Violet's Non-Pixar Art

Hey, guys! It’s me, Violet :slight_smile: ! And I’m debuting my non-Pixar art! Yep, I’m actually joining the non-Pixar art gang. I thought it was time two branch out :wink: .So, here it is! My first non-Pixar art on PP!

This first one is a product of the designer in me. I really wanted to draw this dress, or nightgown as I made it to be, but I didn’t know who to put in it. So I just drew a random face. The hair is based on a wig that I have, and the face is somthing of an off-Violet (if that makes any sense). I drew it as a Gothic princess. Normally, I’m not into princesses at all. But, hey, it’s not your average princess :wink: . I’ve also recently gotten into the Gothic style just as a fashion statement, and I wanted to do somthing relating to that.

Though it may seem like another Gothic piece, it’s actually totally unrelated. I did this a long time ago. I love Black Mambas. I chose to do this because it’s a trade mark of one of my signature characters as it reflects her personality.

Sorry if it seems dark, that’s all I have scanned for this thread. I hope no one starts to think I’m depressed. I’m very cautious of how and where I show off my Gothic style because I’ve gotten some bad looks when all I’m trying to do is be different. But, that in no way means hold back on your constructive criticism. If you think it could be improved, go right ahead and tell me what to fix! Constructive criticism is welcome! Thanks for viewing, guys! God Bless :slight_smile: !

I love it Violet Parr! You have posted some pretty amazing stuff! I love the first one, though I had a strange feeling that you were tempted to draw Violet. :wink:

I looks marvelous Vi! Keep it up! I await for more!

I love your Black Mamba drawing! :smiley: The details with the scales and the eye make it look really cool!
Interesting design on your gothic princess. I like the purple touches along the black.

Ahaha, no, you don’t seem like the depressed type to me. Being into some dark styles doesn’t officially mean I’ll label you as goth or emo in my head. It’s fine to try different styles like that to branch out. :wink:

Wow, Violet Parr. You never cease to amaze me with your drawing talents. Great that you’re branching out into other non-Pixar art (though of course, I like your Incredibles ones, and I’d really love to see you try others from the Pixar canon).

I love the guide lines on the Gothic princess. Good grasp on human anatomy, and I especially admire the eyes (I’m terrible with them, some people are bad with hands, others with feet. Mine’s eyes). Is that supposed to be a spiral staircase she’s descending?

And the Black Mamba… that is so strikingly awesome! I’m a fan of snakes, but even if I weren’t, this has to be one your best yet! It just looks perfect to me. How did you do the scales and the smudges? What medium did you use (I mean, I think it’s pen and pencil and paper, but I’d like to know the details)? If this is on DeviantArt, I’m favouriting it! Who’s this signature character of yours anyway?

And don’t feel too bad about the ‘bad looks’. I’m not much a fan of Gothic art myself, but I can appreciate its dark ‘beauty’. Don’t feel discouraged if people don’t share the same artistic styles as you, chances are, others will. :wink:

The Star Swordsman- Thank you so much, TSS :slight_smile: ! And, you were right. I was tempted to draw Violet :wink: . I’m really glad you liked them!

bright dot-dasher- Thanks, BDD :slight_smile: ! I’m really glad you liked them! And, actually, the purple/blue-ish touches are from the pre-sketch that was done in blue :slight_smile: . I did the whole thing in ink. Thanks so much!

thedriveintheatre- Thank you for the comment, TDIT :slight_smile: ! I’m glad you were just as impressed with this as my Pixar art :wink: . I’m happy that the anatomy was good on the Gothic Princess. And, I know what you mean about challenging body parts. Mine is hands. I’ll admit, I’ll go out of my way to avoid them (which is actually not a good thing :unamused: ). Yes, that is, in fact, a spiral staircase. Although she’s more walking by it that down it, judging by the direction of her night gown. I wanted to sketch in a quick back ground. I might add more to it later.

Thanks for the compliments on the Black Mamba :slight_smile: ! I’m glad you’re another fan of snakes. I did use pencil, pen, and marker, and I did the smudges with an almost dead marker. If I remember correctly, I did the scales each individually by a pattern that I made up (very time consuming).

Sorry to to disappoint you, but I don’t have a DA account. I might get one, though, now that a friend of mine has told me some good things about it. And, I don’t wanna reveal too much about my signature character just yet, but I can tell you she’s another teenage super :wink: .

Thanks for the reviews, everyone! I hope to update as soon as I can. Though, I don’t think I’ll be updating as much as I do on my Pixar art thread, simply because I do more Pixar-related stuff. Thanks again everybody! And Thanks for the respect for the more Gothic side of me :wink: .

Alright, I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry. I was having an off-time, but I’m back now :smiley: ! And back to posting, and updating my art thread. So, here’s a little somthing for you guys. This is actually what I put on my report card this year…

Yep, it’s another snake. As you probably know, I’m home schooled, which means I get to decorate my own report card :smiley: ! I wanted to do somthing original, and I love fun, colorful pictures, so this is what I decided to do. Aside from the color and lack of detail, I think this one’s actually more accurate than the black mamba. I remembered the flaps of skin that join the fangs to the roof of the mouth. And there is better detail in the mouth itself. Over-all, I’m pretty proud of this one, but I’d love to hear what you guys think :wink: . God bless you guys! Glad to be posting again :slight_smile: .

Woah, that’s pretty cool, VP! I love the way how you leave out some white streaks to give the eye, teeth, and skin that ‘shiny’ quality, and the blue lines for the scales. How did you scratch out the ‘ribs’ on the underside? And how’d you do the brown ‘smudges’ on the green background?

Anyway, nice signature, and yeah, snakes rule, so this is, like, totally awesome. :slight_smile: Seriously, you should consider getting a dA account, and please try drawing other Pixar characters if you’re up for it! More snakes would be great, too!

I love snakes, and you rule at drawing them as well. xD I really like how you drew that blue one. I like the contrast between the snake and the background. :slight_smile:

Oooh, it looks absolutely marvelous Violet Parr! Nice picture of the snake! I love it! Keep it up!

Wow!! I wish I was creative…I just do lame renditions of Pixar and Disney characters I love. These are Incredible!!!

TDIT- Thanks :slight_smile: ! Actually, I just did the lines with a pen, nothing special. Just trying out a new pen set I got from Michael’s art store. And, they’re actually supposed to be the scoots on the snakes underbelly, but, no big deal. And, I actually didn’t want the smudges to be there, but I colored the other side orange, and I guess some of it seeped through. Oh, you mean my sig “Matching Uniforms”? Thanks! And, I just gotta have my mom help me, and I just might be able to get a DA account. And, I will have more Pixar art coming shortly :wink: . You’ll finally get to see some of the products of me recent art binge.And, if I can come up with something good, I will try to draw some more Pixar characters.

Badger- Thanks :slight_smile: ! I’m amazed at all the snake fans around here! I’m glad you like it! Thanks!

TSS- Thanks, man :slight_smile: ! I’m happy to be updating again. I really appreciate your compliments.

Again, sorry to everyone for my major hiatus. But I AM back now :smiley: ! I can’t promise it won’t happen again, but I will return :wink: . I love you guys too much to leave.

Did you draw your avatar?? Because it’s pretty sweet in itself. :smiley:

Actually, yeah! I did :slight_smile: ! Thanks! I’m glad you like it! If you’d like to see some of my other Incredibles art, you can check out my Pixar art thread, “Violet’s Art Work” :wink: .

I did. The one with Tony is the best. :smiley:

No, I meant the little squiggle of your name in the bottom right-hand corner of your snake pic. :wink: But the forum sig is neat, too!

Alright! I can’t wait to ‘Watch’ (it’s the dA word for subscribe) your dA account, I’m sure you’ve got a lotsa fantastic Pixar artwork in store for us! :slight_smile:

IncredigirlVirginia- Cool! Thanks again :smiley: !

thedriveintheatre- Oh, well, thanks :slight_smile: ! I’m glad you like it. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to undo all those writing classes :unamused: :laughing: :wink: . Every artist needs a sloppy signature! And thanks for the compliment on my (forum) siggy :slight_smile: . As for the DA account, it’ll take awhile, but I think I’ll be getting one. I’ve just gotta have my mom check it out first :wink: . Now, to come up with a weird and wacky second user name… (Though I’ll use somthing like Violet_Parr[something] :laughing: ) I can’t wait to see how it goes!

Those are cool. The first one looks like if Violet was on The Nightmare Before Christmas. I should put my art up.

Thanks :smiley: ! I’m glad you like them. And, I’d love to see your art as well! If you do decide to post it, I’ll definitely check it out :wink: .

Your latest colorful snake looks pretty awesome! Great color choices, by the way! :smiley:

Thanks, BDD :smiley: ! I appreciate it!

Well, again, sorry for the long hiatus. I know, I know, I’m bad for that. Sorry.

Anyway, I now have a DA account, so no more problems uploading. But I will probably be posting links more often insted of putting the pictures right in the thread. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So, this next pic is somthing I did for my ID. I love Siberians, especially the ones with masks. This is Violet, the Siberian, or, as I’ve dubbed her, “Siblet.” Her back story is still in development (in my head). All I’ve really decided is she’s an up-beat, street dweller, half Husky, 1/4 German shepherd, and 1/4 wolf. She’s been bounced around houses before, but always manages to get herself kicked out. Maybe this is why…

violet-the-siberian.deviantart.c … /#/d2qz8i9

Gonna digitally color this later.