Waking Sleeping Beauty

Has this been mentioned yet?
Waking Sleeping Beauty is a documentary film about the struggles and successes of the Disney Renaissance. Looks so intriguing! And I’m not a fan of many documentaries, but this is irresistable for a Disney fanatic like me.

EDIT: Link fixed. Sorry guys, last time was the wrong video link. :laughing: Though it was kinda funny.

Is it gonna be on tv? And if so wat time is it gonna be on.

Yea, it is a Documentery, I guess it’s the history of Disney, because it’s got Roy Disney in it, which I think is Walt Disneys son or something :laughing:

Bradandez, It’s a theater showing movie, Though, I think showing it at the theater would be good :smiley:
Though, I think it might just be Selected Cinamas Only film, because it’s a documentary, and well, Documentarys ar not that very good with the public.
Though, they say that with 3D Films :smiley:

Laugh out loud, why does the link lead to a video on the Minions from Despicable Me? :smiley:

Where can I watch this doco, BDD?

TDIT: Whoops, that wasn’t supposed to happen! That’s weird…fixes

It’s a theater showing movie, but I haven’t seen it advertised near me at all. :confused: I don’t know all the details for it. I first saw it in a newspaper ad in part of the scrap paper in an art class, and tore out the ad to save for myself. Then I remembered about it.
Anyway, I guess gleefan1 is right. It’s probably only for specific theaters. I don’t know where yet.
I’d like to see it, but I’d have to see it alone, since while my family enjoy Disney films, I’m the only one movie-geeky enough to sit through an entire documentary of it and not fall asleep. :laughing:

Here is the official website for Waking Sleeping Beauty:


If you click on the button that says “Screenings” on the left-hand side of the page, you’ll get a listing of all the locations where it will be playing.

Although I haven’t seen this film yet, I would certainly love to.

– Mitch

Ooh, I’d love to see this! 'Course, I’d have to drag my friends there too, and there’d have to be a showtime at my theater, so who knows. Maybe it’ll be OnDemand or something in a couple months:)

Will it come in a DVD with another movie, like The Pixar Story?

It’s arriving on DVD November 30th along with Walt and El Grupo and the Boys: The Sherman Brother’s Story :slight_smile: I can’t wait!

When this documentary comes out on DVD, I am SO going to rent it and watch it. I love learning about the Disney Renaissance because it’s my favorite part of Disney ever, plus I love most of the movies Disney produced during that period. Though I wish I could have also watched it at a theater. D: Oh well.

I really want to see this. It’s being screened in Minneapolis early September so I think I know a fun field trip for the animation club! Woo! It’ll be like the time we went to see A Pixar Story. We left the theater super inspired.

You have a club for animation?!?!! dies of jealousy

gleefan1: Roy E. Disney was Walt’s nephew

woody: Awesomenss! I’ts being released with Walt and El Grupo! I really wanted to see that, I love The Three Caballeros and Saludos Amigos

Indeed! I go to school for animation. :slight_smile:

Jealousy…overwhelming me…you’re myhero!!! :smiley:

IncredigirlVirginia: Well, just follow your dreams and keep being inspired by movies and documentaries, like Waking Sleeping Beauty! Some day you can find yourself in similar school!

I hope so!! Thanks :smiley:

If you can’t find the movie, there’ allways iTunes! :smiley:

Cool! If only I had an Ipod…adds to stuff that will likely never happen :laughing:

Just got back from watching Waking Sleeping Beauty. It’s a great documentary, a really insightful look into Disney during it’s second golden age and the period right before it. A lot of focus was on the CEO’s/management and I wish there was a bit more interviews from the animators, but it is still definitely a must see for any Disney fan.