UP Box Office

Well, UP had a great opening, disproving those who said it wouldn’t do so well.
Domestic (US/Canada) was $68.1 million for the opening weekend (some early articles say $68.2, but those are estimates). The final figure is: $68,108,790, just for the weekend:

From the NY Times:
The results validate Disney’s decision to let its Pixar unit put creativity before commerce. Some Wall Street analysts … had predicted the film would have a difficult time attracting children because of its geriatric action hero.

Some other tidbits:
5 percent of ticket buyers were over the age of 50, an unusually high figure for an animated film.

International release has not started, with the exception of Russia,
where “Up” had Pixar’s best opening ever.

The full article is here:
nytimes.com/2009/06/01/movie … ref=movies

According to the LA Times:
latimes.com/business/la-fi-c … 4474.story
69% of ticket buyers [were] over age 12.

Audiences gave the film an A-plus, according to CinemaScore, which surveys filmgoers at theaters. It’s the first movie this year to earn a perfect grade.

Pretty sweet! I really wanna see it, although being a member on Pixar Planet, I pretty much know it from head to toe. I knew everything about it, except for the fact that [spoil]Muntz dies at the end. I just knew someone would die, I just thought that it would probably be Carl. (Though that would suck.)[/spoil] I heard that it earned the top spot in the box office, is that true? Or is my older sister lying?

Very nice! I’m sure that Up will do even better in the weeks to come.

Yes, it was the #1 movie in North America.

That’s really good to hear. Up is such a special film and deserves every bit of recognition it can get.

Is that really true, or is NY Times just assuming that? Cause if Disney really came to conclusion and now trusts that Pixar can do their own things without being forced to make things just for money, then that’s really good to hear as well.

Here’s Rotten Tomatoes’ Box-Office Guru Wrapup.

“Record for biggest opening for a 3D pic.” This means both live-action and animated!

Third biggest Pixar opening! :open_mouth:

And it blew Monsters vs Aliens sky-high! :smiley:

Up, up and away!

It succeeds so well, because of its mysterious ad campign AND it’s a movie that tons of people can relate to it on different levels…it’s an almost perfect movie! (At least in my eyes!)

Woohoo! I know these are preliminary Sunday estimates, but…
Up was #1 again this week, with an estimated $44.2 million, putting it to a total so far of $137.3 million. (#2 was “The Hangover,” at $43.3 million. “Land of the Lost” was way behind at #3, with $19.5 million.)

I am so happy to see Up doing so well!

Amazing even more, when you consider that while some of the tickets are 3D (often +$2 or $3), many more of those tickets are childrens tickets (which are usually between 1/3rd to 1/2 less than an adult ticket).

Good news definitely – and this for a film that some in the media didn’t think would earn much box office because of the age of its hero.

Interestingly, 3 of the top 5 movies this weekend all were scored by Michael Giacchino:
1 UP
3 Land of the Lost
5 Star Trek

One other thing to note:
Revenues for most big movies typically drop 50 percent or more in the second weekend, but the audience for “Up” was down only 35 percent from its opening. That puts it in line with “Finding Nemo,” the top-grossing Disney-Pixar animated tale, said Chuck Viane, head of distribution for Disney.”
Associated Press
google.com/hostednews/ap/art … wD98M21J00

Well the official numbers for the weekend are in. Sadly, Up was beaten (just barely) by Hangover… but the good news is that both movies made more money than initially projected – and Up’s decline on the 2nd week has remained very small for a blockbuster film – in line with Nemo and the best Pixar box office performers. As they say, this one’s got legs (as well as balloons)…
variety.com/article/VR111800 … id=13&cs=1

Actually, BoxOfficeMojo says that the Hangover was second… and I trust them, so…

Box Office Mojo, with updated figures:

  1. Hangover: $44,979,319
  2. Up: $44,138,266
    boxofficemojo.com/weekend/ch … =23&p=.htm

A real squeaker though. Very close. And the amount the Up dropped for its second week shows that it’s very strong and will be around for a while…

I just saw this from the AP (Hangover #1, Up #2). Up’s numbers are still great, and the word of mouth has really got to be helping.

Don’t worry guys… UP will still be around for a long time. And if you think about it, next week, UP might just reclaim the top spot. With Taking of Pelham 123 and an Eddie Murphy comedy coming out next week, I think it would be an easy feat for UP.

Yeah. Quite a few Pixar films have made the 2 week top mark, and it’s good to know Up managed to get that title as well. Shockingly, WALL-E didn’t even pull that off.

The Hangover was really an anomaly. Up is performing very well though, and I think it may surpass 250 million when it’s all done. :slight_smile:

I read somewhere that UP was the only film that had a high 2nd Weekend Gross since last summer’s The Dark Knight. Geez, sounds like our UP would have really long legs!

It’s just sad that I’ll be seeing this movie just as the worldwide hype is going down!

Woohoo! $30.5 for the weekend, still sitting at #2 (again behind The Hangover at #1). Reported total is $187.2 million.

This is the biggest third weekend ever for a Pixar film, and the only other animated film besides “Shrek 2” to earn over $30 million three weekends in a row. Awesome news, indeed!

I’m impressed, it hasn’t even been released in other countries yet! I hope it becomes #1 in Australia, and it might because we already have The Hangover out now and Up doesn’t come 'till September!