Votre Critique de Ratatouille

Dear fellow fans and members,

Today is the big day – the (near world-wide) release of the Disney/Pixar film, Ratatouille!! Families and friends, coworkers and employers, and dedicated fans alike have been biting their shoelaces in anticipation for this long-awaited production, and now, on June 29th, theaters and cinemas around the U.S. and various other countries will open their doors to allow a flood of rats to spill out from the screen and into audiences’ hearts and souls.


This specific thread is where you members have the chance to pour your thoughts and opinions out from your mind and onto the keyboard for everyone to indulge in. Judge for yourself whether the film exceeded expectations and is deserving of an Oscar, or is not quite up to par with previous Pixar films. Share your thoughts on such aspects of the film as the heart-warming story, intricate details, and captivating characters that spark the imagination and add a little more flavor to the film itself. Most importantly, have fun!

Happy posting! :smiley:

– Mitch

P.S./Edit: Here is my review, if anyone is interested in reading it:

C’est Magnifique

ahem Just seen it. My Revue…

So, I sit down in the theater, the previews start rolling, and I’m reminded of the darkside of film making. With the exception of Wall-E, all the movies seemed rather forgettable, and with one movie in particular (Bratz) deplorable.

But then…

Pixar rescues me.

The best way to describe my viewing pleasure of the movie… is rolled up in one scene. I’ll put it in a spoiler code, as to not ruin it for anybody [spoil] At the climax, when Anton Ego, the old, jaded food critic tasted the Ratatouille that Remy made, and how he is whisked away to his childhood, and he’s reminded of a time when the simplest things in life made him smile. [/spoil]

that’s how I felt when I watched the movie. I felt like being five years old again, sitting on my Grandma’s lap, watching a movie together. That part really, really moved me.

This movie is beyond awesome, and is by far the best thing I’ve seen in the theaters this year.

Go see it.


So before the movie, we put on our Ratatouille chef hats we found at walmart…we got quite alot of attention… people were saying things like “ohhh Ratatouille :slight_smile:” Little kids were coming up to us and saying “look mom, ratatouille! they look like chefs! I want one!” and the theyre were thee people we wernt intrested and though our hats were a waste of time “Hey, what’s with your hats…?” “oh! it’s for the new movie Ratatouille it’s the bets movie of the summer” and he says “well… thats nice…um…I guess…”

But all in people were swarming asking where we got out hats.

Anyways, We enter the movie, and I’m So hyper and excited and my wife sitting there beaming, trying to calm me down; but the excitment was almost too much to keep it. The previews started… and I was just sitting nervously waiting for Wall-e…wondering if they were even going to show it…and BAM it hits, the people behind me were thrilled to see it and sounded like they were excited, and my little brother sitting ahead of me turns around and says…“Cory, I just got goosebumps” Oviously we shared that same feeling…because I felt it too.

The movie was absoutly amazing, every one clapped at the end…this is another brilliant, amazing, stunning, beautiful preformance and movie from Pixar, and Brad Bird… just absoutly unspeakably stunning. This movie will live on for generations to come, you can count on it.

Whats funny is After we started to walk out of the theater, the people who worked at the theater RAN out of the theater just to catch up and they said out of breath “WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU GET THOSE HATS!!” and we just looked at him and said… “um…Walmart” and he kidnly thanked us and left… So I think we have inspired more people to get Hats and watch this amazing peice of film…

The film has barely been running around for more than a few hours and it’s already impacting a vast audience. Heheh. :wink:

I went to see the film at 11:00 AM this morning. Beautiful. Unpredictable. Magnifique. There is something so…elegant and pristine about this particular production. It captures my heart…every time.
I’m going to watch it again this evening with one of my younger sisters, so as to fulfill my lust to indulge in its beauty again…

crostskates - I love your whole “chef’s hats” story. Very charming. I did a similar thing: I doned a Ratatouille t-shirt and pin. A couple of people mentioned the film when they saw the shirt; truth be told, basically everone I’ve met seems interested in the feature, particularly after they’ve glanced at my shirt and asked me how good the film was. “It was beautiful”, I always reply… :wink:

Let the reviews continue to pour in, everyone! :smiley:

I saw it again today,and it touched me as hard as last time. It’s a work of art, and I absolutly love it it’s by far the best movie ive seen and will see all year, and it my second favorite movie to date.Anyone who hasent must see movie! It’s in my opinion pixar’s second best movie ever (my favorite movie goes without saying)and when i say pixar i mean the greatest movies ever created.
god im seeing it again tomarrow with all my family.That’s how good it was im seeing it a third time already :smiley: im obsessive like that (you don’t wanna know how many times ive seen cars it’s scary) :smiley:
BEST movie of the year I was in tears both times watching it and will be in tears watching it again. wow like crostskates sayed absolutly everyone clapped at the end and I clapped hardest…it was beautiful!
Mitch- WOW you’re watching it again later tonight!!
wow you beat me and im really obsessive

INDEED! Stunning! I have no interesting story. I just went by myself, cause I moved back to my small town to do Animation Mentor online. I have no animator buddies to geek out with anymore, like I did when I was in Denver!:cry:

I tell ya though! I went to an early showing and so there was mostly kids and they didn’t seem to pay attention the whole time, especially during those emotional or slower scenes. But that was only a tad bit. Pixar totally knows how to catch both kids and adults!

My eyes were just in awe the whole time! Can’t wait to see it once again! I was the only one left in the theater cause I had to sit through the whole thing and take it in for a moment!

Googly-Bear, that Anton Ego spoiler you pointed out, was definitely a HUGE moment. Probably my favorite scene!

Yup! If you haven’t seen it yet! It’s a must-see! I couldn’t believe the amazing effects that they are constantly improving. The water and the wet hair and clothes. And the animation was amazingly kick-ass! The flippin scenery was jaw-dropping. The food looked real enough to eat!
I kinda want to see it at an IMAX superscreen and just take in the detail!

Oh and the short film, Lifted was true comic genious! Amazing comedic timing. A sweet little appetizer before the feature!



wooo!! Pixar-geek mode!!!

oh, and luigiandguidofanatic4life , I agree with your sig… <3

I’m just going to copy and paste this from DevArt…I don’t feel like writing it up again, lol.

I went with my friend and her family to see Ratatouille a few hours ago, and I really, REALLY enjoyed it…It was surprisingly artsy-fartsy - so much in fact, I wouldn’t recommend it to those who dislike movies that are more art-based. Luckily, I LOVE artsy-fartsy animation in feature films, so I was pretty much in heaven throughout the entire thing. Gorgeous movie, just gorgeous…Great story and characters as well, VERY different than any other American animated film I’ve ever seen, except for maybe classic Disney flicks like 101 Dalmatians. I wish with all my heart that Brad Bird would just go ahead and do an animated film for adults, because his style of directing is much more suitable for the older crowd than kiddies, who I was surprised weren’t getting fidgety in their theater seats (it’s a bit of a slow-paced film, and some of the themes, including, OMG, illegitimate children, went way over their heads). Still, this is the animated movie I’ve been dieing to see for years – skillfully crafted, a subtle plot, intelligently written, and most importantly, not dumbed-down for the four year olds in the audience. Oh yeah, and it even features a romance that I actually thought was cute and well-done, which I’ve never said about an animated movie before. Disney romances especially tend to be cheesy and not very realistic, so it was nice that I finally got to go “Aww” at a toon couple. Wee. Oooh, ooh, and the credits were traditionally animated! Bonus points for Pixar!

It’s kind of a shame Brad Bird is moving on to live-action after this – I think he really had a lot to bring to the animation world…I mean, all of his films really do a fantastic job of breaking the formula 99% of American animated films have fallen into. Here’s hoping he returns to the world of cartoons once he gets his kicks with live-action!

If you’re refering to linguini that’s right he’s hot <3 ,and he’s all mine!(back off colette)
Meg- Yes I love how they don’t dumb it down for three year olds!
I can’t say I love the romance because it makes me jealous how perfect they are together (and ive never felt that way before)

I just got back from the late showing of the movie…Surprisingly, there were only about 6 other people in the theater with me, so it was quiet. Like Googly-Bear said, the trailers for all of those movies were quite forgettable…I mean, Mr Bean? Daddy Day Camp? Come on…

Anyways, about the movie. Although this is my second time seeing Ratatouille, I was just as astounded as the first time. The smooth animation, the hilarious words and gestures, the unforgettable characters!!! This is by far the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, hands down. I did manage to spot [spoil]Bomb Voyage for like a millisecond.[/spoil] Sadly, the Pizza Planet truck never came to my mind, so i wasn’t searching…sigh

Overall, I had a terrific time! Two thumbs up Pixar!!! :smiley:

I had my second helping of Ratatouille this afternoon. Heheh. It was another scrumptious screening. :smiley:

This time I knew what to expect, so I scanned the film more frequently, but I still failed to spot the Pizza Planet truck. I wasn’t even able to read the A113, yet I know where it is. Uggh. My eyes were feeling bad today anyway.

I hardly heard laughter from the rest of the audience. Ehh, they were all a bunch of Egos. :laugh:

Ooh! [spoil]I believe I figured out who Jack Bird voices. After Remy ends his tale by assuring his guests that Anton Ego is “doing very well as a small business investor” and “seems very happy”, the young rat next to him asks “How do you know?” The voice just struck me as sounding very…Bird-y.[/spoil] ;-p

I left the theater and headed straight for the neighboring mall and Disney Store. Aside from the toys I purchased, I was given 3 of 6 exclusive Ratatouille pins I traded ticket stubs for. I nabbed the last Skinner pin, the second-to-last Gusteau pin, and a Linguini pin because I wanted him. The other 3 pins are Remy, Emile, and Colette, and I’m paying for 3 tickets tomorrow so I can trade for 'em. Call me crazy. Go ahead. I DARE ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Jan Pinkava for the brilliant story, and thank you Brad Bird for spicing it up. :mrgreen:



Wow. That was just…amazing. Brad Bird. Pixar. You guys have done it again. Not much to say…just that it was simply stunning. The characters, the visuals, everything just brought down the house! One effect I loved: the bread. It was just so darn realistic! All the little holes and such…wow! :smiley:

Favorite character would have to be Colette. Very lovely. She had the same feeling of Jessie from TS2 to me. Kind of a authentic feel to her.

Q: [spoil]Where is Bomb Voyage supposed to be? I didn’t catch him…[/spoil] :frowning:

[spoil]When Linguini and Collete are roller skating for a brief moment. I caught him at the last millisecond. :stuck_out_tongue:[/spoil]

Ah, yes. I could see him fitting in there somehow. :wink:

Heheh. I’d be careful, L&Gfanatic4life. You could start a war here. :wink:

[spoil]As did the old lady.[/spoil] :laugh:


I haven’t read any of these but thanks for using spoilers, everyone. What does the title of this thread translate as?

“Your Review of Ratatouille:wink:


Thanks! =)

So far, so good! Everyone I know has given the film two “paws” up, which was quite predicatable if you ask me. I’m just glad that the film is earning the appreciation it deserves.

Long live Brad Bird and Pixar!

Yep – I’m obsessed and proud of it! (snigger)

I did see it again yesterday evening with only one of my younger sisters, as my other sister was “bored” of seeing Ratatouille. My eyes probably came close to popping out of my head when I heard her utter that. It’s blasphemy, I tell you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hobbie - Welcome to Pixar Planet, Hobbie! I’m pleased that you had an enjoyable time dining on some Ratatouille and I trust that you will find your stay here pleasurable as well. :wink:

Yeah, you can thank fellow Pixar Planet member K3vin for giving me the “heads up” on that. Thanks, K3vin! :wink:

Just one more, minor thing to note before I close this message:

Due to the fact that this particular film has flared within my (and my father’s) heart a note of roseating optimism, we are going to do our utmost to view the film again this evening at the El Capitan theater at approxiamately 9:50 PM. It is pretty much the only showing that hasn’t sold out yet, so we’re going to see if we can squeeze ourselves into a couple of the last remaining seats. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if we don’t manage to acquire a cushy chair to lounge in at the brightly-lit El Capitan cinema, my dad has made it a point to view the film again sometime today, so we’re going to take a bite out of Ratatouille this afternoon no matter what! Truth be told, I haven’t seen my dad so enthusiastic about seeing a film since Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith arrived on the scene. Fantastic. :mrgreen:

– Mitch

Well, I haven’t seen it yet… maybe tommorow. In the mean time, here’s a little bit from a review my godfather told me about…

The guy gave Ratatouille 3 stars out of a possible 5. He said, " I just couldn’t get over the fact that they were animating a rat." (What?)