The "Introduction/I'm Back" Thread

Since our old introduction threads have disappeared, I’m starting a new one and sticky-ing it…


to all our new members!

I might as well

post another intro, since I have a habit of vanishing for a few months and then I have to meet all these new


Well, uh, hi. I’m Tim, a 20-year-old university student up in Canada. English major, undecided

minor that will probably be either sociology or film studies.

I like coffee.

Welcome, Spork! Come join

us…Gollum smile :laughing: And yes, coffee rules! Cappucinno all the way!

Welcome Spork. Even though you

have been with us for a while, welcome.

I guess I can introduce myself. I am The Star Swordsman, TSS of

short. I really love the Incredibles, and I am practically obsessed with it. I have written fanfics, created

music videos, draw some pictures, memorized the DVD, you all get the picture.

Aside from Pixar Planet,

Incredibles, and Radio Pixar, I love to sing, dance and act. I am in the highest rank choir in my school, an

active member of the drama department, and take many lessons and classes to brush up my skills. My dream is to be

a performer, wether on stage, in the small or big screen.

Come one folks, new and old members, pray tell

us about yourself here.

Please make yourself at home (again), Spork. We always

welcome new (and old) members. :wink:

I am Mitch, the mischevous one. My hobbies include watching movies,

playing video games, reading ridiculously long novels, writing various stories, interacting with animals on a

daily basis, browsing the internet once in a while, pretending to be movie characters with my sister, and viewing

the Ratatouille teaser trailer three times a day.

I also have two special

“powers”: 1) I can make myself go to the bathroom whenever I want, and 2) I can run across rugged

terrain, jump across two chairs, and climb up ladders…on all fours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I edited my post considerably, since it was too long. Heh.

Bless your heart,

fellow college student and coffee lover. =)

And much thanks to KyrieEleison, who led me to this intro


I’m a noob (durr) and felt compelled to google and join a Pixar forum devoted to all Pixar films

after having watched Monsters, Inc. and constructing a Randall shrine here in my mind. You can type DL in case

you get lazy if/when addressing me. =)

DL- (Getting lazy already. :laughing:) Randall shrine in your mind, eh? High five!


Hi I’m Tay. I love horses, drawing,

Fruits Basket and a bunch of other stuff. =P I just hang out in the off-topic areas.


everybody I’m JV’s younger brother he said this would be a good way to start.

Favorite Pixar film:


Favorite Pixar character : Buzz or Lightning

Favorite Pixar voice: John


Favorite Pixar director: John Lasseter


loves Pixar![/b] - Awesome – a two-brother collaboration! :smiley: Maybe I’ll get my sister to come on

too, just for the sake of it…

Nice to have you here, Texas! I hope you

enjoy your stay here at Pixar Planet.

Yellow. I’m the member with the notouriously long user name. just copy/paste when you wanna

talk to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a Randall stal- FAN. Thant’s all anyone needs to knoooowww… *goes into the next

room to practice my “mysterious” face.

Welcome, newcomers! I’m PixarVixen, creative consultant and

moderator of Pixar Planet.

All you need to know about me is that I’m a 22-year-old female

Incredibles/Pixar fanatic who worships Brad Bird, lusts over Tony Rydinger, listens to Nintendo music, plays

Nintendo games, collects toys, watches cartoons, adores her cats, works at a movie theater, loves dragons, and

practices her artistic skills hoping to get a job as a character designer at Pixar in the future.

;-p But

that’s all you need to know.


Thank you eveybody.

[b]Hi my name is


[b]Favorite Pixar movie:


Favorite Pixar character:

Buzz Lightyear and


Favorite Pixar voice: Tim Allen

Favorite Pixar Director: John Lasseter[/b]

Welcome to the forums, Edna! I trust your stay here will be an enjoyable one.


PixarVixen: You work in a movie theater? Wow – I never would have guessed

that. Heheh…


to everyone who just signed up. Please make yourself at home here.

Oh snap, I’m a


Errrrrr … might not have enough time at the moment to post much, school work’s been a hassle.

My real name is Tori. And contrary to my username, I am female.

My favorite Pixar film is Finding


And … that’s it for now, methinks. :smiley:

Oooh, hello there! Welcome to the board. :smiley:

hey there! Welcome to the boards.

Awesome – another Finding Nemo fan!

Heheh. Welcome to the boards, Ma’am.