Violet's hero alias

You know what? I think you’ve convinced me, TSS. I’m now calling her “Invisigirl” more often :slight_smile: . I think I’ll end up sticking with that name.

But I thought of one other really good one… Vigilante!-- it means “somebody who punishes lawbreakers personally rather than relying on the legal authorities.” What do you think :wink: ?

I like Vigilante…LOL.

I think that something around a small yet forceful description is best…a really long and complicated name would just make her more unpersonal…something short and sweet would work great…

Invisigirl is one that i use for all of my fanfics…thanks to TSS its just the best version i have seen.
Other ones were…Invisiforce…which is rather deep for newcomers…Incredigirl…i think this one is just too dull…sounds like Elastigirl only “incredible”…

You guys decided…i only work with boys…i’m no good with girls…i think that’s a good thing too…LOL

I’m not sure about Vigilante though. It seems too basic. Like it is another word for Hero, but another kind.

Al-Bob- I agree with you. Something simple but descriptive would be the best for her. Though, it is very hard to find a good hero name for her.

The Star Swordsman- You think? See, the way I saw it, it was cool and very different because it means “someone that takes the law into their own hands,” which I could easily see her doing as an adult. But, that’s okay. I mean, I’m still torn between that and Invisigirl.

I don’t know… I guess the only what I’ll really be able to tell which one I like more is to put both in a fanfic and see how it sounds. Hey! That’s a good idea! I gotta remember that next time I’m writing.

Well, I prefer Invisigirl than any other name for her, but its your fanfic. :wink:

Ultraviolet is my favorite!

As much as I love Ultraviolet, I’m going to have to go with Invisigirl. As someone above me said, the former name is a little too obvious.

How about “The Unseen Violet?”

I like it, but I would worry if her Super Alias is the same as her real civilian name. Wouldn’t her friends at school get suspicious?

Oo! OO! I KNOW! How about “Umbra”!?
Okay…that…sounds a bit like a boy’s alias name…but “Umbra” is Latin for “ghost” (according to the fourth edition Cambridge book). But does that sound interesting for a Violet alias?

And uh, isn’t “UltraViolet” already a superhero name…or something? I remember there was a movie of that name a few years ago.

I think Umbra is a cool name, but it might be too boyish for Vi.

ANd yes, there is a movie titled “Ultraviolet”, but the heroine’s name is Violet.

Welcome to Pixar Planet Esmedes

Hm. Another one that could be taken in consideration would be “Miss Disappear”, like a reference to when the guard she was fighting called her “Little Miss Disappear”.

I like it. It sounds like a good name, but loose the little, then she could keep it for the rest of her Super Hero career.

Oh, irony. I started calling her Ultraviolet before I read this. :laughing:

Oh well.

Arkie: I love the name Ultraviolet. Problem is, if one of her friends start associating her Super Alias with her real name, then suspicions shall arise.

Well, in the setting that I’ve got it, she doesn’t have many people she actually talks to anymore, and all of her close friends already know her identity. She also gets paid to be a hero, so she doesn’t have the issues she’d have if she had to go to a desk job.

Ah, I see! THat makes total sense then! :wink:

There are also a few fellow Supers that make fun of it.

Violet is just fine because in the movie when Violet activates her shields you cn see sort of a purplish//Violet hue Aura to it.

Taking a leaf out of Esmedes’ suggestion, how about Miss Invisible? You know, like that Marie Digby song. :wink: