The Incredibles 2

I kid you not. It looks like the long-awaited sequel is finally coming to fruition. … rs-sequels

I’m very excited! I thought The Incredibles was the one Pixar film outside of the Toy Story franchise that most deserved a sequel. As four other Pixar films are already planned through 2016, it may be a while before we see the release of The Incredibles 2… but looking in retrospect, I remember the day a Monsters Inc. sequel was announced pretty vividly; it wasn’t terribly long ago and now Monsters University has been out for nine months.

So what do we want to see out of the sequel? I think all of the characters of the Parr family were very well-established by the end of the first film, so Pixar may have a tough job making as much of an impact plot-wise. But I think they’ve got something up their sleeves. :slight_smile:

On another note, Cars 3 was announced conversely with The Incredibles 2, but I think that discussion is best for the Cars forum.

I can’t wait!! :smiley:

I’m excited. :smiley: It will probably be a good ways off before we see any stills or concept art but I can’t wait!

It’s like a PKE Surge!!!

Great news! This is a film I have wanted to be made since I first saw the first film.

Amen tenfold! I used to pray for this movie every night. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much hope for either of them. Three years ago, I loved pixar so much and now I’m just indifferent to it. Cars 2, brave and MU all sucked really hard. Don’t know how Brave and MU got the rotten tomatoes scores they did.
I prefer Aardman and Ghibli now.

I just watched The Incredibles again with my stepbrother. He loved it! In our DVD case there are two discs, he already thought there was The Incredibles 2 in it. He was so disappointed when I pointed out it were the extra features, poor kid!

Well , it’s about time!

So I heard about the long-awaited sequel finally being announced… Oh my gosh this is so exciting! :smiley:

I’ll agree, I wasn’t crazy for any of the last 3 Pixar movies. I don’t even worship TS3 like many do. However, that does not douse my excitement for this project one bit.

Wow, this is great news! I hope it will be released within the next couple years.

I agree, waiting is so annoying, especially after all ths time.

Nice! That’s the one movie that I think can get away with having a sequel :wink: Interested to see what they do with it

FINALLY!!! It’ll be a few years, but at least it’s got the greenlite. AND they’re gonna re-release the first one in 3D soon :slight_smile:
I hope the original cast comes back, and they definitely need a good villain with a good back story.
EEEEEEEEE!!! :mrgreen: Can’t wait

I never got why there was such a high demand for a sequel to The Incredibles. Not that I didn’t love the first one, I did, but I never really got what made people want a sequel so bad.

I’m interested in what Pixar will do with a non-Toy Story sequel when they don’t have a sidekick to focus on, though.

When I heard the news, I was at work. My good friend Violet Parr texted, facebooked, skyped me about the news. I had to read it 10 times in order to believe it. I made a call to her to see if she was pulling my leg. then I looked it up, and sure enough, the rumors were confirmed. there is going to be a TI2. My legs turned into jello, my mind was racing, I felt like I had won the lottery. I mean, my favorite movie of all time is now getting a well deserved sequel. I called my brother and he was just ecstatic as I was overjoyed. My mind was racing. Oh the possibilities. I can’t wait to get back into my obsession again.

Can’t wait to get back into your Incredibles obsession again, eh TSS?

I’m also excited for The Incredibles 2, but i heard the news on the same day that Pixar also announced Cars 3. I’m not sure what to think about that… let’s hope for the best!

I didn’t hate Cars 2, and the third one might be okay, you never know. As for The Incredibles 2, well, I was in tears. I still can’t believe it.