The Traitor Game Application/Discussion/Enquiries Thread

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I’ve at last posted mine up! :smiley:

Not bad, bright dot-dasher, not bad at all. :wink: I can see now why you had to take such amount of time in completing your post. :blush:

Now we just have to wait for A113 and, if possible, Mitch to make their first post. thedriveintheater and nightwheel, just a friendly reminder, you’ll have to have your characters make their appearance in the lab before the game could proceed. Nexas, you’ll have to get Randall outta the hole. :stuck_out_tongue: Eventually, at least. :wink:

Sorry I haven’t updated for quite a while, been quite busy myself. I’ll have Nigel’s interaction put up shortly… after the next gamer put up his/her post in the game thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the delay, my cross-causeway compadre. I’m totally free of school now, and I was busy making Halloween Eve sigs, writing my 24/Cars Crossover fanfic, and mashing a brand-spanking new Disney-related trailer parody!

So yeah, I’m, like, totally free. :wink:

But hey, I’ll get my piece up for you sometime within the next few days (probably before the weekend), so sit tight, yeah? :sunglasses:

Nice work on your entrances, Wboon, Al-Bob, and BDD.

As for the rest, come on, show some love! :laughing: Let’s get this show on the road! :smiley:

He’s is not here…he has been blocked so don’t count on him for some time. Hopefully he will come back soon so we can get on with certain stuff…

Actually it was my intent that someone would notice Randall hanging from the ceiling or hear him cursing from under the platform :laughing: A sort of cliff-hanger-to-an-interaction.
shrugs But if nobody wants to take up my offer, suppose I might come up with something.

I’m hoping Mitch joins in too. I have not seen her on Pixar Planet at ALL lately. Though I HAVE seen her active on her deviantart account. She does sound…uneasy from what I hear.
sighs I sure hope she at least comes on the Planet before she gets too deep…

Yeah, well, just know that your registration is always available till you’re feeling better, Mitch. :wink:

And thanks for the info, Al-Bob; seems like lots have been happening for merely the past few days. :confused:

No worries, thedriveintheater. You’ve posted your first post already, so there’s really not much rush. :wink:

Again, will post my next post after someone else post in the game thread first. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Well, I got it done early, Wboon. Hope you like it. I took some liberty with regards to the timeline of the other participant’s arrivals, as well as some of the events (though I tried to follow their versions as much as possible).

Your move, Nexas. I hope you don’t mind me deciding where Randall crash-lands. It was the only way I could think of them to meet and interact, if you want an edit, just lemme know. BTW, what was the three-letter acronym Randall typed into the computer? Just curious. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see your next post, Wboon. This should be interesting… :sunglasses:

Not a bad post, thedriveintheater. I quite like your writing style, but there’s just one little mistake you made that seems to be popping up in the game a lot - the cars arrived at the road, not in the lab where the teleporter was located. Your concept of the arrival of the cars from the tunnel and into a pod where the game is held is, I must say, fascinating. Unfortunately, it complicates things and I really just like to keep it simple now as not to explain how the teleporter sent the characters either to a Caribbean beach as Al-Bob’s Crush had previously presented (before the edit of his post, of course) and, of course, as your cars have.

Unless you’re telling me that Syndrome has set up another teleporter at the tunnel, that will be acceptable, story-wise, but then again, you’d be controlling my character’s (Syndrome is played by me and, therefore, is also one of my characters) actions which, according to the rules, as you might had read, is unacceptable, otherwise known as ‘bunnying,’ not to mention ‘godmodding’ as to how you presented the location of the game to be a pod before notifying me.

In conclusion, an overall good post, just filled with plot-holes and broken rules. I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to edit your post, thedriveintheater, sorry.

Ok…I think I commented on each piece up until Al-Bob’s second entry so…

Nice. Especially working with Atta’s personality of worry. Actually I think I might enjoy “working with Atta” sorta speak :slight_smile:

FINALLY! After hanging for SO LONG…ok ^^
First the piece, nice work there ^
^ You have three different persons to work with so giving them fair screen time was good. I was a little lost with some of the description, but I can get around it :slight_smile:
Well…I would tell you…except I do NOT want anything controvesial or any stemming unsureness because I merely picked the code because it’s something noted in a movie that’s a common password for mighty inventers and such.

To work around the teleporter thing…
The Monster World and Digital World are most proficent at travel between worlds. Humans have yet to understand and explore the raw performance of harnessing interdimensional travel. (Ok…I’m excluding Gummis).
Anyway to the point…I think Syndrom’s machine could’ve just summoned everyone to different places at first simply to accomodate them. For instance, if uhh…someone was playing Nemo, transporting them into a lab would relatively kill them outright ^0^ Instead would transport them somewhere close with water ^^
Not that I’m trying to undermine you, just trying to patch things up by putting in my two cents is all ^

Nexas: Again, that would be my decision; not anyone else’s. TDIT has no right in controlling my characters, no offense applied, of course. And if Syndrome was to teleport the characters to other places when his main goal is to get them to the lab, it would be 1) complicated, 2) tricky, 3) create unnecessary obstacles requiring us to wind through. What if Nemo ended up in the ocean and decided to swim away? Say, even if there were signs to guide him to the lab, as presented in TDIT’s post, why would Nemo follow those signs to the lab probably placed by some unknown stranger when he could had just swam away into the deep ocean in search of home?

You see the complications rising?

Also, TDIT changed this large aspect of the story in his post before discussing it with me; something most RPers find to be quite irritable, if you don’t mind me saying. This is called ‘godmodding,’ where you are playing the role of the GM instead of the gamer you should be. It makes us (GMs) feel a lack of control of the game, like you’re trying to take over it.

So, please, everyone, just let TDIT make the edit before interacting with his post.

Oh, and Nexas, no emoticons while narrating.

Okayley dokaley, wboon, I’ve changed the story so they start off in the chamber. Shame I had to delete all that part I wrote about the island description…but if it breaks the rules, I guess I have to get rid of it. :frowning:

Sorry about that. I’m a noob, okay, so please go easy on me. :stuck_out_tongue: So…uh…is it alright now? I hope it’s okay they can have a look at the other characters in the other rooms through their computer, though I don’t really describe what they do except what the authors themselves have written for their respective characters. I’ve also moved the Axiom from outside in the island into one of the rooms, if that’s fine with you.

BTW, neat continuation Nexas! I liked how he thinks that he can ‘drive’ one of the cars away to escape…

And I noticed TSS’ new post! Violet as usual is unsure of herself, so at least it’s good to have Helen there to comfort her and give her moral support.

So I’ll sit here and wait for whatever’s gonna happen next… :S

Whoa, whoa, whoa, young man, we don’t use that kind of language around here. :stuck_out_tongue: ‘Noob,’ in my terms, is a term much worse than the f-word. :wink: I prefer to call you guys, ‘potentially successful writers requiring vast amount of experience and lessons.’ :wink:

Right, I see you practically slashed and cut away lots. Acceptable, but not as good in quality compared to the post before its edit. I have a question I’ve been wondering: Why is it that every time someone felt that he/she is restricted by the rules or regulations, he/she had to degrade the quality of his/her work just to get it into acceptance?

TSS kinda did the same thing with his first post when he sent it to me through a PM. I had to get him edit it again and again (and again) to get it acceptable according to the rules, so I didn’t really feel like I should work on the quality of his post. Though now that I look at it again, he seems to be capable of re-editing his post while keeping the same amount of quality, if not just somewhat lesser, in it. So, props go to him for that.

Now, back to the rest of you.

It’s cool that you’re trying to follow the rules, but follow the rules… with style. :sunglasses:

Lightning and Sally entered the chamber through the teleporter, right? If you remember my description of the portal, it is placed above a trapezoid-like platform. Where’s the crash? Or at least, the thump? They were traveling at probably, what? 40-50 kmph? Suddenly flying through a portal and landing in a chamber has to generate some sort of noise, so, my suggestion (not trying to teach you how to improve your post; I’m no expert :stuck_out_tongue: ) is that you work on that. Apart from that, the rest seems fine.

Improvise, guys. When I ask that your character(s) is/are to enter through the portal, there are thousands of ways you could improvise that to your own liking. You could have your character(s) go through a dream sequence before arriving in the lab. You could have your character(s) already going through the portal but while going through it, he/she/they have a flashback sequence as to how he/she/they was/were sucked away by the portal in the first place. Al-Bob could had posted that the water was sucked in through the portal, too, and maybe, upon Crush’s arrival, a wave of water could flow through the portal (not enough to flood the lab, of course) along with a surfing Crush doing his usual surfer talk.

You see the many possibilities out there? That is what RPs are about; creativity - with a lack of plot holes and chaos, of course. :wink:

I hope my talk has been useful for your future post, but I have to bring to you the unfortunate news of me not having the time to work on my post… Sorry, I have to get the third chapter of my fan fic done (remember to review, TDIT! :laughing: ) and only then am I able to work on the post. Heh heh, sorry. It will probably be in a few days, but nothing too long (I hope…).

So, go ahead, create your story - under regulations. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotcha, wboon. I’ll try to be creative within the rules in the future. I can’t wait to see your post and the next chapter for your Incredibles sequel.

By the way, have you read my Cars crossover? Just click on the link on my sig and drop me your review under my fanfic thread in the fanfic section. Thanks! :sunglasses:

Thanks, TDIT. :sunglasses: And yeah, I’ve been wanting to review that, but stuff always seemed to be consuming my time, so, sorry… :cry: I’ll try and read it after I get all the posts up and ready, though! :wink:

we all seem to think that this place is somewhere our characters can go to…

Vi/Helen-Nomanisa…oh i forgot how to spell it again

is there supposed to be an exact place that we are supposed to go to…this could just clear up my mind of what the lab room should look like and where it “could” be.

For how the lab looks like, check the first post - it’s been descriped as far as I am capable to. As for the location, it’s where it always is, actually; beneath the Nomanisian Island volcano. You all should be teleported there originally, but since that is no longer a reality, you will just have to post that you somehow make it there and Syndrome traps you with sealed gates or the like.

So for clearification, i posted my intro of Violet and Helen correctly right?