The Incredibles BOOM Comic Book Series

Today I got the first issue in the Pixar BOOM! saga. I haven’t read it yet but it looks really good. There’s an UP poster on the back. It’s the one where Carl, Russel, and Dug are hanging down from the hose. Carl’s face is very detailed. You should check it out. Anyways, back to Topic. The cover is the third cover for the first Incredible comic. {Jack-Jack and Frozone are on it.} Anyway I’ll come back and talk about this when I’m done reading it. :sunglasses:

Up poster? Is it folded up or just the size of the comic?

I’ll check my bookstore for the comic soon, because I really want it.

Did you get them from the comic book shop or off the BOOM! studios website?

Was it the one with Cheek’s cover art? He been busting that stuff out on dA and it’s really been making me want to draw.

I preordered mine. It is a special subscrition which guarentees me all four issues with each cover. I haven’t got mine yet, but I expect to get it tommorow or two days for now.

Do you guys know the difference between cover A and B?

For the first issue:

Cover A: Mr. Incredible
Cover B: Mrs. Incredible
Cover C: Frozone and Jack-Jack
Cover D: Violet and Dash
Cover E: Mr. Incredible picture.

Bryko614- the Up poster was actually just a smaller version of the poster printed on the back.

woody- I just had it reserved at my comic shop.

Haunt- it says that covers A-D are drawn by Michael Avon Deming, and colored by Nick Filardi. Cover E is done by Mike Mignola.

I can’t wait to read it. You are making me so overexcited TAMATER.

Oh! so cover B is the continuation of Cover A. Right?

woody: Yes. In a sense, you put all four covers (A-D) together and you get a full picture of all of the Supers.

but inside it’s the same comic, right? (I’m sorry I’m not very smart)

Yeah, they’re all the same comic inside, woody. Plus I just finished reading it. Here’s what shocked me. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! [spoil]At the end Mr. Incredible snuck off to find Futurion, the villian, and he met up with Frozone. Frozone asks him why he’s not with the “fam”. Mr Incredible says, “I did’nt want them to see. That I’m lose-ing my powers.”[/spoil]

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Remember to put spoiler tags nexttime you have a spoiler you wish to share okay TAMATER? :wink:

Oh thanks for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:

I actually did put spoiler tags on it, but when I submitted them they did’nt work and I could’nt fix them. Thanks for editing them though! :smiley:

You’re welcome Tamater.

I am kinda ticked off because I preorded mine but I haven’t recieved mine in the mail yet.

I have finally recieved the first issue of the Incredibles comic in the mail yesterday. Reading it right now. I shall post my review later on.

Mine just shipped last night. I’ll probably get it within a week.

I don’t have a copy, but I sure wish I did! :smiley: