What type of pet do you have?

What type of pet do you have?`And whats its name?

Mine is a dog.

Uhh, I have dozens of pets. Dunno where to start … I’ll name them but I may forget a few …

1 hamster - Pepper
4 cats - Angel, Milo, Rusty, Hope
3 bulldogs - Tuffy, Maude, Dottie
2 chihuahuas - Doodles, Elfkin
1 pomeranian - Teddy
1 tarantula - Sylvia
2 parrots - Sweet Pea, Luna
3 cocatiels - Tweety, Richard, Cinnamon
3 tortoises - Hubcap, Yellowfoot, Ranbo
1 turkey - Lurkey Turkey
1 rat - Cloey
1 blood python - Kaa

I think that’s it. I should hope so. I used to have so many … @_@

1 dog. She’s so funny. :laughing:

1 dog named Copper - terrier mix

I’ve had him for about 10 years, so he’s pretty old, but age=loyalty in his case. :smiley:

Two cats: Sam and Zac. They’re black and white tabbies, and they are brothers.

Our auntie’s cat was pregnant and she had four cats: two girls and two boys. We wanted to have the girls but we didn’t get dibbs on them fast enough. I was a bit hesitant about getting boy cats since I had the notion that boy cats aren’t as affectionate and would just want to stay outside all the time and get into fights, as well as pee on everything. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They are very loving cats, since their dad was pretty laid back (we think), and their temperament was enhanced by their comfortable and loving upbringing. I love 'em to bits and cuddle them every day. I don’t know what I’d do without them. <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" />

I have one little puppy. It is a maltese. It is really adorable (and fat too)!

I have a history of pets, but they either died, were given away, escaped, or were eaten by prehistoric Jiralhanae.

Erm, scrape the last one…

Anyway, my current pet at the moment would be eight slender orange fishes that resemble goldfishes, and a one-eyed “silver dragon fish.” Not sure about the cause of the latter’s loss of vision, but it’s sure sympathetic…

I own a male cockatiel named Birdie. He loves to whistle, talks, and barks. (he barks like a dog). He enjoys mooning me and gives kisses.

I have a rabbit, but I won’t tell you what her name is or post a photo.

Could you describe it for us RMSH?

A single very strange cat named Chilli.

We have a Mini Pomeranian named Molly. Shes 8, and boy is she brat :laughing: . And cute

Heres some pics:

Aww!!! That’s a cute dog!!! :slight_smile:

I <3 Pomeranians!

Molly is a cutie!

Aww, nightwheel your pom is adorable! :smiley: I’ve had two in my life - sadly my older pomeranian died of a tumor- she was 20 years old. :open_mouth: Behaved like a puppy though- you could never tell.

jions the Pom party
This is Briggs. My pom/papillion mix.

These guys aren’t around anymore, but this is Aeka (left) and Sasami.

And Sasami’s first and only litter

Ryoko (Sasami’s daughter), Sasami, and Aeka

And finally Boo-lah

I do’t have any rats now, but when I get my apartment I’ll get another dumbo.

Aww Haunt, you have really cute pets there.

I like your dog!!! :slight_smile: That rats look cool too!!!

Right. She’s a white rabbit with large brown patches. I got her somewhere in November 2004. Very hot tempered, but still cuddly for the most part. :smiley:

My brother has an albino rat, had her ever since February 2007. I love her soo much. She has always been my favorite rat. Since when could an animated rat be better than a real pet?

Personally, I wish I had another pet, but I think I can only handle one for now.