The "Introduction/I'm Back" Thread

Welcome to Pixar Planet thatelusivemrtoad!

Fwee. I’m naothing but new here. But I’m bored so I might as well introduce

myself. XD

I’m Sammeh. Call me Sam. Or whatever you like. Heck, you could call me something random like

‘Kiwi’ if you want. XD

I’m very much into anime. I mostly hang on teh off-topic boards, and occaisonly

on the Pixar ones.

Welcome al new members. ^___^

Wow, thanks everyone for the welcome :slight_smile:

I’m quite new here so I guess I

should post in this thread. I’m female and I live in Denmark.
I’m absolutely, completely and utterly

obsessed with Cars!!!
My all time favourite movies are Cars, Toy Story and Toy Story 2.
My interests are

among other things real cars, animals, photography and toys.

The Loner - Welcome to Pixar

Planet! I see that we share a love for animals. Awesome. :wink:

thatelusivemrtoad: I hope you

won’t mind if I abbreviate that sometimes… anyway, who is that in your avatar? And welcome!

Kiwi is my homie. We hang in the off-topic areas


Welcome everyon. ^^;

Welcome to Pixar Planet everyone!

And this is me bows

I’m a female computer

animation student at The Animation School (recent name change from Universal Computer Arts Academy), I go nuts

over anything that is CG and yes, my name is actually Lani…

My dream one day would be to work at *drum

roll* Pixar(or Disney)… at this point I really like lighting and modelling but who knows where life will take


Always remember… Little steps

That’s wus up! (high 5) :wink: Another aspiring female animator. Me having the same hopes for being a Pixar

animator. :mrgreen:

Welcome to Pixar Planet everyone!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all

the welcomes :slight_smile:

[b]Welcome everybody here at Pixar Planet!!:smiley:


Hi new peoples !

I’m gottalovepixar and i enjoy all pixar movie (except TI )

You’ll see me talking to mitch and carfreak alot since we always make crazy stuff up ( just go look at the

baby cars post and you’ll see a great example )

i’m also usually the last one to post anything so

don’t be offended if i don’t reply to ur stuff right away .

I also ave a fanfic ! Go read it and tell

me what ya think if u ever have time .

But most of all HAVE FUN !

Make that

the 2ndlast one to post hey, GLP I’ve read your Cars2 story, It’s awsom! when are you goin to make the next

chapter? Ojh, and for anyone who is reading this
Go ot the cars section and click on where do baby cars come

from and you’ll see som wacky stuff! :laughing:

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No text/IM language, please.

Just to end your off topicness , i just posted the last

one yesterday ! I don’t post one every day , usually when i have time , which will be less since my mom caught m

on here before i did my homework and now i can only go on after supper . mean mom ! :imp:

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No text/IM language, please.

Oh for the

love of cheeses I am back. :open_mouth:

Well, I was ‘Allforthebest’ and I left

because I felt unwanted, and a billion other reasons which are best left unsaid. I won’t be on too often

anyways, and I still love Pixar a whole lot, so I figured I’d give this place another go.

My real name is

Becca, but I remember people dubbed me FONY so … ehh, either name is good for me. :smiley:

Welcome to the forums boards again, Miss Becca. I trust

that you will be able to make yourself more at home here this time around. Just relax and have a blast…in a

“clean” way. :wink:

:confused: Umm … the reason I left never

had anything to do with saying anything ‘dirty’. I wasn’t one of those types, I assure you, lol!

I just

left 'cause I was, to be honest, having a serious emotional breakdown and this board wasn’t making me feel any

better, so I had left. I just couldn’t handle it with everything else to have to put up with being ignored

online, as well as in real life.

Hoo-ray! You’re here! :smiley: Splendid! Now we must make use

of the message system here until my aim decides to get its rear in gear.