Up Merchandise

Here’s our first look!


I’ve edited this thread to talk about all Up merchandise. — Rachel. =)

Omg!! Hehe, that’s awesome!
I’m definitely gonna have to get me a Carl Fredricksen or Russell figurine sometime. :laughing:

Also, I notice a new face… That bird I’ve previously never seen in the cast. I wonder what his importance to the movie will be like.


Merchandise, yeah! I must have the Russell figurine and a eventually a Russell plushie.

For archival purposes, the prototype figurines:





That’s his name?
Do you know his role in the movie?

Disney_Guy - [spoil]That’s her name. Russell named the bird. :slight_smile: I don’t really know her role in the movie.[/spoil]

Kevin is a she? LOL
I just noticed Kevin in one of the Up posters. You know the one where it shows Carl, followed by Russell and Doug sliding down on the garden hose from the house? If you look at the house, Kevin is sticking out of the house… Just noticed that.

I’ve also been looking for a good quality version of that poster for a while now… Can’t seem to find one.

I thougt that Carl figurine was stuffed at first. (Laughs) Anyway I’m definately buying all those Up figurines. But I still wish they had a stuffed Carl.

Gonna be a much harder sell then Wall-E toys. An old man vs. robots. I hope they’re gonna make articulated figures and not just plastic statues. The Wall-E line had great posability, though the fact that they were machines made it easy for the toy company to do that.

Yeah, I was just thinking that, Fett101. I can’t see the toys being as massive as the WALL-E ones, though we’ll have to wait and see. These figurines do look pretty cool! The one of Kevin has to be my favourite. :laughing:

I like Carl, despite his eyes being too small, but Russell’s face looks a bit odd. Dug’s eyes are too far apart and his fur is too dark, and Kevin looks blank and emotionless.

Otherwise, they’re nice. :laughing:

Thanks, NickyTea! I don’t think these are the actual figurines, they’re just prototypes. They aren’t that detailed and Russell will likely be smoother. They’re still cool none the less. I will definitely be getting these to add to my Pixar collection.

Those rough toys are looking funky but I know that they’re just prototypes, thanks for showing us Nicky Tea! I can’t wait to see the final product though and if they turn out how I think they will, I’ll be adding them to my collection!.
My initital thougths: Carl sure looks happy… :stuck_out_tongue:
UPDATE: Acme Trendz has some other Up figures that are much more refined!
You can see them here: acmetrendz.com/pixar-up-c-5_ … _1838.html

I want the Carl and Russel figurines for my room! hah thats awesome!

I think I prefer the style of the toys you linked to, martini. They look more fun and toy-ish. Thanks for the links, NickyTea and martini!

I must have me a Kevin! That is one funky looking bird.

I just hope the character lives up to the design.

Fingers crossed.

You know who Kevin reminds me of…?

That’s exactly what I think whenever I see Kevin.

acmetrendz.com/pixar-up-c-5_ … _1838.html These are pretty nice. I like the vinyl Russell based off of the Art of Up cover. :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in getting an early UP-oriented toy, I had some of Carl’s Grape Soda Bottle Caps printed up for myself. I wanted to be able to wear them to the movie.

That’s so awesome, NickyTea! I’d get one if I had the spare cash, but I’m feeling pretty poor right now. :laughing: But I wouldn’t be surprised if a few Pixar Planeteers ended up buying them!