they’re making a Cars 2, and that’s even worse for a sequel!

I’ll definitely agree with you there, coolio2654, in that I’d much rather there be a WALL-E 2 than a Cars 2, but if I had my way, neither would exist. :laughing: Also, WALL-E feels very wrapped up at the end- WALL-E and EVE’s love is blossoming, and the humans are back on Earth and learning how to look after it. I’m just not sure if there are any other roads Pixar could go down to make a feasible sequel, though if they do want to do it, they will.

And welcome to the boards! Nice to see another WALL-E fan around. :smiley:

Pixar (I believe) has done only one sequel so far and that was Toy Story 2.
That was a pretty god movie too, some people say as good as the first one.
Maybe if Pixar really wants to they could make a good sequel. We can’t say they’ll make a bad film just because people loved the first one and they’re going to make money anyway, which is what happens to most films. We really don’t know their strengths in this field, let’s keep our minds open.

Andrew Stanton said in an interview that he is done with robots and wants to make a different project.

I’m pleased to hear that :smiley: I want Wall-e 2 never to be created, because it will not be so brilliant as the first one. All the messages and all the emotional pressure has already been attached and delivered by the first movie. And it looks finished, especially if to watch end titles. If Walle-2 was ever created, it would have no greater value than any fanfic (excuse me, but I really don’t like fanfic on finished ideas)

Geesh. Like I’ve said before the ‘hostility’ to a sequel seems equal to the harshness of the landscape on earth 700 years from now.

So maybe a ‘prequel’ suggestion is in order. I know the consensus here earlier seemed to be that using any other robot besides Wall-E wouldn’t work, that he’s the star. But I trust that the creative teams at Pixar who were good enough to come up with this panoply of characters can do so again.

Of course, we have heard what Stanton said, that he is “done with fishes and robots”, for now anyways. But he is not the only lead creator in their organization. Toys in general have far more potential diversity than practical items. And we all know where Pixar went with toys. Wall-E was built to be a practical item, not a toy that comes alive (altho he was a practical item that was aware of his surroundings and eventually became ‘alive’). However, 100 years from now, when he was built to help clean things up, there must have been some very real toys, somewhere on earth. Getting the idea?

So there is a world of possibilities, even where Wall-E just makes a guest appearance. Wall-E is in the future, where not even the sky is the limit. Surely the ‘big wigs’ at Pixar have bounced around such ideas. Let’s not underestimate their creative powers. The screenplay we saw may be just the one selected out of a few worthy candidates.

Yeah I know what you y’all mean, Wall•E left me with such a good taste, that it’s hard to think that they could follow it! Even though, Pixar is dang good at what they do, and for some reason,they never seem to disappoint! :slight_smile:

It could be like the myriad animated sequels from Disney in the late 90’s.

In essence, Wall-E and EVE build a child, only the child’s programming makes it adventuresome and somewhat ill with manners. M-O is put in the mode of babysitter, but the new kid defies his elders and takes a spacecraft into space, where Wall-E and EVE, along with the reject-o-bots follow him and probably encounter a new planet or life. They could encounter the ‘gels’ maybe.

Though I don’t think that’s a good idea at all. I don’t see Wall-E and EVe as adults, but moreso as children in their depiction.

It doesn’t seem to be a great idea - either if they will marry up, or whether they will make a child… That will destroy all the magic :exclamation:
The prequel is also a bad value. Everything that was happening for 700 years is understood by our imagination - is there any purpose to explain? nope!
I think, Pixarians should change the direction now. If they want more sci-fi, let the next theme be ‘The Big Particle Collider and Beyond’ :smiley:

If there was a sequel, I think it would have to do with maybe Wall-E or Eve getting lost or breaking down in the middle of nowhere and love will prevail and all that.

I hope there never is a sequel, but some possibly stories could be another robot coming between EVE and WALL-E, perhaps even another WALL-E that survived and developed a personality. It’s just such a beautiful film and making a sequel would ruin its uniqueness.

Yes, that’s a good idea, it’s a start. You’re among the first in this thread to present any solid ideas for a sequel, and I’m not going to be ‘Johnny Coldwater’ on the few contributions. Besides, we already had a thread about whether there should or shouldn’t be a sequel…

Yeah, I see them too as more like children. Although they have some adult traits: Wall-E and Eve both work for a living, they aren’t exactly in Conservation Camp.

They could, as you say, build a new child-like robot, perhaps to perform some essential task they don’t have time for, or the humans need and can’t find on the Axiom. Or perhaps they could adopt a malfunctioning misfit robot, one we haven’t seen yet. The Axiom is full of them. Also, there must be all sorts of broken down robots still around on earth that are salvageable. Wall-E will somehow have to find a new pet, the roach is in Wall•E1, but a new pet is in order. Kids have pets.

Ryan’s idea about another Wall-E is good too. Would it be possible to show another cuber with a decidedly different personality? How about a prequel showing the development of personality in Wall-E? Some of you might think that is boring, but nearly a third of Spiderman, Iron Man, and Batman Begins used this device. These were very big movies with a very big soul.

Another idea is what I said above: future toys. We see things like the singing fish in Wall-E’s truck, but how about toys of the future? They are sure to be little robots already (not just the quickly boring one-task toys we have today), and will capture our affections. Folks, someone is going to make a movie with these ideas. It might as well be Pixar.

If you want to see and/or talk about views and information of a sequel, please go to “Andrew Stanton’s Views of a WALL-E Sequel” topic. It’s useless to make more than one sequel thread for WALL-E.

Andrew Stanton said he was done with robots, but implied that he meant for now. Someone in that thread said that after 4 years, you get kind of tired of the same thing and that Stanton just needed a break from the Wall-E story. A well deserved break, it took 4 years, the same length as a college education.

But remember he said how endearing some of the characters were. Stanton helped write the screenplay for Monsters, Inc. and directed Nemo and these two films have absolutely no stated plans for sequels. Neither even had endings that begged for sequels. And we all know that sequels are shadows of the originals nearly all the time. And it has been stated that if Stanton had decided to do a sequel on Nemo right away, that would have meant Wall•E would have gone to the backburner yet again, where it had been since the famous chow-down of 1994.

Stanton has never said that there would definitely not ever be a sequel. Never say never. It’s obvious he wants to work on something else, or maybe he will go crazy.

Now what if some other Director in the Pixar organization, or a ‘guest’ Director says he wants to work on some screenplay about Wall-E that is floating around the building? What if a couple of the other big cheeses hear his pitch and approach Stanton: “…would you mind, Andrew? You’re working on that other project, and we won’t ask you to tear yourself away from it.” Why would you assume that he is the final authority, and that his opinion a week after release is set in stone and good for all time?

This is the 3rd thread to tackle a possible sequel. There was yours, then Coolie had a petition thread, now he has progressed a step further. It’s just too bad that some people can’t come up with any good ideas for a sequel, I’m not having any such problem. It’s a well known fact that in most organizations, from business to military that most people are NOT ideas people. They either can’t come up with any solutions or few ideas are any good and they don’t know how to test them or provide any leadership in getting them done. Most people are just spectators.

I for one am tired of being a spectator. A fire has been lit, but fate has made it that Wall-E has emptied out the extinguisher

Well, only a few peeps dared to venture to this thread and come up with real ideas we can sink our teeth into. I know there is another sequel thread being posted in lately, but here goes anyway.

What if, in a prequel, Wall-E’s original maker dies, and all his property, including Wall-E, is auctioned off? BnL then buys the design. I’ve thought about how advanced Wall-E would be at this time, early in the movie, and it’s important that he not be smart or much self-aware. His character development is paramount in a prequel.

How might Wall-E interact with any still working toys he runs across? Since he isn’t that smart yet, he could be become easily confused, thinking that these are just like the functional bots. This might set up some amusing situations.

What would the world look like in this earlier time? As things go from green to wretched, at this point things would be mostly green. This is an advantage, because the movie has to end being bleak with a dead world. The first Wall-E ended with the credits showing a world in bloom, being restored to its former glory. And that’s probably how it should be shown early on in a Wall-E2, to be properly book ended. Also, contrasts are good for all stories. Just like in IceAge3, those creators knew they wouldn’t be able to hold the audiences interest in a bleak world of rock and ice (with only a few dirt patches), but even after the ‘meltdown’, they needed to keep a lot of ice to keep the name, and the franchise, going. So IA3 included a green world of the dino’s.

I don’t think a blame game should be foisted upon the audience, just like the original creators carefully avoided pointing the finger at politicians, or BnL, or consumers.

Stanton made the most important thing about Wall-E’s personality would be to reflect his loneliness. And that’s just how a prequel has to end. Grief over lost friends, who have to leave or die. And extreme loneliness.

If sequel there should be, I would rather focuse it on auto, and eventually how he came to an understanding about the fact that his actions regarding the human’s return to earth were flawed, or even perhaps to witness in him an “awakening” much like eve or wall e…

my 2 cents, though…

what the story should be eve gets a message from the axiom and eve opens it well she gets a virus and starts destroying her programing and and the only way to save her is if walle goes to the axioms repair bay well walle dosnt know that auto was some how turned on and he captures walle well eve is getting worried and eve goes after walle, m-o sees her leave and him and the rejects go after her and auto is behind all of it becuse he felt that eveyone left him to rust so he is going to release his own fleet of super destruction bots to destroy the world.

I don’t really want to think about that possibility. :shake: