The Definitive Pixar In-Jokes List


This is a thread to document every single Pixar in-joke in every Pixar feature and short film. There are a lot of them, but I thought that out of anywhere on the Internet, Pixar Planet would be the place to do it! I’m hoping that with your help, together we could create the most thorough and detailed list of Pixar in-jokes EVER! A few have tried, but I think we could take it to the next level, don’t you? :wink:

This is a collaborative effort so to help, just reply to this topic with the following: the name of the Pixar production with the reference, the Pixar in-joke, and a description of when it appears. I will then edit this post and add the information. You will be credited at the bottom of this post.

● Although Pixar occasionally make references to Disney, as well as other animated films, this list will be for Pixar references only. So that is Pixar films with in-jokes that refer to other Pixar films/short films/people/the studio etc

● A Pixarian has confirmed for us that the Pizza Planet Truck is NOT in The Incredibles, and the general consensus here is that it has not been found yet. But if you think you have found the truck in The Incredibles then feel free to propose where it is in this thread.

● Right now, there is the list of feature films and short films to add references to. But I’m open to the idea of the Pixar original trailers (trailers with no footage from the film), TV commercials and other Pixar productions having its own section here eventually, if there are any in-jokes to document.

● The in-jokes in the feature films start when the Disney logo comes up and finish at the end of the end credits. I’m in two minds about whether or not to include the gags and “out-takes”, (like at the end of A Bug’s Life and Toy Story 2, for example) since they are pretty obvious in-jokes and are not exactly subtle. But, I don’t think this list would be complete without documenting them, no matter how obvious they are, so they are allowed. :wink:

● If possible, I want to include a screenshot of the reference in question, but if you can’t or don’t know how to do this, try to be as descriptive as possible (a timestamp would be even better, eg: 1h:08m:06s) and I will screencap it and link to it here.

● I’m aware that there are a few places around the web that have small Pixar in-joke lists. Please to not copy and paste from them. Submit each reference in your own words. I want us to try to make this list from scratch and as honestly as possible so we can feel proud of it. You can do research around the Internet for any references you have missed, but just make sure to put it in your own words so we are not accused of plagiarism.

● If you have already submitted some in-jokes to another thread, then you will be acknowledged as a contributor here, so don’t worry. Here are the Ratatouille, WALL•E, and Up in-joke threads.

● Most importantly, this list must NOT be copied and pasted to anywhere else on the Internet. This is a joint project made by members at Pixar Planet Forums and it is meant to represent this forum ONLY. However, you are quite welcome to link to this thread and spread the word. =)

Hopefully I’ve got it all covered. I just made these rules so we are clear about the definitions of what to submit so that you guys don’t have to ask (too many) questions. Heheh. Well, I think that’s all for now so, let’s get cookin’! I know we can make the most comprehensive list ever.

[size=125]FEATURE FILMS[/size]

Pizza Planet truck: appears first at the Dinoco gas station. [picture]

A113: The license plate number of Andy’s mum’s minivan. [picture]

John Ratzenberger is: Hamm

Pixarian voices: Joe Ranft as Lenny, Ralph Eggleston/John Lasseter/Andrew Stanton as the “Buzz Lightyear!” voice on the commercial, Jeff Pidgeon/Craig Good as additional voices.

  • The Eggman Movers truck is named after Pixarian, Ralph Eggleston. [picture]

  • The lamp on Andy’s desk is Luxo from Luxo Jr.. When Buzz swings on it, it makes the same noise as well. [picture]

  • Andy owns the blue, red and yellow star ball from Luxo Jr.. [picture]

  • Andrew Stanton’s initials are on the front of the truck that stops at the Dinoco gas station. [picture]

  • Most of the books behind Woody during the toy meeting are names of Pixar’s short films, with one of them even authored by “Lasseter”. “Scooter Run” references the scooter race around the building that the Pixarians would partake in at the old studios, and “Smyrl Smyrl Twist and Twirl” is named after Eliot Smyrl. [picture]

  • Some of the cars’ number plates have “HTT1195” on them, which is named after the company, Hi Tech Tunes who produced the film, and the month and year it was released. [picture]

  • In Pizza Planet, a “JL” (John Lasseter) sticker is stuck to the back of one of the arcade games. [picture]

  • When the moving truck crosses through the intersection towards the end of the movie, the restaurant “Ju Ju’s House 'O Food” is named after Julie McDonald. [picture]

  • Another reference to Julie McDonald is on Sid’s backback where there is written in pen “Julie McBarfle has cooties!” [picture]

  • The Pizza Planet truck has a “KratFM” bumper sticker, a reference to Tia Kratter. [picture]

  • A store front displays the sign “Madame Stettner - Fortune Teller”, which is named after the logistics programmer for the film, Heidi Stettner. [picture]

  • The moving truck’s numberplate is “MLY1K9” - at the time the Pixar studios had a live-in dog, named Molly. [picture]

  • One of the beverages in the film is “Dr. Catmull’s Root Beer”. Ed Catmull was one of the first Pixarians as a Chief Technical Officer. [picture]

Pizza Planet truck: next to the mobile home just before Flik enters the Bug City. [picture]

A113: On a box to the left of Flik as he enters Bug City. [picture]

John Ratzenberger is: P.T. Flea

Pixarian voices: Joe Ranft as Heimlich, John Lasseter as Fly 1, Andrew Stanton as Fly 2, Jeff Pidgeon/Lee Unkrich as additional voices.

  • In Bug City, there are names of a few Pixarians on the packaging [picture], as well their kids’ names: John Lasseter’s sons (PJ, Joey, Jackson, Bennett and Sam) and wife’s maiden name (Tague), Lee Unkrich’s daughter (Hannah), and Andrew Stanton’s two sons (Ben and Audrey). [picture]

  • A crumpled “Dr. Catmull’s Root Beer” can is on the ground outside Bug City. [picture]

  • A Pizza Planet Mega Gulp cup sits atop the bug bar. [picture]

  • The same “now more sugar” slogan is printed on both the soda can from Toy Story, and cookie box in A Bug’s Life. [picture]

  • The Papa Rivera lard can is named after the art department coordinator, Jonas Rivera. [picture]

Pizza Planet truck: driven by the toys at the end of film, to go to the airport. [picture]

A113: At the airport terminal this flight number is called out over the intercom. Also the number plate of Andy’s mum’s minivan. [picture]

John Ratzenberger is: Hamm

Pixarian voices: Joe Ranft as Wheezy, Andrew Stanton as Zurg, Jeff Pidgeon as Green Aliens, John Lasseter/Lee Unkrich as additional voices.

  • Hidden in the stars of the opening titles is Luxo Jr., the lamp from the Pixar short film of the same name. [picture]

  • The tree shown during Jessie’s montage is the same one as on Ant Island in A Bug’s Life. [picture]

  • Andy’s calendar shows concept art from A Bug’s Life. [picture]

  • A Bug’s Life toys are sold at Al’s Toy Barn. [picture]

  • When the toys are making their way to Al’s Toy Barn, if you look closely Heimlich can be seen walking across a tree branch before Buzz chops it with his hand. [picture]

  • The cardboard boxes at Andy’s yard sale have the word “BOBCO” on them. This could be a reference to Bob Peterson. [picture]

  • When the toys get in the Pizza Planet truck, a parked car’s numberplate is “HDNCTY”, a reference to the Hidden City Cafe of which the Pixarians would frequent at the time. [picture]

  • The issue of LIFE magazine with Woody on the cover was released on John Lasseter’s birthday - January 12, 1957. [picture]

  • The star ball from Luxo Jr. is hidden four times throughout the film: in the blue basket on the bottom of Andy’s shelves, during the Al’s Toy Barn commercial, as a frame from Tin Toy when the toys are clicking through the channels, and sold at Al’s Toy Barn next to to the sliding doors. [picture]

  • Zurg’s cardboard packaging shows that the box was printed in Point Richmond, California - the location of Pixar’s studio at the time of production. [picture]

  • When the toys are trying to find the Al’s Toy Barn advertisement on TV, they flick through Pixar’s short films and commercial work. [picture]

  • Towards the beginning of the film, Mrs Potato Head is reading an A Bug’s Life book. picture

  • The truck that is carrying the cement tunnel (when the toys are crossing the road), has Andrew Stanton’s birthday on the front. [picture]

  • Ash Brannon’s last name is hidden on one of the green books on Andy’s bottom shelf. [picture]

  • Chess pieces from the short Geri’s Game are in the cleaner’s wooden box. The cleaner is also the main character from the same short. [picture]

  • As shown by the map on the commercial, Al’s Toy Barn is located at Pixar’s address during the time of Toy Story 2’s production. [picture]

  • The name “Karen Robert Jackson” is seen on the $1 dollar note in the Al’s Toy Barn commercial - she was the producer of the film. On the right side of the note “Rachel Raffael”, the name of the female chicken, is named after the executive assistant to the producers for Toy Story 2, Rachel Raffeal-Gates. [picture]

  • Two possible references to Joe Ranft: a coffee shop along the main road that toys are trying to cross is called “Cuppa Joe” [picture], and the late employee who works at Al’s Toy Barn is also named Joe.

  • Tour Guide Barbie mentions that in 1995 short-sighted retailers did not order of Buzz Lightyear dolls to meet demand - this is a reference to the actual events of what happened after the release of Toy Story.

  • The elevator of Al’s office building plays the music from A Bug’s Life.

  • The pink bear from Toy Story is sold at Al’s Toy Barn. [picture]

  • The Chinese food container from A Bug’s Life is on the floor of the Pizza Planet truck. [picture]

  • Dr. Catmull’s root beer can be seen in the cup holder of Al’s car. [picture]

  • When the real Buzz Lightyear tells the fake Buzz Lightyear that the situation is a “Code 546,” that is the prefix of Andrew Stanton’s home town phone number.

  • An abstract drawing of Dot, Tuck and Roll from A Bug’s Life is displayed on the wall above the couch in Al’s apartment. [picture]

Pizza Planet truck: Next to the mobile home that Randall is banished to. [picture]

A113: ???

John Ratzenberger is: The Abominable Snowman

Pixarian voices: Bob Peterson as Roz, Jeff Pidgeon as Bile, Samuel Black as George, Pete Docter/Joe Ranft/David Silverman/Lee Unkrich as additional voices.

  • The crushed cube that Sulley is holding, makes the same noise as Luxo Jr. when the eye socket falls over.

  • When Mike opens the door so that Sulley can throw Randall in, Nemo is on the wall in the form of a plaque. [picture]

  • Boo owns various Pixar toys: Jessie, Nemo, and the Luxo Jr. ball. [picture]

  • The mobile home that Randall is banished to, is the same one as in A Bug’s Life. [picture]

  • On their way to work, Mike and Sulley walk past the Hidden City Cafe, which is an actual eatery located near Pixar’s studios and is director, Pete Docter’s, favourite restaurant. [picture]

  • The wooden airplane from Toy Story is on the shelf in the simulator room. [picture]

  • Marlin from Finding Nemo is painted on the wall of the sushi restaurant. [picture]

  • At the end of the movie, when Mike is leading Sulley away to show him a surprise, Roly Poly clown from Toy Story is in the background. [picture]

  • Some of the scarers’ names on the board are the surnames of Pixar employees. [picture]

  • On the scare floor when the monsters are getting prepared for a day of scaring, the assistant for Randall, Fungus, pulls down sheets for him to camouflage against. The cloud wallpaper is from Andy’s room from Toy Story. [picture]

Pizza Planet truck: driving on the road as Gill is explaining the escape plan. [picture]

A113: The model of camera the scuba diver uses to take a photo of Marlin. [picture]

John Ratzenberger is: the school of fish.

Pixarian voices: Joe Ranft as Jacques, Andrew Stanton as Crush and Boston lobster, Bob Peterson as Mr. Ray, Kathy Ringgold as panicked school student fish.

  • The boy in the dentist’s waiting room is reading a Mr. Incredible comic book. [picture]

  • Mike can be seen swimming through the credits. [picture]

  • A framed photo of a Pixarian with an award is situated next the the dentist’s fish tank - this picture is based on a photo of Ralph Eggleston with his Academy Award. [picture]

  • Various toys from Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story, as well as the star ball from Luxo Jr., are in the children’s section of the dentist’s waiting room. [picture]

  • The mermaid on the pirate ship ornament in the fish tank is from Knick Knack. [picture]

  • At the end of the movie, when the rest of the tank gang are crossing the road, Luigi from Cars drives past and beeps. [picture]

  • An “M is for Monster” book is lying on the coffee table in the dentist waiting room. [picture]

  • The mobile that hangs above the dentist chair in Finding Nemo, is the same one that got stuck to Sulley’s foot in Monsters, Inc.. [picture]

  • The music played in the dentist’s office while Darla is waiting for her check-up, is the same music played in Roz’s office in Monsters, Inc..

  • Jerome’s Raft is named after Jerome Ranft, a sculptor at Pixar. [picture]

  • In the scene where the tank is filthy, the dentist’s first appointment for the day, “Little Davey Reynolds”, is named after one of the screenplay writers for Finding Nemo, David Reynolds.

  • A certificate hung near the wall of the entrance to the dentist’s office is issued by the “Pixar University School of Dentistry” and uses the logo for P.U., a little green alien in a graduation cap and gown. [picture]

  • When the dentist pulls out the prime minister’s tooth with force (after getting a surprise from Nigel the pelican), look above because stuck to the cupboard is a “Greetings from Emeryville” postcard with a shot of the new Pixar studios being built. [picture]

Pizza Planet truck: N/A

A113: The room number that Mr. Incredible is told to go to for a meeting, and the cell block number that the Omnidroid rocket is sent from. [picture]

John Ratzenberger is: The Underminer.

Pixarian voices: Teddy Newton as Newsreel Narrator, Dominique Louis as Bomb Voyage, Lou Romano as Bernie Kropp, Bud Luckey as Rick Dicker, Brad Bird as Edna Mode, Bret Parker as Kari, Kimberley Clark as Honey, John Walker as The Reverend, Mark Andrews/Pete Docter/Brad Lewis/Ted Mathot/Bob Peterson/Jeff Pidgeon/Joe Ranft/Lori Richardson/AJ Reibli/Katharine Ringgold/Stephen Schaffer/Bob Scott/Peter Sohn/Andrew Stanton/Deirdre Warin as additional voices.

  • Bob Parr’s license plate is LR0415, which represents Lou Romano’s birthday (15th April). [picture]

  • The map that Mr. Incredible uses during the car chase at the beginning, features the names of streets that surround Pixar Animation Studios. [picture]

  • When a person is being mugged next to Insuricare’s building, the abbreviation “INC” can be seen, which is a reference to Monsters, Inc.. [picture]

  • During the last battle against the Omnidroid, Doc Hudson is parked on one of the city streets…

  • …and in the same shot, there is a “Bradley Hotel” in the background, a reference to the director, Brad Bird. [picture]

  • The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots we first saw in Toy Story 2 make a cameo in Bob’s home office. [picture]

  • The principal has the same name as the producer, John Walker.

  • When Bob tries to sneak back in his house, he hums to the opening of the song “The Glory Days” which is one of the tracks of the film.

  • The Luxo Deli and Andy’s are shown when Bob and Lucius drive out of the alleyway and to the burning building. [picture]

  • As Edna first shows Helen the homing device, it locks in on Pixar Animation Studios. [picture]

Pizza Planet truck: At the entrance of the stadium before the final race. [picture]

A113: Mater’s number plate picture, and the train number that Lightning McQueen tries to race against. [picture]

John Ratzenberger is: Mack, as well as Car Hamm, Car P.T. Flea, and Car Abominable Snowman.

Pixarian voices: Guido Quaroni as Guido, Joe Ranft as Red/Peterbilt, Andrew Stanton as Fred, Jonas Rivera as Boost, Lou Romano as Snotrod, Adrian Ochoa as Wingo, EJ Holowicki as DJ, Lindsey Collins as Mia, Torbin Xan Bullock/Scott Clark/Brian Fee/Craig Good/Konishi Sonoko/Teddy Newton/Bob Peterson/Steve Purcell/AJ Riebli/Dan Scanlon/Stephen Schaffer/Ken Schretzmann/Bob Scott/Jay Ward as additional voices.

  • The birds from For the Birds can be seen for a second on a phoneline during the “Life Is A Highway” sequence. [picture]

  • During the Life is a Highway sequence, trucks bearing the initials of Pixar’s past films are parked at the truck stop. [picture]

  • A campervan displays a picture of the jackalope from Boundin’. [picture]

  • Emeryville is referenced twice: the first being on the numberplate of the car in the Rust-eze commercial [picture], and again at the end of the movie when signs are shown of places around the country that are watching the big race. [picture]

  • Dinoco, the oil company that sponsors the race, is the same company that ran the gas station in Toy Story. [picture]

  • Lightyear Tyres is named after Buzz Lightyear.

  • Before the final race, three jets fly over the city towards the circuit. On the left hand side Pixar Animation Studios can be seen. [picture]

  • A camper van watching to final race has flamigos around him which is a reference to Knick Knack. [picture]

  • The lost tourist has a bumper sticker with ‘Nice Butte’ on it, similar to the ‘Butte’ sticker that Buzz Lightyear had on his behind at the airport in Toy Story 2. [picture]

  • One of the stores in Radiator Springs has the word “Catmull” in the window. [picture]

Pizza Planet truck: Driving along the Sienne Bridge as Remy is running away from Skinner [picture], and across the bridge again a couple of minutes later as Skinner is coming up from under the water. [picture]

A113: The number on Git’s ear tag. [picture]

John Ratzenberger is: Mustafa the waiter.

Pixarian voices: Lou Romano as Linguini, Peter Sohn as Emile, Teddy Newton as Lawyer, Tony Fucile as Pompidou/Health Inspector, Brad Bird as Ambrister Minion, Brad Lewis/Lori Richardson as additional voices.

  • Linguini wears The Incredibles boxer shorts. [picture]

  • In the scene where Colette and Linguini are roller-skating, Bon Voyage from The Incredibles can be seen entertaining a young Anton Ego. [picture]

  • When Linguini is entering his home with Remy, a cockroach climbs up the wall, which is a reference to WALL•E’s pet, Hal. [picture]

  • Luigi drives across the Sienne Bridge in the scene where Skinner is chasing Remy. [picture]

  • When Linguini gives Remy a piece of cheese to eat in the Gusteau’s pantry, look behind him at the Nemo brand caviar. [picture]

  • Colette drives a Calahan motorcycle, named after the director of photography for Ratatouille, Sharon Calahan. [picture]

  • A few Cars characters can be spotted on the bundled up newspaper outside the side entrance of Gusteau’s. [picture]

  • According to the Ratatouille Blu-Ray DVD commentary, the dog that barks at Remy at the beginning of the movie, will appear in Up. [picture]

  • An Insuricare pencil from The Incredibles is used as part of the Rat Band’s instruments. [picture]

  • The Chinese food containers in Linguini’s refrigerator are the same as in A Bug’s Life. [picture]

Pizza Planet Truck: Shown in a garbage pile when EVE scans it when she is on Earth trying to fulfil her directive [picture], and again on a screen as her memory is being played back to the Captain. [picture]

A113: The codename for Auto’s directive. [picture]

John Ratzenberger is: John.

Pixarian voices: Elissa Knight as EVE, Andrew Stanton/Jeff Pidgeon as Hoverchair Humans, Lori Alan/Bob Bergen/John Cygan/Pete Docter/Paul Eiding/Don Fullilove/Teresa Ganzel/Jess Harnell/Sherry Lynn/Mickie McGowan/Laraine Newman/Teddy Newton/Jan Rabson/Lori Richardson/Jim Ward/Colette Whitaker as additional voices.

  • A few things found in WALL•E’s trailer are: the magician’s hat from Presto [picture], the flamingos from Knick Knack [picture], Hamm from Toy Story [picture], and a Mike from Monsters, Inc. topper. [picture]

  • Leakless brand oil from Cars is found amongst the garbage. [picture]

  • Skinner’s scooter (from Ratatouille) and the orange cones from Toy Story 2 are hidden in the garbage pile when WALL•E is finding interesting things to take home. [picture]

  • One of the arms of the creation that WALL•E makes for EVE is made from the lamp from Luxo Jr.. [picture]

  • The past captains on the wall in the Captain’s quarters are named after Pixarians Jim Reardon, Brian Fee, Rob Thompson, and Kevin (or Michael) O’Brien. [picture 1] [picture 2]

  • Eggman Movers, the moving company in Toy Story (named after Ralph Eggleston) is still up and running in the future. There’s a billboard for it at the beginning when the holographic signs are displayed. [picture]

  • During the scene when WALL-E is chasing the red markers from the ship that is landing, the camera will show various locations of the area, such as buildings, and a dried up area where water once was. If you look in the dried up area, you can see the same buoy that Nigel and his pelican friends hung out by in Finding Nemo on the bank of the dried lagoon. [picture]

  • One of the turtles made from the mosaic in the end credits is Crush from Finding Nemo. [picture]

Pizza Planet Truck: ??? [picture], at the intersection as Carl’s house is floating over the city when he is daydreaming about getting rid of Russell. [picture], and at the end of the movie when the Spirit of Adventure airship is floating above Fenton’s ice-creamery. [picture]

A113: The number of the courtroom that Carl is summoned to. [picture]

John Ratzenberger is: Construction Foreman Tom.

Pixarian voices: ???

  • The numbers on one of the machines to the back of Carl’s house represents Lou Romano’s birthday. It says L-R 1572 (April 15, 1972). [picture]

  • Carl’s “Grape Soda” pin is the same brand of drink as in the commercial for Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. [picture]

  • During the Married Life montage when Carl is buying airline tickets, there’s a pamphlet on the counter displaying the mermaid from Knick Knack. [picture]

  • A bottle of pills next to Carl’s alarm clock is of the “Luxo” brand. [picture]

  • One of the skulls in Muntz’s dining room is Gazerbeam’s (a character from The Incredibles). [picture].

  • Towards the beginning of the movie, Carl’s house flies past the bedroom of a little girl. In the room is the airplane from Toy Story, Lotso from Toy Story 3, and the ball from Luxo Jr.. [picture]

  • A few of Russell’s badges are in-jokes: the ball from Luxo Jr., a burger cake (from Merritt Bakery, a popular bakery and cake for Pixarians), and an Animation Paper Badge (towards the top, it’s green, covered by his scarf). [picture] [picture]

  • The number on the top of Carl’s court paper says E 94070 - it’s for San Carlos California. Brad Lewis (the producer of Ratatouille and director of Cars 2) used to be the mayor of San Carlos. [picture]

  • There’s a store across the street from Carl’s house called Sushi Pronto, and the chopsticks and sushi have a nearly identical orientation as the logo for Harryhausens, the restaurant from Monsters, Inc.. [picture]

[size=125]SHORT FILMS[/size]

  • A clock on the wall has a picture of Andre on it. [picture]

  • The store is called “Eben’s Bikes” named after the technical director of the short, Eben Ostby. [picture]

  • In the unicycle’s dream, the floor is made from the Luxo Jr. star ball pattern. [picture]

  • The Luxo lamp can be seen in the background of the store (on the left.) [picture]

  • The old Pixar logo is on the corner of the paper bag that is lying on the floor. [picture]

  • A photo of John Lasseter as a child winning the ‘Best Boy Camper’ award at Cub Scouts sits on the coffee table. [picture]

  • On the wall is a framed photo of a scene from Luxo Jr.. [picture]

  • As shown by the end credits, one of the toys is named ‘RenderMan.’ [picture]

  • The cigar box that Geri uses to store his chess pieces in says ‘Pt. Richmond Hand Made Pixar Shorts’. [picture]

  • Various toys as seen in Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc., as well as the Luxo Jr. star ball, are on the floor of the lounge room surrounding Jack-Jack. [picture]

  • A newly shorn sheep, like the one from Boundin’, adorns the front of Tippy’s tunic. [picture]

  • Tinny from Tin Toy is underneath the bed. [picture]

  • Ernie (the abductee) was an earlier model for Linguini of Ratatouille. [picture]

  • A copy of ‘Anyone Can Cook’ is on the right of screen next to the blackboard. [picture]

  • 'Na+e²" is written on the blackboard as an equation, a reference to Nate Wragg. [picture]

  • P.T. Flea makes a cameo. [picture]

  • WALL•E drives the space shuttle. [picture]

  • One of the people around the world is a 2-D version of Peter Sohn (he is wearing a cap.) [picture]

  • On the wall is a photo of Presto DiGiotagione in the Lucky 7 Lounge, which is a secret lounge hidden in one of the walls of Pixar Animation Studios. [picture]

  • A mini star ball from Luxo Jr. bounces out when Alec is pulling out all of the tricks from the magician’s sleeve. [picture]

  • Long-time Pixarian Jason Katz, who works in the story department, has his name on the mouse trap that the magician gets his fingers stuck in. [picture]

  • The beginning of the short with the green text on screen is the same as in Toy Story 2. [picture]

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rachel - My word, rachel. I definitely admire your patience, persistence, and ambition to compile a list as extensive as this one! No doubt I will endeavor to read this entire agglomeration of condensed information when I have the time. :mrgreen:

– Mitch

– Cars –

TS2 (Toy Story 2) truck: During the Life is a Highway sequence, Mack driving Lightning’s trailer through a section of Interstate in the desert.
FN (Finding Nemo) truck: During the epilogue, when more trucks and cars are entering Radiator Springs.

Nice topic, Rachel! :smiley:

Wow, this is really impressive. But you forgot something:

A Buzz Lightyear is lying around at the dentist’s in Finding Nemo (shortly before Nemo meets Bubbles)

And when I looked at the picture, I noticed something: The mobile home from A Bug’s Life and the mobile home to where Randall is banished are the same. Even the position of the PP Truck is the same. Only the landscape is different.

A very nice idea, Rachel! And also very useful! I’d be happy to add to these lists when I can actually remember some of the Pixar in-jokes. :laughing:

I’m glad this topic has been so well received at this early stage. :wink: If any of you can help confirm any of the questionable references, I would appreciate that.

A113, Witch of Night: Thanks for the submissions. I’ll add them at the next update.

Thank you, but this isn’t meant to be a complete list, yet. I just started off with a few to help get the ball rolling, and give people an idea of what to submit.

Cool topic, here’s an old Jim Hill article that has a ton of these inside-jokes listed:


I’m sure most have already read it, as its old, but I thought it would be a good refresher.

I can go through the film TI and watch and look for in-jokes rachel. Want me to PM them to you when I get the chance?

Ok, I’ve updated. Keep those submissions coming, everyone. :mrgreen:

Could you be a bit more specific as to where it is in the film, please? Try to be as descriptive as possible when submitting, because I am having a bit of trouble finding both of the trucks… :wink: If you could give me an exact time of when they appear, that would be even better.

Thanks for the link. Yes, I have seen it and later on I’ll compare it to the ones already here, and add them in. I’m glad you brought up that link because a lot of people were fawning over the article, which prompted me even more to get this up and running because I knew that we could go a lot further than that! Heh. But it’s also because animation fans generally seem interested in the topic of Pixar in-jokes…

Yes! I would love if you could do that, TSS. When you have them, just submit them by replying to this thread. Try to be as descriptive as possible, remember. Thanks in advance!

Actually I’m not sure if you can see it in the film, but in Nemo in the dentist’s office I’ve seen shots of an “M is for Monster” lying around.

Sorry, but that’s as specific as I can be. I’ll try to get a time for you, but if you’re using that 0.03x faster thing, it might not work.

Here’s a one

During the end of Finding Nemo, where Gill and others are escaping from the doctor. Luigi and The Pizza Planet Truck (second appearance) could be seen whizzing by.

Actually, the Pizza Planet truck appeared in the escape plan scene, and Luigi never appeared in Finding Nemo. It was just a yellow car, and just because Wikipedia thinks it was an “earlier version of Luigi” doesn’t mean it’s true! :angry:

It was not Luigi. :wink:

It is Luigi, I seen him with my own eyes. If only my Finding Nemo disk wasn’t broken (I need to buy another). Then I’ll prove if he is in the movie or not. And I did not use Wikipedia to find this cameo appearance.

Here’s another in-joke, which I spotted in Ratatouille

Luigi can be seen driving by the Sienne Bridge where the Pizza Planet Truck could also been seen driving by.

A close up image

Another image of him (the yellow car is Luigi)

And last but not least.

I’m still not sure if that is Luigi, but it looks like him. It would be nice if others could confirm this in-joke.

Edit: links were broken.

Is this what your talking about A113?

The Orange truck with FN.

azzstar: Wow! I didn’t notice the FN truck at that truckstop, but there’s one, rachel! I was thinking of the one in the epilogue.

As for Luigi in Finding Nemo, I saw a yellow car drive by also, but it wasn’t Luigi just because it was yellow. You could clearly see that the model was off. PM me. :wink:

azzstar: Oh kay now. I need to watch the Pixar films more because I totally missed everything you posted when I was watching on DVD and in theatres. THanks for posting these up dude.

Awesome contributions, guys. Keep 'em, coming. I’ll try to update the list this weekend. :mrgreen:

If you guys disagree on an in-reference it’s good to have respectful discussions and try to prove your point. After all this is the thread to do it. :wink: And as for that Finding Nemo truck in Cars, the truck next to it has the The Incredibles logo on it, and it also says “inc”, a reference to both The Incredibles and Monsters, Inc..

azzstar - I’ve heard about that Luigi in Finding Nemo in-joke before, so I’ll see if I can find him myself.