Thinkway's Toy Story Collection

Okay, so we have the awesome 12 inch buzz. … 469/11798/

15 inch woody. … 475/11798/

RC … 493/59518/

Rex … 481/11798/

Now, all of these are about 65 dollars.

Here’s where the confusion comes in: we also have these … 2995_2wMvB
which are listed as being about 35. that’s a pretty big price difference.
are these cheaper versions of the same toys I already posted? or are they exactly the same, with an updated price point?

if its the same, where does the Ultimate Buzz come in? … -toy-story

Are all these the same Buzz’s?

All I really want is to know that the Buzz I buy will be in scale with Woody and RC.

Regardless, this toy line is going to be awesome.

Gotta wonder though, where the heck is Ham and slinky dog? Those have to be the easiest to replicate. I also wonder when and if we’ll see Jessie, but I’m betting we’ll see them by the time Toy story 3 hits. their probably working on the main cast from the first movie for now. and for the most part they have their bases covered.

But man, I cant get over their attention to details. details I complained about as a kid, like the fact that Woody’s hat didn’t have the stitching, the Buzz’s wings didn’t have lights, were too short, and didn’t fold downward. and on and on and on.

Edit: I changed the title since this isn’t really about my original question anymore.

Might as well link to the cheaper ones I left out.

Army men … 503/59518/

Little Green Men … 503/59518/


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A lot’s happened since this post was made.

The first wave is out, and Wave 2 has begun to hit starting with Mr. Potatohead.
He’s changed from the prototype pictured above, he now has legs.

Click here for’s review of him.

Here’s what’s in store for the rest of Wave 2 when it starts poping up, via the 2010 toy fair.




Utility Belt Buzz

Now, this isnt from Thinkway, nor is it officially part of the collection, but seeing as the one in this infamous picture isnt planned for release (at least for now) this looks to be a good alternative for those looking for an Hamm that is to scale with the rest.

(see page 100 and 101 for more piccs and info on this)

There is no plans for Slinky to be added to the collection.

Havnt edited this in a while, but it looks like we have our first look at wave 3.
This isn’t quite official yet, but these are assumed to be wave 3 of the Toy Story Collection line.

The amazon UK has them listed with the familiar TSC description.
Toy Story Dolly Plush Toy: Toys & Games

Film accurate details using original PIXAR Digital Data Files
All materials matching Dolly in the film
Soft and cuddly
Highly detailed
Includes Certificate of Authenticity

The main supplier for the UK, Vivid has them on their page as well.

Wave 3 is slated for 2012 as far as we know.

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The ultimates have electronics which really add to them. Especially the Buzz figure, it really is an awesome piece.
The basic slinky dog and other pieces can be purchased right now through the Disney outlet stores.

Yes but are the ones I linked to the ultimates? their pretty high as it is, and reading all the features it would seem it has enough packed in to call it “ultimate”.

I actually don’t think I need ultimate buzz if they added a bunch of crap that makes it less accurate, things like the “lightyear” lighting up, and probably the joints wont be as sturdy as the standard one. all I care about is replicating the onscreen models as close as possible, and to scale. nothing more nothing less.

The reason I brought up slinky dog is that the current on out sucks. Its not accurate at all. It has the string coming out of his head for crying out loud. Its supposed to be attatched to the ring on his chest. his tail is too fat, and a number of other things. bottom line, a “toy story collection” version of him would be movie accurate like the rest of them.

By the way, how would you know ifs its “an awesome piece”? just assuming? because its not out until late august.

You will notice with the ultimate pieces, that the coloring is much more accurate. Look at the hands by example. There is much more articulation as well, look at the fingers and major joints. There are light up functions on the wings, name badge, etc. You can have a better look at the prototype here:

In Talk Back Mode, Buzz talks back and moves his head when you speak to him

65 sayings in original voice

Press buttons to hear ‘‘Buzz Toy’’ phrases and Space Ranger phrases

Open helmet or communication panel to hear related phrases and sound effects

Press button for flying mode and pop-out wings with light-up tips

Level sensor knows when Buzz is in a horizontal flying position or standing and responds with specific phrases

Poseable fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist, ankles, knees and legs

‘‘Laser’’ button activates forearm light and sound effects

Buzz knows when you’re shouting and responds!

Film accurate paint details, using original Disney/Pixar digital data files

Glow-in-the-dark green trim

Is it really more accurate though? To be clear I’m not comparing ultimate buzz to any current buzz avaiable. And as I mentioned, the added stuff actually makes it less accurate, the fact that “lightyear” lights up when it shouldn’t, that black thing under his vest thing. The one I posted doesn’t have these, yet it still does things like knowing if it’s horizontal and has lights on the wings. The paint application seems to be there on the on the one I posted as well.

From what I can tell the only thing this buzz can’t do is move on it’s own.

Ok, Ive done some really careful comparisons of every picture, I think I’ll post a side by side comparison detailing everything Ive spotted, but this is what it comes down to.

There are 3 buzz’s, not just 2. “Classic Buzz” is not just a re release of the one they already put out, since it does have film accurate wings (not pictured yet, they’re folded up in the only shot we have of him, not sure how accurate they really are) and has more paint applications than previous models. And I’m not positive about this, but I’m guessing this “classic” Buzz does not have a wrist communicator that opens up. I also see too many screw holes in the legs and knees.

The second buzz, the one seen in the big group shot is the same exact size, and nearly the same sculpts, but the details are more defined, and it has a communicator. this is the most movie accurate one Ive seen, from the wings down to the packaging.

Then there’s the Ultimate Buzz, which isn’t really all that ultimate at all. Is it even made by Thinkway? Was it Matel? Its more of a robot than a replica, this Buzz can move its mouth, and be remote controlled. The added electronics might make for a fun toy to show off, but it gets many of the details wrong to make the electronics work. Im not sure how big it is, but it seems bigger than any other buzz so far. They tried too hard with this one.

The Real ultimate Buzz is the one Disney themselves say is the “definitive” Buzz, the 64 dollar one in the group shot and on the Disney store.

as for woody, for a while I was hard pressed to see any differences at all.
there are only 2 of them, and they looked virtually identical to me. they are the same size, and seem to have the same mold. the most obvious difference is the real spiraling stitching on the hat. the cheaper one has it all plastic like the 90s versions. The cheaper one also does not paint on his hair.

The rest of him is nearly the same looks wise. of course one has more phrases and does more electroincly, but really even the movie didn’t have him say 50 phrases, so that shouldn’t matter. anything else beyond the few we hear in the movie at this point is just icing on the cake.

phew! that took a lot outta me. Im probably not done though, heh. will add more later.

I am so buying a Buzz. I’ve always wanted a movie accurate one!

Kyle… thanks for listing out the various details and differences :sunglasses: . This really makes things easier for collectors who can’t decide which toys to go for.

By next year… I hope to start my Toy Story collection starting with the original Thinkway toys from the 90s and will then move on to these new ones.

Currently the only one I got is my holy grail of Toy Story toys… the first Woody toy :slight_smile: (Poseable with wires… which was discontinued later for being a child safety hazard)

Wires? somehow I didnt know about this. was this on the full sized woody? or a smaller one?

I wonder if this one has it. I don’t think its listed in the specs, but looking at the promo pic it wouldnt be far fetched. how else did they get his arms to stay like that? (I know its just a promot pic, they can technically do anything they want even if its some kind of camera trickery, but still)

Anyway, no problem. its nice to see someone appreciates it, I feel like Ive been talking to myself here.

Yes… the full 16" version.

Not sure how they made the later versions poseable, maybe some kind of soft moldable plastic.

Yeah… ironically the conversation runs little thin here… especially for the Toy Story toy discussions. But hopefully once these toys hits the markets wide across… we will see more user participation. … onal-expo/
I was also having toy discussions on the Toy Story forum
And I look forward to more updates from pixarcollector

The later versions of Woody simply weren’t posable. I mean, you could move his limbs, sure, but they didn’t stay. just flopped around like in the movie. So I guess its more accurate in that sense, but I like the idea of him staying put into poses too.

The Buzz Lightyear figure does have some differences and accuracies built in compared to the original Buzz. From the top down:
The facial head is molded a bit differently in the face. The eyes are don a bit better, he has more of a smile than the original smirk. The head does rotate to the voice sound bites which are done in Tim Allens voice. The helmet bottom is molded in a gray color, movie accurate and the shape has been slightly changed. The space ranger graphic on the chest is more accurate in design. The buttons on the front now have real electronic settings based on the use. You can turn on and off functions as well limit certain functions. The wings are wider and have the lights on the ends of the improved pod section. They do swing up now as the movie Buzz wings did. The laser sound is now different to the movie. The center black ring section of the body is now rubberized and allowed for backward to forward articulation of the figure. All the fingers in the hand can move now. The wrist and hands are more accurately colored. There is a three setting function on the underside of the chest body section. It allows for demo mode, an off display mode and the multiple electronic functions modes. The legs are molded more accurately and the ball joints are a little better for posing the figure.
The green glow in the dark paint is slightly more thicker but still has a hard time retaining the energy for glowing in the dark for a long period. The ankles have a more accurate shape to them as well.

This is definitely a totally re-worked mold of the figure.

The box has the cardboard fins inside so you can modify it to look movie accurate. I opened the box from the back to keep it intact. I then popped out the Buzz figure ( a lot of work to do so carefully and keep things intact). I popped my original Buzz figure in so I would have display piece with Buzz inside and used the new Buzz for display outside the box.

The certificate is packaged separately in its own plastic sleeve and is a nice heavy weight card paper thick piece.

The electronic options on Buzz are numerous, so much so you will actually need to keep the manual around at first to keep track of the different functions available. For the money, it a great replica.

I bought mine at Target for $ 46 dollars, quite a bargain against the Disney store site , especially when you factor in the extra shipping charge. Now, its a matter of finding the other deluxe figures out there.

Aww man, its out? and here I am with no money to buy it yet.
Are you on the west coast? That’s usually where things hit first. I’m on the east so I’m thinking it might be a bit longer before it makes its way here.

One thing I haven’t mentioned, the box actually kinda bugs me. its a good effort and all to make it look more screen accurate, but its still off. for one its way too square near the top. and the things that separate the window are too thick. also, the engines on the bottom are obstructed by the toy story logo, and hazzard warnings. I know these have to be there for legal reasons, but why not put one on the back, or make them smaller?

But oh well.

question, is there clear plastic in the window, or is it just completely open? I cant see any glare in the promo photo so I cant be sure.

Also, do you think you could snap a picture or two? I’d like to see it without that washed out lighting they use in the promo pictures. (preferably without flash if you can)

I’m also curious what sayings he has. could you list some of them? (I don’t need to know all of them, but since the one I have only does like 4 phrases it would be cool to know what else the new one has)

and, it Is Tim Allen, right? I hear they used Jim Hanks for woody again (uggh) but I assume they got Tim for buzz, since they say its the “original voice” in the specs.

Just got back from Target (in Memphis, TN for those who wonder if their area should have this stuff too). They had all the new Toy Story stuff out and I bought the Collection Buzz (pictures forthcoming)

They did a big reset of the toy department too, so there was a lot of stuff on clearance too. Good time to go see what they have.

Being movie accurate is really great, but it also really sucks too. Buzz does have pretty restrictive articulation (though I may just be spoiled by the Japanese figures I have ) For example, you can’t recreate Buzz aiming his laser at someone and using his other hand the push the button. Nor can he even touch his own face. (that’s gotta suck when he has to scratch his nose.)

To answer Kyle’s questions, there is a clear plastic window on the box, though there is a hole over the three buttons for in store demoing.

Some random sayings
I am Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger
I protect the galaxy from the threat of invasion
I come in peace
The galaxy is safe once again
Hello. Are you still there?" (hah. Makes me think of the turrets in Portal)
yawn time for hypersleep.

There’s a lot of sound effects too. While he’s horizontal there ‘flying’ sound effects. And then he goes back to vertical there’s a landing sound. And the lights on his wings flash alternatley while they’re out.

Oh. And very top heavy too.

Ah! Twisty Ties! Only two thankfully, and a plastic band that requires cutting.

The wings and manual

Notice the smaller wing section is translucent.

A monster! Possibly Japanese! Not on my watch buddy.

Lets see… the leg bone is connected to the hip bone…

Wall-E wondering why we can’t all just get along and maybe produce a music production too.

Haha, love it. About the limited range in arm articulation, this is another thing I’ve noticed about the movies, they totally cheat. His upper arm very often intersects with his torso. In the scene where he presses his laser you see his arm practically pops out of socket for a few seconds, and still has to intersect his chest a bit. He can’t even put his arms all the way down without some amount of cheating, so it’s not just the extreme examples.

Has any Buzz figure (even smaller ones) been able to reach his nose? If they do it’s probably modified quite a bit from the movie design.

Thanks for the pics, the wood floor is a nice touch too, heh.

Now if anyone can post pics of woody that would be cool. I’m hoping it looks better in different lighting, because something seems off in the ones so far, but I can’t put a finger on it, outside of the wrong smile.

The San Diego Comic Con buzz is supposed to have good articulation, though I can’t say whether or not he can touch his nose. … -lightyear

The floor is actually laminate :wink: Here’s an amusing picture I took after installing it.

Ah! Giant Wall-e! (though actually a small Wall-E with an unintended but fantastic optical illusion)

Heh, took me a while to figure out how he looked so huge.

As for comic con Buzz, yeah he does look to have a lot more articulation, but as you can see his ball sockets stick out much further and his upper arms have had a chunk taken off to allow his arms more range of movement. And look how huge his helmet knobs are, wow.

But I gotta give them credit with the box, looks much better than toy story collection buzz’s. They even got the back part right.

I always though I’d like to custom make my own box to print and fold, maybe I still will seeing how theses are either off or too small.

Just popping in to say I saw Toy Story Collection Mr Potato head on amazon yesterday, but its nowhere to be found today for some reason. which is odd since its not on the Disney store site yet. I did see that its electronic though. It has phrases, and when you push his hat all his pieces fly out. What strikes me as odd is that there doesnt seem to be any extra pieces other than the ones already on him. if thats how it is, it seems like a rip off. I guess you could technically still use pieces from other potato head sets on this one, but still.

A little late getting back, but here you go on the picture. I popped my original Buzz back in the new (almost) screen accurate box and the new Buzz on display. I do have the others on order from Disney but its a wait for a bit over 1 week at this point.

nice. makes the wait for me much harder. I checked 3 stores (two walmarts and a Kmart) today with no luck. the cloest I got was Kmart had obvously gotten them in, but bad sold out of nearly all their new Toy Story stuff. their buzz was only 40 bucks too. shame they didnt have any in stock.