The Incredibles vs The Fantastic Four

The Parr Family vs The Fantastic Four (Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing). I am curious as to who you think is more powerful and who would win if they fought. The version of The Fantastic Four is the regular Comic Book Continuity version(not the Movie version/continuity because both Fantastic Four films weren’t very good). While I am a big fan of both teams I think that The Fantastic Four would just win. Because I think that The Thing could match Bob, Mr Fantastic would most likely beat Elastigirl just because of how smart he is, Dash just can’t match The Human Torch, if The Torch uses his Super Nova Flame there is just no way Dash could do anything to him, and the Invisible Woman is more powerful than Violet. So that is how I think it would turn out. What do you guys think?

In terms of the movie, The Incredibles was way better than either of the Fantastic Four movies. When you pit SUper Family vs. Super Team, I hate to say it, but I would have to say the Fantastic Four would prevail.

Mr. Incredible may be a little more stronger than the thing, but The Thing’s outter shell is more indestructible than Mr. Incredible’s skin.

Mr. Fantastic would outmatch Elastigirl because he has more reach and he has better options with his elaticity other than extend to punch or kick.

Invisible Woman would beat Violet. Invisibility, VIolet would have the edge because one can still see Invisible Woman if the light shines in the right spot. Vi is 100% invisible. But Invisible Woman has offensive moves with her force fields as well as great defense.

Dash could out run and use his speed to beat The Human Torch. But when you factor in The Human Torch’s fire attack and body, it would be very hard for Dash to beat somehting like that.

Yeah, the Fantastic Four films were horrible. But I love the Comic Books of The Fantastic Four (the best issues being the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby run). I just don’t see a way the Parr family could win this.

Yeah, the Parr family is just totally outmatched. Even if they were fighting team v. team instead of one v. one, I still think the Fantastic Four would win.

Yep, I agree with you.

Sometimes, I dream of these battles. And in my dreams, the Incredibles come out on top. (sometimes with my help)

Haha :laughing:, well the imagination can be very useful when you would like unlikely things to happen. But anyway I am a huge fan of both these teams (albeit in different media’s, Comic Book and Film.).

To be honest, I’m more of a fan of the INcredibles than the Fantastic Four.

I understand that totally. I like the comic book of The Fantastic Four as much as I like the brilliant film The Incredibles.

I also think F4 would win.

But that’s because The Incredibles is more grounded on reality. Nothing bad about the other way around, of course, but they’re just different styles.

Of course, F4 would win. Not really fair, since The Human Torch has more abilities than Dash, and half of The Incredibles are children. Not a fair match, IMO.

It isn’t really a fair match. But I do wonder if The Human Torch could defeat The whole Parr Family with his Supernova flame?

:shake: That makes me very uncomfortable. They would have horrible burns. :frowning: :frowning:

Yes, they would. The Human Torch has been my favorite Fantastic Four member for a long time (but I hated the way they portrayed him in the movies). It’s a shame they killed him off (but he did a noble deed, when he died) in the Comic Books.

I always had the impression that The Incredibles was a “family” version of the Fantastic Four. Anyways, the Parr family would definitly be outmatched and defeated by the Fantastic Four.

Yes, I agree.

That is what The Incredibles are. But The Fantastic Four are sort of a family because Reed is married to Sue and Johnny is Sue’s brother. So poor Ben is left out.

I really hate the movies. Especially the second. Haven’t read the comics.

Yeah, I agree the films are horrible! The Comic Book is my favorite Comic Book tied with Spider-Man (Amazing, the 1970’s and 1980’s Spectacular and Web Of Spider-Man). It is a shame that the Fantastic Four comic is finished and it is now Future Foundation.

I haven’t seen any of the Fantastic Four movies but I herd they wern’t any good. Not really a big fan on film adaptations.