WALL-E Ranking

Well, here is a thought. You know that we have rankings, depending on the number of posts you have (Eg: Super Hero, Piston Cup Champion, Ant, etc). Well, with WALL-E coming up, I’m curious about not only what the ranking is called, but also the post count to reach it, you know what I mean?

Anyone got any ideas?

Axiom Captain when you reach 20,000 posts. Heheh. But I wouldn’t know any real good suggestions till after I saw the movie…

“TO infinity and beyond!” would be a nice crossover for Toy story and WALL•E?

Ok that was a lame idea :cry:

I like Rachel’s idea! I think most other choies there are wouldn’t make sense.

I like Rachel’s idea as well. But with 15,000 posts not 20,000 posts.


15,000 posts is a lot to get to. I think maybe 5000 or 6000 might get you there. I don’t know.

Captain doesn’t seem to need such a high number, considering that Superhero is lower, how about Captain being 2,000?

But if I am not mistaken, the Super Hero number of post to obtain is more than 2000.

I meant lower than 15,000, not 2,000. In my opinion Superhero should always be the highest. :wink:

I think Axiom Captain should be 5,000 posts - 20,000 is too much.

I don’t know. I think SUper Hero might still be the top rank.

Well, since Super Hero is at 5,000 posts, Axiom Captain should be 10,000 posts.

That makes sense. But isn’t 10,000 seem a little too much?

Yeah it is a bit much, but you and Mitch almost have 10,000 posts… Maybe it could be changed to 7,500 posts, though.

Yeah, 10,000 is a bit high. Anyways I think Superhero should be above Captain.

In my opinion, 7,500 sounds just right. The next rank up, for Up, can be for 10,000 posts.

For the Up ranking at 10,000 posts we could have “Wildlife Ranger.”

Oh, and “Axiom Captain” would definitely be of a higher importance than “Super Hero” IMO. :wink:

Seems like SUper Hero is still the top spot because the ranking for WALL-E is Axiom Crew Meber. I don’t know the post number though.

How did you find that out, TSS?

lennonluvr has that for her ranking now.