Toy Story 3 Critical Reviews

Post all Toy Story 3 reception and critical reviews here. :smiley: Please use spoilers if neccessary.

Variety Toy Story 3 reviews; surprisingly not as glowing as expected. I hid out the spoiler portions. … st+News%29

As someone who knows what goes on in the story, I feel like this reviewer missed a lot of the purpose and character development/motivations.

Another review. I didn’t read it because I didn’t want to spoil the movie, so I don’t know if its positive or negative…[url][/url]

I read it (I know the plot already and there’s no such thing as a spoiler as far as I’m concerned), and it’s very positive. It sounds like they really enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

The way people are describing it, Toy Story 3 is destined to live up to the others with time. I mean, the original Toy Story had only lukewarm reviews at the time it was released. Toy Story 2, however, was acclaimed from the start, and the way they describe Toy Story 3, it sounds like it has a lot of similarities. And that’s a good thing.

They say it has more gags and such. So did [i]Toy Story 2[i]. In fact, I don’t even think Toy Story 3 could possibly top all the jokes in Toy Story 2.

And I don’t believe for a second that this movie doesn’t have the same emotional factor. It may be a little bit of my nostalgia, but Andy going to college is definately a highly emotional event. Even the trailer made me sad.

In conjunction with what looks to be some of Pixar’s best action sequences of all time, I’m not letting my expectations slip.

Lukewarm reviews for the first? I don’t buy that. It never once got a negative review on Rotten Tomatoes (neither did TS2), so that tells me it got nothing but rave reviews for the most part.

As for the humor, I hear it’s their funniest movie yet. they don’t just resort to the cheap one liner puns of the first two either, their actually cleaver. I think it had to be funnier because it’s going to be more bittersweet than usual.

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As for Variety’s review, I’m not surprised. Debrudge is mediocre reviewer for the most part. He misses the big idea.

Today, it’s obviously known as one of the best films ever made (I don’t think that’s an understatement), but I remember reading a review that was slightly negative, saying how it didn’t live up to the hype from 1995.

And nothing’s wrong with a lot of jokes, as long as they work. I’m not worried at all about that.

Was the review in a local newspaper or something? The RT reviews are from the year it originally came out, so any review from anyone who mattered (and plenty that didn’t) back then is accounted for.

Though I guess lukewarm doesn’t automatically translate to a rotten review. You can claim a movie doesn’t live up to the hype and still recommend it to others.

The whole point was that it got better with time, which I think will be the case here.

Mike over at The Pixar Blog emailed Pete DeBruge (the Variety reporter) and asked if he went to watch TS3 and went to seek the failures. This is his response: “Peter Debruge from Variety emailed me this morning to ‘assure’ me that he “didn’t go in seeking to find fault” with TS3, as I wrote he did.” I don’t know. It looked like he tried.

This is the only section of the Variety review that really troubles me. Someone tell me I have nothing to worry about, quick!

And my point was that they don’t accept reviews after a certain amount of time has passed. If it was lukewarm back then, it would show even now.

Critics are usually pretty cynical to begin with. The only one I would ever listen to is Leonard Maltin, and I haven’t heard anything from him. I still have buckets of hope.

With all this talk about the Variety review… isn’t it still a positive review? Of course the guy has quite a few criticisms about it, but it appears he still liked it… I think some of us are getting a little carried away with it. So far I have not seen a single person say they didn’t like the film, and I’m talking about all the people who saw the film at a pre-screening months ago, as well as the first two reviews on Rotten Tomatoes… I don’t see any reason to lose hope in Toy Story 3. As far as I can say, it’s yet another worthy addition to Pixar’s list of amazing films according to most people who saw it.

I think critics get a bad rap. They are just normal people who happen to get paid to write about what they think, and if they are any good, do it articulately. If they seem more cynical, it is usually because they see more movies, play more games, read more books, etc., than your average person. They have seen everything and know what has been done to death and whats effective versus whats not. And even when they like something its still part of their job to list off any weaknesses the thing their reviewing has, because nothing’s perfect.

The main thing to look at is that there are no rotten reviews of TS3 just yet. And there will no doubt be some bad apples who get their kicks out of ruining things for everyone. These are the reviewers who just want attention, they want to cause a stir by being different. In an ideal world, these reviews wouldn’t count, but I don’t think there’s anything we can do about that.

And then there will be some rotten reviews that while we won’t agree, you might see where they are coming from at least.

And the third review listed on Rotten Tomatoes is a ridiculously glowing one from Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood.

The gist of it:

Full review can be found here (rest assured, no spoilers that aren’t immediately apparent from just about every trailer and TV spot):


I think it’s fair enough that some reviews will be critical, even if this is a Pixar film. Although Pixar films generally get positive reviews, there’s always the odd one or two that want to buck the trend, so I can’t see it being any different with Toy Story 3.

Every year I seem to get the same feeling over these early Pixar film reviews. There’s always at least a few reviews that are slightly less glowing than the others… These are the reviews that go down to specifics with why the author thought the film was one of the weaker films… these early reviews still always turned out to be positive, but the words that had to be said in them always put a little doubt on my face. I can tell you that with films like Ratatouille, WALL-E and Up, I have been very skeptical about how much I would actually like the films on the days leading up to their releases because of these certain reviews. Despite having early criticism, I’m sure we all know how those films turned out.

This is exactly what I’m seeing with Toy Story 3. Because one reviewer has had some things to say about the film that wasn’t all positive, we’re all a bit worried now and completely ignoring what the other reviewers are saying that are giving it extremely positive reviews.
In the end, with four reviews so far, that Variety review is in the minority group, as the other three reviews are very positive so far. I wouldn’t let our doubts get ahead of us just yet, because it looks apparent that most people are so far loving it.

That Access Hollywood review is indeed glowing! :smiley:

Found another one by Peter Hammond here.