Toy Story 4 teaser trailer + poster

Now that we have some tangible toy story 4 bits to chew on its time to dust this forum off.

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It’s sad to see this forum so dead. Toy Story 3 was the reason why I joined this forum, and back then, this place was BUZZING. Now, cut ahead almost a decade later with the first trailer for Toy Story 4 now out, this place is dead. Ah well. Regardless, I’m hyped for Toy Story 4. Sure, Toy Story 3 was the perfect end of the trilogy and this seems to be tarnishing that, but come on…it’s Woody and Buzz on the big screen again! You know your hyped.

Even though I kind of expected us to get a teaser for the film some time this month, I wasn’t expecting to wake up with the internet blowing up over the first teaser lol. Even though I’m not a fan of a fourth Toy Story, I’ll definitely end up seeing this on its opening day. From the plot synopsis on YouTube, I assume the old friends will include Bo Peep in some way since the film was originally teased to be a love story.

It’s also pretty surreal to imagine that some kids coming to see this film weren’t even alive around the time Toy Story 3 came out. :open_mouth:

Annie potts said they threw out a huge chunk of the love story now, it seems it’s morphed into something else, but yeah, I do think she will still have a place in the movie.

Yeah, I remember they said the film went through a lot of rewrites after Rashida Jones and Will McCormack left the project.

While browsing some news sites covering the new teaser, I found a preview image from the film on a Spanish new site and there is a full trailer debuting alongside the new Wreck-it Ralph movie coming out next week according to this article:

It’s nice we’re getting a quick glimpse of the other characters Woody and Buzz will meet on their road trip.

Yeah,and hopefully toys r us can come back by then, I hear they are changing their name to Geoffrey’s Toy Box, starting small and working their way back to something resembling toys R us again. They were the best place for toy story toys, at least in my area.

I could use a new buzz, my thinkway one has some paint damage. Maybe they can up the accuracy too.

Of course trixy would be nice too, I have a lot less room though these days than a decade ago. Lot of life changes.

I was afraid that they were going to shift the series into a more serialized direction without Buzz and Woody, but thankfully this confirms that the main cast is still present. I’m looking forward to see what this story is that was so good that even John Lasseter had to jump onboard. I wish he stayed on as director, but the term “director” is really loose when it comes to Pixar films anyways.

I have no doubt that they can still put out solid entries after the satisfying ending of Toy Story 3. Every film felt pretty complete in its own right, so the series shouldn’t be so sacred that no more additions can be made. A more sad aspect of this is another huge loss to the main cast with Don Rickles. Though it goes to show that the characters themselves are iconic and will always resonate with audiences. I don’t recall Don Rickles having any voice doubles since it seemed he recorded his own lines for most tie-ins.

Breaks my heart to see how dead this forum has become. I also joined when Toy Story 3 hype was high and have plenty of fond memories of this place. Figured I’d pop in and see what’s going on since these teasers dropped.

Just wanna throw this out first but I hope this is beginning of the end for the Pixar sequel era. I had suspicions when Toy Story 3 dropped that Disney was playing some kind of long game with Pixar. Obviously that film turned out fantastic, but the last decade for Pixar has been stuffed with sequels. A few of them missed the mark for me personally. What’s going on feels like executive meddling, or Pixar is spread too thin since Lasseter was overseeing two studios. Speaking of broken hearts, it stung to find out what was going on with him behind the scenes. Yikes.

Enough of me being a cynic though. I still find Pixar’s recent work (most of it, anyway) enjoyable. I saw Incredibles 2 over the summer and it was entertaining. It’s not like they’re making terrible films or anything. I am a bit concerned about the script for this film being reworked so heavily. Though, Toy Story isn’t a stranger to rewrites so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much.

Great casting choices for Ducky and Bunny. Key and Peele’s skits are hilarious and it’s great to see them working together again. I’m cautiously optimistic and hope Josh Cooley can knock this out of the park.

My pick would be Jerry Stiller. Only problem there would be his age. He’s in his 90s, but even as recently as 2016 I’ve seen a video where he sounds he could totally pull it off. If he is in decent enough health I say he’d be perfect.

give this a listen and see if you agree.

I think there’s a similarity. The genius of Blake Clark replacing Jim was that the guy was just a natural soundalike; he was not previously a voice actor. Disney might just have to dip into their expansive reserve of professional voice actors to find someone that can mimic him. Maybe someone like John DiMaggio, Jim Cummings, or Dan Castelleneta could do it

There’s a new international poster for Toy Story 4 and Tim Allen recently did an interview where he confirmed Keanu Reeves was voicing a character in the film.

It’ll do I guess, but I don’t like that they changed her design to look more like anna from frozen.

Apparently, a promotional image of TS4 from a store in California leaked that showed off Bo’s new design.

I’m thinking that’s not our bo, but a different one from a different line of toys. Kinda like finding a mattel woody versus a thinkway one. Would explain the new look.

I’m thinking it’s a new Bo (or similar toy) also. The design is way too different to be the original Bow.

It also looks like her arm was once broken and repaired with some kind of bandaid or bandage?

My guess it’s the same old Bo, but whoever owns her now broke her arm and swapped her dress out.

After what Hanks and Allen said about this movie, I have a feeling something bad is gonna happen between Woody and Bo.

I guess it’s possible that it is the original Bo with a new dress and a bow on her hair instead of a bonnet.

For some reason, I always had the impression that her bonnet and most of her dress was also made from porcelain, like the figure itself. The dress never seemed to fold or move like fabric would in Toy Story 1 and 2 (although Bo didn’t play a huge role in those films). And maybe the fabric dress just had some kind of … fabric stiffener applied to it?

Tbh, I actually do think it’s Andy’s Bo before she was sold. I assume they’ll end up explaining why she has a bandage on her arm during her reunion with Woody and Buzz.

Anyway, there’s a full body picture of Bo Peep running with Woody, Buzz, Forky, and some new toy leaked from a Russian calender.

The only new character we don’t know about is the small toy sitting on Bo’s shoulder. She reminds me of the keychain toy from Hawaiian Vacation that was on Bonnie’s backpack based on her size. I can only assume she is one of the toys that Bo Peep’s new owner has.

There’s also leaked listings of Toy Story 4 lego sets which, for the most part, could just be merchandise based on the film but the Caboom Duke set is pretty intriguing. I bet he’s another new toy from the carnival.

Interesting! I guess they’ve given Bow Peep just the pants (which she wore under her skirt originally) to allow her to me a more “active” player in the events of the film (although how that balances with the fact she’s made of porcelain and extremely fragile remains to be seen).

Forky scares me. If humans breathe “life” into every quasi humanoid / anthropomorphic creation, then wouldn’t the world be overrun with those beings?