The Big Pixar Planet Reunion

There’s really not a thread about this yet? Okay…anyway.

Over the years only a couple of memebrs have gotten to see each other. Some, like me, haven’t seen any of the members. However, what if you had the chance to see more members you’ve gotten to know over the years? Well now’s your chance. We’re having a reunion… or meet up… whatever. This may be a one in a lifetime chance for you to actallt meet your PP pals. With us geeting older we don’t have as much free time on our hands so you don’t want to miss out on this. It will be at Disneyland in either June or July of 2014. It will be for about 4 days. This will be pretty costly since your will have to pay for a planet ticket(unless you live in the area), Disneyland ticket, hotel or motel room, and money for souvenirs. But you will get tp meet some of the PP members you alwaysed wanted too. Mitch is one of the host, Philieas and TSS might be there too. Another member will be making pins for us that says were a PP member. We really hope you can make this. I for one am looking forward to meeting you guys if I can make it. See you in 2014! … slide=id.p!/events/3320 … 7/?fref=ts