The Incredibles 2

Still in tears about the sequel finally being announced after all these years?

Not right now, now I’ve reached the stage where I panic that they might cancel it or change directors, or age up the characters…there are so many things that could go wrong.

^Oh my gosh, IV! You’re almost to 20,000 posts! :open_mouth:

Let’s hope they don’t cancel the sequel…fans out there have been begging for years!

I don’t think they’ll change or cancel. Brad bird has been signed on to direct, so my confidence for this movie has gone up a bit.

Let me guess: Brad Bird is directing the sequel because he directed the first movie, right?

20000 posts? Wow. That does sound like a lot. 8D Funny that that should happen now, when I rarely visit the boards anymore. You’re right, they probably won’t switch directors. It just seems too good to be true! I hope they make a Helen doll for the new movie. And I really hope they don’t make the kids the focus of the movie. But it’s no use speculating I suppose, we’ll just have to see.

I sure hope they’ll release a Violet piece for the Pez dispensers. Why? Because there is no Violet Pez dispenser yet! (That must be why I’m conflicting on the Dash piece.)

But you do have a point there, IV. We don’t really know much about the plot of this sequel just yet.

Exactly. And personally, i cant think of a better person to lead the sequel than Mr. Bird himself.

I’ll say! He’s got to be one of the best directors out there!

I’m not sure about the best. but he’s definitely one of my favorites.

All right. I do agree with you on this one. (But I hope we’re not getting off-topic too much here.)

And you have no idea how happy I was to be the one that first delivered the news to you, TSS.

Actually, the day I heard I printed out posters and put them all over my campus to let everyone know <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" /> . I regret nothing…

He’s one of my most favorite directors, too. It would be a shame if anyone else directed.

evspixarfan2012, it has always bothered me that there isn’t a Violet Pez dispenser! I have the other four, and the set seems so odd without the oldest child. I hate how they left some characters out of various merchandise lines.

You too? Oh dear, I think a lot of us who have Incredibles Pez dispensers are bothered by that.

And I do agree with you on the whole “director” thing. (I really hope they’re not going to switch them again, for this case at least.)

Yes, but he also has to be there to be Edna Mode.

According to the article, the movie is set to be released in the summer of 2016.


Still a little skeptical, because I think Finding Dory is still set for 2016. I’m still looking up other news articles to check it’s legitimacy. But if this is true, then I have a reason to freak out

Yeah, that seems extremely unlikely. Two movies a year is one thing, but in the same season as each other?

Yeah, not it seems more like another rumor than actual legit source. Sorry for getting the hopes up people. i feel so embarrassed. :blush:

Meh, don’t feel bad. With the activity level, I’m probably the only one who saw it before you made this post, and I have no hopes to get up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I’m not the only one who noticed the recent surge of The Incredibles 2 rumors. Like Villainess said, it’s most likely just a rumor since the film hasn’t even been given an official teaser or release date. We might see some sign of its existence in 2016/2017.