Those UPsetting Little Spoilers...

Just an announcement to remind members to use SPOILER TAGS when posting any points about Up that people who haven’t seen the film already, wouldn’t want to know. A spoiler tag in action looks like this: [spoil]spoilerific information[/spoil] And you can place spoilers tags over words by using this BBCode:

[spoil]spoilerific information[/spoil]

Please be careful of using spoilers in the title of your posts such as last year when someone posted a thread with the title of “How did all the other WALL-Es die?”. Now, usually I encourage stating the exact intent of a thread in the title, but the thread title will be displayed as the latest post in the Pixar Feature Film section on the front page, so what happens is people who are avoiding the Up section all together would still accidentally see the thread title and potentially be spoiled.

Up is released in the US on May 29, but the Internet is a global community and others, like me, have to wait months to see it in their country. As far as I’m aware, you must keep using spoiler tags in your posts until Up has been released in every country, so until Japan gets it on 19 December 2009. If this changes, I’ll update here.

I second that! Stop spoiling it for everyone! If you think that it’s the only way to get people to visit the thread, you’re wrong! Don’t necessarily put the direct subject of the thread. That way, people can choose if they want to see something!

Thank you very much for bringing up this matter, Rachel.

General Notice: To everyone else who reads this thread, please adhere to the rules and refrain from publicly displaying any spoiler content – be it written, oral, or via an image or a video – without spoiler tags until the film, Up, has been theatrically released in Japan on the nineteenth (19th) of December. Any spoilers posted must have spoiler tags around them.

Thank you, and enjoy the film! :slight_smile:

– Mitch

Thanks for this announcement thread, Rachel.

I’m bumping this thread to reiterate soue1313 and Mitch’s points, please be considerate to fans in other countries who have yet to see the film by refraining from posting spoiler material in your sigs and avatars. This also include all forms of fanwork that may give away more than is revealed in the trailers and featurettes, so that fanfics, fan art and fan commentaries (of illegal copies). If you’re posting them, please be sure to include a disclaimer at the beginning of the post, or use spoiler tags.

A good measurement of what can be considered a spoiler is a plot point, scene or character that was not revealed in the 2 theatrical trailers, the Upisodes, the ‘Meet…’ clips, the ‘Making of’ featurettes, TV spots and any other promotional material in the public domain (ie any other footage or images that are not ‘officially-released’ by Pixar/Disney for preview purposes by the general public).

I agree with Rachel and Mitch’s ‘embargo’ deadline of 19th December. After that, it’s free-for-all, since everyone would have had a chance to see it legally in their home countries by then.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we wish you a pleasant flight! :smiley:

Yeah, I’d also like to reiterate what thedriveintheatre said. With text at least we can use spoiler tags, but it’s another thing for someone who can’t see the movie till later in the year to be browsing the forum and unitentionally look at an image from the film from someone’s signature or avatar. You may think it’s “only one image” but when all of those get pieced together, like a puzzle, they can spoil the movie for a lot of us. I know you want to express your Pixar fandom, but for the time being, please restrict your signatures and avatars to what’s found in the trailers and posters only. I’m not sure what we’re going to do between the time Up is released on DVD in the US but hasn’t yet been released in the UK or Japan, though… Us mods don’t have time to keep an eye on everyone’s signatures so this is going to be your chance to keep yourselves in check. Thanks.