Too much bias against Dreamworks

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      I've noticed on these forums that everyone has something against DW.  Whenever a movie is announced, everyone's always like "ew, Dreamworks, its gonna be terrible, lolol" and no one gives them any chance.  Now, I know they made alot of flubs, but when they make a GOOD movie (ex - Kung Fu Panda, HTTYD) everyone ignores it saying "oh that terrible".

      All I'm saying is, I think everyone sould be a little bit lighter on Dreamworks.  They have been getting better, but everyone doesn't care. I know Pixar is x1000 better, but still.  Just give them a chance instead of comparing them to Pixar ALL THE TIME. imo...

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

I guess we could lighten up a bit…but I hate them. I’ve never hated anyone, and I genuinely hate DWSKG. I’ll try to use fewer derogatory terms, though.

Ok, I have to admit it.
I have been harsh on DW.
For now I do love their movies.
It’s just I prefer pixar (and so does everyone else).
But to my point of view, would I prefer just pixar films, or just get like 3 anamated films from Pixar Dreamworks Sony etc.
So I prefer to have 3 anamated films.

While many Dreamworks films are bashed here, I would have to say that Kung Fu Panda and especially HtTYD have been greatly praised here!

This is a Pixar forum after all, and the two companies are the biggest competitors in the buisness. I think we just need to accept Dreamworks hatin’ and move on.

I’m with you, shmowzow. I mentioned it on the chat session yesterday: “Hate the player, don’t hate the game.” And the real enemy here is Mr Jeffrey Katsucksberg. Most of the employees at DW are honest, hardworking people who share the desire to see a great movie being made, but half the time it’s the scriptwriters, directors and the money-greedy execs who stuff up the creative side of business.

And as we’ve seen with half of their movies, they have it in them to be great. It’s only the other half, and the constant desire by the knuckleheaded suits to see an endless parade of sequels being made, that we lose hope in this studio.

Using the tired excuse of “It’s made by Dreamworks, therefore it’s not going to be good” is just as lame a line of reasoning as “All people with beards are terrorists” or “That guy baked a horrible quiche the last time, so I bet his macaroon this time will be awful.” It’s silly, ignorant and close-minded. Give a film the chance to succeed on its own merits, not on its own predecessors.

I agree with that point there.

And I don’t hate Dreamworks. I wasn’t sure if I made that clear…

Road to el Dorado is so good, and I really want to see Kung Fu Panda and HtTYD. I also am a big fan of the first two films in the Shrek series. I will be waiting to see the fourth via Netflix, however.

Let’s not worry about Dreamworks heting so much! Just have some fun, everyone :smiley:

Hmm I guess I dont hate Dreamworks, but I’m completely disinterested in them. The only times I’ve watched Dreamworks movies are when friends of mine have invited me to see it with them. I’ve never watched a Dreamworks film of my own accord because I dont care about them. I suppose its my weird loyalty to Pixar thats partially to blame. I feel strange going to some other studio’s movie. And honestly the Dreamworks movies I’ve seen (there are 3) while entertaining I suppose, have never grabbed me the way Pixar movies do.

I have to say, I was actually shocked by just how much How To Train Your Dragon has been praised on here! It seems to be a current favourite film of a lot of members, and that wouldn’t be possible if everyone hadn’t given it a chance at all. I also remember Kung Fu Panda getting quite a few positive reviews here as well.

I think what it is is that Dreamworks has been consistently poor in their film-making in terms of story and character in my opinion, and that means that it takes a bit more for people to be convinced by them. When members on here see a film made by Dreamworks that they like, there’s no doubt that they’re happy to say this and to praise it, it’s just that before seeing a Dreamworks film, quite a few members are skeptical, and rightly so.

That doesn’t mean we can’t be skeptical of Pixar films, too. I’m very skeptical of both Monsters, Inc. 2 and Cars 2 in the same way that I’m skeptical of some of Dreamworks’ upcoming projects. I’m very happy to admit it when I’m wrong, though!

thedriveintheatre- That’s a good analogy, though in the case of Dreamworks I think it’s more, ‘this guy baked a horrible quiche last time, and then the next time he baked a horrible cake, but then his pizza was so-so…so I’m going to assume that his macaroons will also be horrible’. It’s certainly not a good thing to do this and to be judgemental, but when it comes to seeing films in the cinema, I and many others unfortunately can’t afford to see every single release. Hence personally I’ll choose to see a Pixar film over a Dreamworks film because it’s more likely that I’ll enjoy it. There’s no doubt that Dreamworks have potential, though.

I actually like most of the Dreamworks animated movies. Over the Hedge is really funny and cute, I love the Shrek series (mostly the first two, but the third one’s okay), Kung Fu Panda was really good, and How to Train Your Dragon is their best so far IMO. The only problem I have with Dreamworks is that they make WAY too many sequels. All in all, though, I think Dreamworks is a pretty good animation company (nowhere near as good as Pixar, but still good).

Absolutely. And I think it should be said that it’s equally lame to say, “It’s made by Pixar, therefore it is going to be good.”

I approve of this topic. Everyone just needs to chill about DWA.

You win some and you lose some. Just because DW doesn’t have a perfect score like Pixar, doesn’t mean they are a horrible studio. They have a lot of wonderful talented people working there. Unfortunately, they have to listen to the higher ups who seem to care more about the financial aspect than the creative.

I admit that I’ve been quick to judge at times, but I do try to give them a chance. KFP and HtTYD are two awesome films, like people have said. I’ve started to think about those creatives working at DW and how they must feel with so many people bashing the studio and its movies.

Truthfully, there are only two Dreamworks Animation films, that I’ve seen, which I genuinely dislike (namely, Madagascar and Shrek the Third). The rest I’m largely indifferent to.

If you’ve seen enough of a studio’s output and been consistently unimpressed, then I don’t believe you can be chided too harshly for wanting to avoid their future productions (particularly since, as lizardgirl points out, cinema-going can be a costly experience), or at least being a bit skeptical about them. What would be a bit short-sighted would be to completely close yourself off to the possibility that they, like any other studio, are capable of growth and evolution. Since Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon have garnered so much positive feedback, I might very well choose to watch them myself some day. That said, I don’t think you can really blame me for having no interest in sequels to movies which I didn’t like in the first place (as is the case with Madagascar 2 and Shrek Forever After).

Good points raised, people!

Which 3 were they, lennonluvr9? :wink:

Hm… good point, lizardgirl. I think the important thing here is quality consistency, if taking part in a “Dreamworks experience” is going to be a 50-50 gamble, most consumers wouldn’t be willing to risk their time and money. Pixar has a proven track record, which is why I think most people would be confident to shell out more dough for future films, regardless of their quality. it’s building customer loyalty and trust, so that they will return to support the brand again and again, as well as spread the word to their friends.

I always like to think of Pixar as the teacher’s pet that aces every test and quiz, while Dreamworks is the lazy underachiever who gets the report card “Has potential, if puts heart and mind to task.”

True that. As much as I’m a fan of Pixar, I’m a bit skeptical about their upcoming plans lately (I’m looking at you Cars and Monsters Inc 2, may Newt rest in peace).

This is very true. I have seen the ‘Art of’ books of most of their movies and there’s considerable talent there (which I have to admit, is pretty much on par with Pixar). It’s the buffoons who are at the top who impose demanding deadlines, budget constraints, and slate sequels for successful movies before they’re even out on DVD.

I’d like to believe DW is improving, as are other studios (Rio being a recent example from Blue Sky, IMO). The key is to choose the right movies to support, so the small-brained bigwigs get the idea of what kind of story and characters movie audiences crave (and deserve). Of course, it could backfire when they commission sequels to known hits…

I like SOME Dreamworks films! And by some, I mean basically just the Prince of Egypt. That’s the only Dreamworks movie that I adore.

Oh, and How to Train Your Dragon. That was an awesome movie too!

Shrek is okkay, actually I only like Shrek because of Puss and Boots.

But it’s hard to be a Pixar fan and NOT compare them! I mean come on, Dreamworks movies are fun to watch at the moment. Like yeah, I get a few laughs. But they’re not memorable. I’ve seen Kung Fu Panda three times, and I don’t remember any of it besides it was basically Jack Black in Panda form. The scores are just lame (except for Prince of Egpyt and Dragon. Oh, and El Dorado) and the animation is just blah (again, except for Prince of Egypt, Dragon, and El Dorado)

So, I AM biased against DW, but I don’t care, Jeffy Katz is not my homeboy. A mere mention of the Antz/a bug’s life story or WALL-E being snubbed at the Annies fills me with rage. Okkay, maybe not a rage, but to me it’s a no bueno.

2 of the Shreks (I think it was Shrek 1 and Shrek 3) and Kung Fu Panda

I recommend you check out Monsters vs Aliens and How to Train Your Dragon, two of their best films to date, lennonluvr9. :wink: Also borrow their back catalogue of traditionally-animated films if you find them at your library/video store…


I hate that stupid bias everyone has against Dreamworks. Sure, I used to as well, but How To Train Your Dragon made me think otherwise… much definitely so, yes…

They’re indeed all hardworking people who want to make amazing movies, but then…

I like a few of their movies like Over the Hedge and Spirit (I admit, I used to be crazy about Spirit, I have the game, the breyer horses, and even a had Spirit birthday.) Most of their movies, in my opinion, aren’t very good though. Especially Shrek, I do not like crude humor. I don’t hate them, I just don’t like most of their films.

Though I much prefer Pixar over Dreamworks, I can admit there were a few DW movies I genuinely liked. HtTYD and Kung Fu Panda are their best so far. Over the Hedge, Shrek (the first one only) and Monsters Vs. Aliens made me chuckle, but lacked the heart of the first two, and were lightyears behind Pixar. The rest I don’t find particularily memorable. My main problem with DW is their tendency to milk every last dollar they can out of a franchise, as Jess-E pointed out.