The Friend/Foe feature

Okay, I love this feature for what it is. But I have one question: Why can’t we view each other’s friend lists? I understand that seeing your name on a foe list can be very offensive. But why can’t we know whose friend lists we’re on? I think it would be nice to know.

Seeing how nice this forum is, do we really need a foe list? Or is it a friendly rivalry?

I have never used a friend/foe list before. Can someone please explain it to me?

The foe list allows the people on that list to be invisible to you, so you can’t see what you post and you won’t be full of rage or annoyed by what they say.

So it’s like blocking them? Like on Facebook or on the PS3?

I haven’t used this feature, but there are one or two members that get on my nerves that I’m tempted to add to the “Foe” list. But that would be incredibly juvenile and as a Mod, I’m supposed to keep an eye on everyone, so maybe not today. Don’t worry, if you’re on good terms with me, you’re probably my friend. :slight_smile:

I agree it’s a good idea to see each other’s friends list, although it might be embarrassing if you thought you were someone’s friend, and then you see that you’re not on his/her list. But you can suggest it to Phileas if you’d like, IV! I’d support you on that.

Yep, it’s like they basically don’t exist, well to you at least.

I don’t have anyone on my foe or friends list. I haven’t had the time to add friends, and I don’t want anyone to be a foe, I’d like to keep an eye on them :smiling_imp: (lol jk!)

Hmmm, I think this concept is cool. but on Pixar Plane, we strive for everyone to get along with each other. We’re all supposed to be on good terms with every and each member.

I have only foed that spammers. I can’t stand those people.

Good idea! I didn’t think about that, they never stay for long, but a new one pops up every week.

And that’s why you have us to take care of them! :wink:

You misunderstand me. I am not saying we should disagree on things; that would be the foe list(which I also have yet to use.) But I personally really like the friend feature. I just wonder: What’s the point of even having a friend list that nobody can view? That makes no sense. What’s it for, then? But yeah, I guess I’ll contact Phileas. Thanks, TDIT.

I was wondering that too. Maybe so you remember who you like best on the forum? You’d think you’d remember that in your mind. That was just a shot in the dark, I’m as clueless as you on this certain subject!

I agree. I’ve contacted Phileas via facebook, and maybe he’ll make it(the friend list) public. :mrgreen:

That’s a great idea IV! I like it!

Thanks. I just hope Phileas thinks so, too…

Now that’s showing initiative, IV! Thanksalot! :mrgreen:

You’re welcome, and thanks for the support. But, sadly, I’m still waiting for an answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t been around for a while and coming back and seeing the relaunch, I noticed this feature. I suppose it has its purpose, but I don’t think I’ll be using it… to FOE/block someone, if it’s a spammer that comes and spams, he/she will quickly be taken care of by the Admins (probably by the time you add that user to the foe list). And even though there are people that I disagree with, I’ve always felt it’s good to at least have to see in passing things that they post. If I could tailor-make a newspaper with only the news categories I’m interested in (as you can do online now) then I’d have missed out on a bunch of stuff that I normally wouldn’t think about requesting or looking at. Just a personal observation, I guess. I just kind of like the openness of the forums. But I suppose if there’s harassment (especially in personal messages that may not get the attention of the Admins) then it could be useful.

Anyway, just wanted to say that the relaunch looks mighty nice.

So far this foe list has really come in handy for me… :stuck_out_tongue: