Violet's hero alias

Something I’ve found to be incredibly hard, as I’m making my own versions of future The Incredibles sagas, is finding a solid hero name for Violet. We’ve all thrown in our own ideas-- Invisigirl, Haunt, Incredigirl, Ultra Violet, Invision, Vanish-- am I forgetting anything? I think it’s time we but our heads together and come up with a good name for the Violet we all know and love. There’s no rule saying that you HAVE to use a certain name, I just thought this would be a good way to get some fresh ideas stirred up. :bulb: So, if anyone has an preference as to which alias best suits her or an idea for a completely new one, please, don’t be shy!

Hah hah, ‘Ultraviolet’, that’s a good one! I like it. I’d probably be tempted to call her ‘Ghost’ or ‘Ghast’ or something otherwise supernatural.

I swear Vanish is some kind of a toilet cleaner. :laughing:

Aaanyway, yeah, she’s a difficult one to think of a superhero name for. Ultraviolet is a good one! I always thought ‘Spectre’ would be a good name for her, though I don’t know why…Or perhaps ‘The Silent Spectre’ or something. Invisigirl seems like the most natural one, though.

I agree with lizardgirl, Invisigirl seems the most natural. It’s the one I like best out of the list. :slight_smile:

Silent Whisper

he he…you could go on and on with different styles of names. I know because i struggled with her too. Invisigirl was my top choice…otherwise i liked Ultraviolet…that one was also close to the top for me…

I believe Invisigirl is the most common and best suited for Violet. However, the only problem with Invisigirl is that is only makes up one of her two powers. Still, Invisigirl has been the accepted Super name for Violet accoringing to many fanficitons all across the net.

Ultraviolet is a sweet name for her, but her name is in her Super name. People who are close to Vi could get suspicious and start comparing the two.

Incredigirl is a very simple name for Violet, but I see it working really well. She is part of the Incredible family so we could have Mr & Mrs. Incredible, Incredigirl, Incrediboy, and Incredibaby. :wink: In addition, the Super name doesn’t have to mention all of his/her powers.

Probably the best alias I know that includes both of her force field and invisiblity powers is Shieldolette. It is a combination of Sheld and Silhouette and it rhymes with her name. I see it works and not to mention it sounds really beautiful when you say it out loud.

Over all, I believe my favorites include Invisigirl and Incredigirl. I love Shieldolette as well.

I totally agree with you guys. I mean, I like “Invision” and “Vanish,” but the top two on my list are definitely “Invisigirl” and “Ultra Violet.” The problem with those names though is they’re both a bit clinch.

“Ultra Violet” is my all-time favorite, but as Dash said in his fanfic, would a super really want to risk exposing her true identity by putting her real name in her hero alias?

No real technical problems with “Invisigirl,” just seems a little… unoriginal. But still…

The only one I absolutely despise is “Incredigirl.” :angry: Gag me with a spoon!!!

TSS- Yeah, Invisigirl is probably the best suited for her.

I tried working with the names Dispell, Evanesce, Wisp, Shade, Spook, and Envisage. Haunt won out over all of those of course, but for a while Dispell and Wisp were darn close.
Man, I’m glad I still had that work document. Had to dig for that one. :laughing:

Anyone mention “Spectrum”?

Most of Violet’s possible aliases sound like ghostly villain names to me.

violet parr: LOL. Now what could possibly be wrong with Incredigirl huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Invisigirl was what came to my mind first, but then I dismissed it because to me it’s just another variation of Elastigirl. And it didnt seem very creative to me then. But now that I see other people have thought of it, maybe it isnt so bad!

Haunt- I like “Evanesce.” You were smart to go with “Haunt” though. Most of the others don’t really sound “heroic”; I mean other than Evanesce, that one’s good. I mean, can you imagine civilians walking down the street yelling, “Hey, look! It’s Shade.” :laughing:

Crazy Calico- "Spectrum’s " cool :sunglasses: . But it doesn’t sound quite right for Violet.

The Star Swordsman- Yes, most of Violet’s aliases do sound ghostly. It just seems to fit her personality. :wink: And, about the “Incredigirl” thing, it just sounds kinda dorky to me. :confused: And what happens when she gets older and wants to go off on her own. Then she’d be stuck with that name.

lennonluvr9- I agree with you. “Invisigirl” does sound like “just another variation of Elastigirl.” It just seems so unoriginal. But it’s probably so popular because it’s one of the few that fit her well and is appropriate to her powers.

P.S. I also thought of “Invisiforce”, but that sounds more like a team name.

Thanks for the comments, guys! :smiley:

violet parr: As long as she is with her family, i believe Incredigirl is just fine. But as an individual, I love Invisigirl.

I thought of Invisiforce (and Invisifield) as her Super name, but to me, Invisiforce seems more like a signiture attack from her than an actuall allias.

PS: Yay, I reached my 20,000 post!!! :wink:

Good for you, TSS! :wink: I’m, like, waaay behind you on that one.

“Invisifield,” hmmm… I like that. But, you’re right, it does sound more like a signature attack .

violet parr: It is possible to cmbine both of her powers in her Super name. One example I gave in an earlier post is “Shieldolette” wich is a combo of shield on silohette.

Hmm, maybe she could use ‘Aeigs’ or ‘Esutcheon’ which both mean shield but also have that mythological/mystical feel to them.

I quite like Evanesce given by Haunt.

… but you’ll never get people to start to use anything else except Incredigirl…

I still like the simplicity of invisigirl and incredigirl. It seams like the most probable. As TSS stated.

But it just sounds so…innocent.

Yeah…I know, this coming from the person who reads too much dark stuff.

Dolly: And you know what? Sometimes simplicity can be beautiful.

Calico: Well, Violet is cute and innocent. :unamused: If she was still a gothic teen, she might adapt to something more dark.