Spirit of Adventure's graphics

I think it may be fun to create a board of my own to post my signature collection.

Sadly, I didn’t keep the original large size of the images, as I resized most to fit the signature requirements. Anyway, you can get the idea.

Here’s my first one, which is wider than my later entries:

You know I like all your signatures, but this is definitely one of my favorites. :wink:


As you can see in this one, now they have a different width size than the first one. I kept it by default.

Cool. :sunglasses:

I didn’t made just one per franchise, but one for each movie. So I have a Toy Story 2 one. The Luxo constellation is in the background, but it can’t be properly seen because of the logo.

Neat. :smiley:

You’re the only one who comments on them, so I’ll keep posting one by one 8D

Yay! It’s about time you started your own graphics tread, since you are one of the best graphic members on the fan board!

Finally! A thread for your graphics! I was about to ask you about this.

Thanks, girls! :smiley:

Here are more. I specially liked the Finding Nemo one. Giving the high quantity of Incredibles fans, the other one received a lot of praise in the boards.

I like the Finding Nemo one. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I also like the Finding Nemo one, because I love the colors on that movie.

The Cars one, which was more difficult than the previous ones. The metallic look is hard to achieve:

That one looks great, too!

Thanks. I’m uploading the rest to post them here.

Here comes Ratatouille:

I love the way you divided adventure. :slight_smile:

<3 I. Love. THIS!!!

I’m loving these. I don’t recall ever seeing your Wall-E one.

I think I do. Could be mistaken, though.

Yeah, I remember seeing it.

My favorite one is the Finding Nemo one!