The Incredibles vs The Fantastic Four

I don’t like film adaptions of comic books either (I kinda hate them). I do not recommend the Fantastic Four films.

Well, the F4 were also conceived as a superhero family.

Well, I meant that The Incredibles was a family filmed version of The Fantastic Four. Like I said, I haven’t seen any of the Fantastic Four films so I wasn’t sure.

Ballboi: If you do watch any F4 movies, you might be disappointed, since you’ve already know how awesome TI is.

I always say that The Incredibles is the best Superhero movie. In my opinion the best comic book adaptions are the first two Superman films (Christopher Reeve).

^^^ Agreed!

I agree about the Superman movies. After #2, I like start hating them. 8D I think my personal favorite comic book adaptation is either Spider-man 2 or the first 2 X-Men movies.

Say, I wonder how The Incredibles would face up against 4 of the X-Men. :open_mouth:

Thanks for the advice! I might actually skip watching the Fantastic 4 movies since they’re nothing special. I think my favorite film adaptation was probably Spiderman 2.

Spider-Man 2 is probably the best Marvel movie.

Then, for DC, there are the Nolan Batman films.

And, in no-adaptations, The Incredibles is obviously the best one.

Those are the best superhero films, but I have to see First Class yet.

My favorite films from Marvel were Spiderman 2 and the original Iron Man.

The original Iron Man was also great.

^Yes! That is my favorite adaptation even though it may not be accurate. I thought Watchmen was weird :unamused: Its like they tried to make it as inappropriate as possible.

Watchmen is my favorite graphic novel ever.

The film was fairly accurate, with some minor differences.

Personally I didn’t like the film at all. I loved the comics. But everyone loved the film but I just didn’t.

How come you didn’t like Iron Man? Personally, I thought that the first one was better then the second.

It was alright, I don’t know why I just didn’t really connect with it. Maybe because I thought that the villain wasn’t very good. I would’ve much preferred if they used The Mandarin.

The problem with the Mandarin is that he isn’t very realistic, and the first Iron Man tried to be.

Now that they even introduced a being like Thor, I have no doubt the Mandarin will come.

Yeah, I read that Jon Favreau said he hoped to include The Mandarin in Iron Man 3. But now that Shane Black will be directing it I am not sure if he has plan’s to include The Mandarin.

Well, I presume it has more to do with the studio and the writers than with the director.

Anyway, I’m confident he will be in there, if they find a way to adapt him into the already established universe.

Probably. Anyway it would be cool if they put him in there.