The Incredibles BOOM Comic Book Series

Well, sorry for the late review everyone.

Well, I immedietly started reading the comic as soon as it came in the mail. I got the special order where I get every cover (A-D). I thought that it was a great start. I am going to post no spoilers just in case you do decide to order and read it.

Like the movie, there is a balance between mundane and fantastic. Mark Waid stays true to the characters. There is a surprising twist in the end. It also makes me wonder how it is going to impact the rest of the family.

Overall, a very nice comic book. Very fun, and highly recommended for anyone who loves TI or wants to see them again.

I just got these comics a couple days ago, and they were GREAT! I mean, it wasn’t Brad Bird, but even so, it was AWESOME! I’m glad to see The Incredibles return. Who knows-- maybe we’ll see a TI2 someday. :wink: Hopefully.

I’m glad you enjoyed it violet parr. Hopefully we’ll see on in the future.

More than a month has passed since the release of The Incredibles: Family Matters #1. Does anyone know when the second issue is coming out?

The new Incredibles comic (issue #2) was released about 4-5 days ago. Anyone got it? Any comments on the latest issue?

Okay, it may have taken three weeks for the second issue to arrive, but I finally got it in the mail today. After reading it, here is my little review of it.

Overall, I thought that this was really well done. The main focus on this story is [spoil]Bob Parr losing his powers.[/spoil] He visits a Super Hero doctor named Doc Sunbright, who is said to be a cousin to Edna Mode. The wierd thing about this character, he does remind me of Edna Mode. He is about the same size as her and can make someone so powerful to his mercy [spoil](physically. I mean, look at the tests he had to put Bob through.)[/spoil]

What really made me jump out of my seat was [spoil]the remergence of the Incredibile (or a new, hot version of it) I thought it was clever to have a cloaking device on the car so the family can suit up.[/spoil]. In the end, [spoil]Helen grounds Bob to protect not only him, but also for the safety of everyone on the team.[/spoil]

Pretty enjoyable second issue. I can’t wait to read the third one when it comes out.

You got it, TSS? Good for you :wink: ! I thought I was supposed to get it late last month or early this month, but it never came. Was it good? P.S.[spoil] I read your post in “Violet’s Love Life.” Has Tony really not shown up yet? Dang-it! Well, we still have two comics left. :wink: And even if he doesn’t show up, they said it wouldn’t affect an Incredibles sequel. So we’ll probably see him again.[/spoil] Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: . Hope I get to read it some time soon.

OK. I finally got the comics a few days ago. INCREDIBLE! I loved it :slight_smile: ! I’m glad we’re finally getting to see more of Violet. And you’re right, TSS, [spoil]Doc Sunbright does remind me of Edna.[/spoil] But, tell me something- does anyone have any idea why [spoil]Mr. Incredible is losing his powers?[/spoil] :question: I have a theory. I’m not gonna go into details, but [spoil]I think the neighbors have something to do with it. But that might be a little to obvious.[/spoil] I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and find out :wink: .

Violet Parr: That is exactly what I think. [spoil]New neighbors come in and Bob starts loosing his powers? Kinda coincidental don’t you think?[/spoil]

So my issue hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. However, I was searching online when I came across a file that contained every page of issue number 3. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist. I read it twice already so now, here is my review.

(Warning: This review is going to contain spoilers. Read this at your own risk.)

[spoiler]The action starts out with the kids really bonding with the neighbors: Violet romanticly and Dash more friendly. We see Violet kissing Xander Carson, the eldest child of the new neighbors, and Dash and Bart Carson, the youngest child of the new neighbors, spying on both of them with binoculars. You know how young kids are like when they see their older brother or sister kissing someone of the oppisite sex. This was done really well because it gives a reference to sibling relationships with other relationships. Well played and thought up. (I still wish it could’ve been Tony or even ME on the recieving end of Violet’s kiss)

Helen interrupts the boys’ fun and tells Bart to go home. If you look really closely, you may find a Pixar Feature Film Reference. Meanwhile, she then checks on her husband to see how he is doing. We see him in his den, reminising the times when he had the power, literally and figuratively. I noticed that the lighting in this entire sequence with Bob and Helen is well done. The room casts over a spotlight over Bob as he tries to figure out why or how he lost his powers. I love how Bob keeps a record of nearly every villain he has faced before. (Some incredibly clever ones I might add.) Poor Bob, I really feel for this guy.

The Incredibles are called to duty when faceless monsters with hammer arms start attacking a shopping mall. I like this because the monsters don’t look over-the-top so you can disregard them as a easy beating, but they are done just right so you are cheering for The Incredibles when they go fighting with them. The extra twist was the multiplication after sustaining an attack. After either Violet or Dash hits them, the monster would split into two.

Now the funny thing was that I found two similarities between the third issue on my TI fanfics. A friend asked me how would the Incredibles defeat a bad guy who has the ability to multiply himself. Now the way I solved it in my fanfic is different from the way Helen, Violet, and Dash solved it. However, their solution to defeat the monsters was a similar idea I wrote. In my first ever fanfic, Violet, and an original character of mine are attacked in a warehouse by a bunch or robots and the way Violet and my OC defeated them was just like the way they did in the comic: For a force field around the monsters, encapsulating them in a area and then shrink them down to size.

The ending of the battle scene was sweetened up perfectly when Dash was “muhahahaha”-ing like a villain would. THis was really funny, but what made it really good was Helen started to mildly scold him.

Soon after, Bob fiures out a probable cause of how he lost his powers: it was the food that the new neighbors have been giving them constantly. Well, Bob and Doc Sunbright start testing the food and sure enough, it is indeed poisonous, containing a chemical of some sort that neutralizes the powers of a SUper.

The ending is what really got me jumping out of my seat. It was a twist that I never saw coming. First off, at the last page, the Parrs are about to enter their home when we get an inside shot of the doorway with Helen, Dash, and Violet entering about to enter in, with the monsters leaned up against the sides of the doorway. This made me so scare of what will happen next.[/spoiler]

Overall, a great balance between super hero action and normal civilian/family humor. Emotional feelings and intensity. Once again, Mark Waid, the author stays true to the movie, characters, and plot. He really did his homework with the story. The artwork might look kinda funny due to TI is a 3D film transfered into a 2D medium, but the drawings of the characters really match up well. I really recommend this series and issue to comic fans, Pixar fans, and especially the Incredibles fans.

Now I would like to have a few speculations about the possible threat in the comic series.

Warning: This is going to contain spoilers again. Read at your own risk.

I have been looking over the pages again, and what struck me was Doc Sunbright’s anyalysis on the food, the monsters (who apperently are made up of yeast), and Jill’s baking goods. They all have some connection to a villain Helen named in one of the earlier pages of issue 3. She was named Organa, the “Criminal Mistress of Chemestry”. Now I am thinking that Jill Carson might be her and she wants her revenge against Helen because in the last page, Bob figured out that he was not the target in the first place, it was his wife.

Well, I’m done reviewing. Go buy it and enjoy it.

The Star Swordsman-

YES!!! :smiley: My theory was RIGHT!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :-D) I KNEW IT!!! It was a little obvious. I mean, [spoil]if you took notice, Bob was the only one eating them.[/spoil]

[spoil]Too bad it wasn’t Tony.[/spoil] But it seems like the rest of the story has turned out quite well. Like you said about [spoil]the lighting in one scene and the monsters in another.[/spoil] From what you said, it seems like The Incredibles are in for one of their most exciting adventures yet. What really intrigued me was when you said…

It’s an interesting concept. Very cool, and clever as well :wink: .

Overall, it sounds like the comics are getting better with every issue. I can’t wait to see what happens. Do you think you could post a link to where you found this, please?

Sure thing. Here is the link.


To open a CBR file, you will need WinRar.

Thanks, TSS :slight_smile: .

Careful though, it might give you a virus. Everytime I go to megaupload, i usually get a virus then I gotta go thought the scanning and deleting process.

Yeah, I realized that. My site adviser went off when I pulled it up. So I closed it. I REALLY don’t want to mess up the computer. Thanks anyway, TSS. I think I’ll just wait for the comic to come in the mail.

Okay, the bad news is that I do not have the third and fourth issue in my possesion. (Its been a whole month already, and I am seriously getting ticked off.)

But I was browsing a comic shop and I saw the fourth and final issue. I decided to take a look.

After reading it, overall, the first Incredibles comic by Boom was really well done. I absolutely adored it. The last fight was exciting and the ending was unexpected and sutle at the same time. Kinda slow for an ending, but it was a great way to end the first TI Comic adventure.

Well now Boom is releasing a new story arc for the Incredibles. The first issue takes place before Jack-Jack was born. So I am willing to bet that man of us are excited to see what that was like.

I know :slight_smile: ! I saw that, too. I think we’re gonna order it from someone else, though. 'Cause we had problems with BOOM!. Do you know any comic book stores that carry it?

Anyway, I finally received my third and forth issues of The Incredibles: Family Matters. They were great :smiley: ! Not Brad Bird, but they were good. I like that they showed more of Violet. Even though I would’ve liked to see her with Tony, I did like when Dash and Bart were spying on her and Xander. What was funny was when Bob was trying to figure out the cause of his power loss, and Dash came running in yelling “Monsters! Monsters!”; then Bob gets all hipped-up, and Helen totally crushes his spirits by telling him he can’t go. I liked how they had Bob staying at home doing house-work while the rest of the family whet out and fought crime. Now he knows how Helen feels :laughing: . All the while he was watching them on TV, screaming as though they could hear him. (But I think we’re all guilty of that time-to-time.) It was neat how Bob finally found out how he’d lost his powers (when Jack-Jack started eating the pastries, then lost his powers, as well). I liked how Jill’s family walks in right when she’s exacting her revenge and the kids are like “What?”, and Violet was all :blush: “Oops.” I was surprised to see what happened to Jill after she attacked The Incredibles :unamused: . The ending was pretty good. I liked the letter Bart sent Dash explaining how it turned out. I REALLY loved that they ended it with Violet. Even though I would have really liked Tony to be in this, it was still cute with Xander. How they where IMing each other, it was kinda sweet.

Over-all, it was really good. Like I said, it’s not quite Brad Bird, but it was excellent even for not being his work. I’d give it an 8.8 out of 10. I can’t wait till we’re able to get the other comics :smiley: .

I totally enjoyed reading your review Violet Parr.

And the new comic is released on Wednesday. However, if you don’t want to order it online, try finding it at a local comic shop.

Thanks, TSS :slight_smile: ! We’ll have to find one that’s near us.