things that freaked you out as a kid

If there was anything in particular that you happened to think was weird or creepy as a child, feel free to share it here. This could get random but definitely interesting! :smiley:

My sister used to be deathly afraid of jack-o-lanterns. She would have dreams that she’d get lost in a pumpkin and would wake up and go to my mom.

Right now I can’t think of anything in particular, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something later. :laughing:

little chef

I used to have a Pocahontus alarm clock, and on the top was that raccoon from the film. It used to look really creepy in the dark, as though it was staring, so I had to get rid of the clock and get a new one.:laughing:

We used to hide in the downstairs closet to scare people, and my mom always told us not to because we’d fall through the sheet rock. I kept getting this image from what I think was a Twilight Zone episode, where a girl was wandering around in blackness, like a TV, and no one could get her out. I thought the same would happen to me if I fell through the sheet rock. :laughing:

When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, my brother who is 3 years younger than me stuck a key in one of the outlets in my room. He was fine; it just scared him. But it left a hole on the cover to the outlet. I was afraid to sleep in my room because I thought ghosts and monsters would come out of the hole. Quite silly looking back at it!

When I was little, I was scared of spiders, witches, draculas, darkness and death.

I was afraid of spiders too, TSS. Still am actually!

I guess the reason why I was creeped out with spiders is because they are bigger than insects and some have the ability to kill humans.

Sharks, oceans, and dark water. :`-(

Wow, a lot of them have to do with water huh?

Do any of you guys remember The Land Before Time? Well, when were little, my sister and I used to LOVE that movie and around the time of the movie’s release Pizza Hut had these collectable rubber hand puppets, there were about 5 or 6 of them. Each with a different dinosaur from the movie. So we collected all of them and had them on our dresser, but one of them, Sharp Tooth used to freak us out when it was dark because we thought it was evil and it was staring at us. So we ended up throwing it over out next door neighbour’s fence to get rid of it. 8D

Well, I’ll admit the last two are due to my extreme fear of sharks. If someone paid me a million dollars to go far enough into the ocean so that my feet could no longer touch the bottom, I’d be too chicken to do it. No sir, I’ll stick to land!

Rachel: I had the same things!! :laughing: But, we always shoved Sharp Tooth under all the toys in the box - he was rather creepy. Especially in contrast to the others, which were so happy looking … I just did not want to put my hand inside that thing! :laughing:

This guy…

After seeing the movie ‘Child’s Play’, I was terrified of this little doll. I would have nightmare after nightmare, and my mom would have to comfort me so I would go back to sleep. I remember one nightmare in particular, I was being chased in my elementary school, and from the images I can remember, it would make a great horror movie, camera angles and all. :stuck_out_tongue: Thing didn’t get much better when I found a ‘Good Guy’ for sale at the local Spencer’s gift shop. Man, did that scare the crap out of me…So yeah, thanks Mom for letting me watch that movie. :angry:

There was also another movie, Howard the Duck. That costume looked frea-ky. I was both scared and intrigued by that character. Same with Falkor from The NeverEnding Story with its big eyes.

FONY - Ha ha! I can imagine a lot of other kids trying to hide their Sharp Tooth puppets, now.

JesusFreak - Yeah, me too! My mum let my sister, friend and I watch all three Child’s Play movies. We must have been about 9 or 10 at the time. I didn’t want to watch them, but you know how it is at that age, you don’t want to seem like a wuss. That movie really disturbed me, to the point where I can’t watch scary movies with a lot of suspense, especially the part in the toy factory where [spoil]the factory worker gets pinned under the machinery by Chucky, or when the guy gets crushed in the garbage truck.[/spoil] shudder The funny thing is, I watched a little bit of the movie on TV the other day, and it’s actually quite cheesy and laughable. I still don’t think I’d be able to watch all of it, though.

Rachel - Almost every time I see a garbage truck, that’s what I think of…shiver That is definitely a phobia of mine…Though there is no chance of it ever happening to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books.

I still read all of them, and the stories themselves weren’t all that scary, but the illustrations. Dear God, the illustrations.

When I was a little kid, I was scared of the movie Darkness Falls, where the Tooth Fairy kills you if you see her face. I couldn’t sleep for so long.

Also, I’ve always been scared of deep water.

I was always terrified that my house would catch on fire at night (or any time, really) and that I wouldn’t hear the smoke alarm if my door was closed. Consequently, for the first 13 years of my life, my door was rarely closed. Then I discovered that the same door that would block the sound of the fire alarm (it doesn’t, by the way) would also block the sound of my little brothers early in the morning. I now sleep peacefully with my door closed.

Other than that, I was never really afraid of monsters under my bed or scary stories or movies or anything like that. I was a happy kid, so I didn’t really involve myself in that stuff anyway.

My uncle did scare me out of eating watermelon seeds for years when he said that a watermelon would grow in my tummy and the only way to get it out was to sneeze really, really hard so it came out my nose. Good thing I’m not a huge watermelon fan!

Ha! That reminds me of an episode of “Rugrats” that kind of spoofed Fantastic Voyage. Angelica told Chuckie about this myth and the babies had to shrink down and travel inside of his body.

kageri: I just skimmed through some in the library today- you’re right! The illustrations are worse than the stories!

SwimChick17: What your uncle said was quite interesting. But I still swallow the seeds whenever I eat them- well, now I do, but I remember as a little kid I was hesitant to eat anything if they had seeds, besides strawberries.

One thing that scared me as a little kid was the heater. It made a disturbing pattern of noises at night.
And another thing was I got frequent nightmares. Every night, I would listen to The Little Mermaid songs on tape, but I always, for some reason, fell asleep on the same song- Poor Unfortunate Souls. Think there’s a connection? :question:

I remember one time, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this big, round, bright-white light, and for a split second I thought that it was the moon, going to crash into the Earth. I turned around and it was just a tall lamppost. 8D Just a few-seconds, one-time thing of freaking out.

That, and of course, monsters. That’s probably why I watched Monsters, Inc. late. Before, I believe my parents told me that monsters have been exterminated, or something like that, and it made me feel better back then. But after watching Monsters, Inc., I felt sorry for the “exterminated monsters”. :laughing: