What television shows would you like to see adapted to film?

I would personally love to see a film version of The Sopranos. The prospect of a film has been buzzed about since the series finale, with creator David Chase saying:

Another oft-rumored televsion adaptation is a film adaptation of Friends. Matthew Perry, in an interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, said that the rumors are not true. The director of publicity for Warner Bros. in the UK said there was “no truth in the story” while Perry’s spokeswoman has said:

What televison series would you like to see be adapated as a feature film?

I’d love to see one done for 24. I know there’s some movies like Time Code and Out of Time which were edited such that they played out in real-time, but I’d love to see a big-screen adaptation of the fastest-paced action series on TV. Rumours have been floating around that they’ll follow the show’s real-time format (meaning the events will take place over a 2 hour +/- period), but I hope they finalize this so they can start production pronto! Imagine instead of 24 hours, Jack has only 2 to save the world! The action will be intense!

I was going to say Firefly, but they kind of already did. Then I thought of Futurama, but they sort of did that as well.

I guess if any TV show could be a film, I would want Red Dwarf. That would be awesome, so long as the original English cast reprised their roles.

I think a film adaptation of a TV series is redundant unless the filmmakers absolutely has a good story to tell that has a scale too big for television.

Instead, I would love to see a film adapted into a series; Watchmen. There were so many things missed on that movie, and a series could fill in all those missing gaps, with an even deeper aspect if the director of the show remain as Zack Snyder.

Is there a Twilight Zone or Doctor Who movie out there? If there isn’t, I’d like to see those made into movies. Although Doctor Who would be a problem because of how complicated the series is, but I hope David Tennant would be in it. He’s my favorite Doctor. :slight_smile:

FounderofAzn - There is already a Twilight Zone film that has been around for quite some time, as well as two Doctor Who films.

=O I watch these two shows on the Sci-Fi channel, but never bothered to research on it.

Hm… I don’t really know any other movie I’d want to see. Maybe Lost. But a Lost movie would be chaos to make. On the island, off the island, on the island, off the island. :unamused:

FounderofAzn - I’ve pondered on the idea of a Lost film myself, and I came to the same conclusion. It would almost certainly be incredibly difficult to do because of the storyline of the series. Although it would be interesting to see how they would put such a film together (if, by some miracle, ABC and Abrams and company actually agree and work out a contract for the film, which probably won’t happen), that particular show is better off left as a series.

None, because television shows adapted for the cinema usually suck. :laughing:

I just think that whatever medium something has started off in, it should stay in that medium. It might sound a bit closed-minded, but clearly there are reasons why a certain story was first made into a TV programme instead of a movie originally, and there are some good examples on this thread already of great TV shows that wouldn’t really work as films.


I thought there was only one, the TV movie in 1998 starring Paul McGann as the Doctor.

btw, I wish there was another Doctor Who movie :stuck_out_tongue: This time, a very British one, and not “what if Americans were in control of Doctor Who.”

Halos Nach Tariff - A Red Dwarf movie. <3

It’s not difficult, it’s impossible.

You know how impossible it was to adapt Watchmen to a film? It would be around a hundred times more difficult. Like Watchmen, Lost out of its medium doesn’t work. That’s actually a very good sign about it, as it always was for Watchmen.

My thoughts are exactly the ones by Halos.

I would want Futurama and Supernatural.

I’d be interested in seeing an Entourage film be made.

Dexter’s Laboratory. One of the most memorable shows I watched as a kid, I really miss that show. There was a TV movie, I think it was called Ego Trip or something, and it was pretty epic.

Wasn’t there talk of a Reboot movie? That was a cool show, old school Toonami.

I know you guys are going to hate me for this, but I would absolutely love if Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie was theatrical! That would be awesome! :smiley:

The one I want it, too, is already being done: Primeval. :laughing: My goodness, I love Primeval! Something else that would probably be great as a feature film, that IS if they got the right storyline for it, is Wild at Heart, another great TV show I love. In case you don’t know what it is, it takes place about a family known as the Trevannians who move to Africa and work as vets there. There have been a variety of emotional moments and in each episode, you cling on and hope for the best. But when [spoil] the mother Sarah dies[/spoil], it comes as quite a blow, but does get back on track in Series 4.

Gargoyles! :smiley:


Primeval series 1 was good, but it went downhill from there, and I couldn’t stand Wild at Heart.

You know, that would be a pretty good movie.

South Park. I know there’s a movie out already, but I’d really like to see another. The writing was a lot better than The Simpsons Movie, IMO.