What's the longest time you been away from Pixar Planet?

We all like this site, we have all become good friend’s and are now sorta like family. Lot’s of us go on here everyday, some every few days, some every few weeks, or every few mouth’s. What’s the longest you have been away from this site since you joined?

From March 9th, 2010 to April 3rd 2010 I didn’t get on for 25 days.From Dec 28, 2009 to Jan 9th, 2010, I didn’t post for 12 days, I also missed a week when both computer’s had to be fixed. And also missed a couple of day’s when I moved. But the longest I have been away from the site is 52 days. From Jan 16, 2010 to March 8th, 2010, I didn’t get one, I finally got on March 9th, 2010 and posted “Congrats to Up for winning Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score. Looking forward for Toy Story 3 to do the same.” So what’s the longest you been away from the site, or do and have you alway’s got on everyday?

I think the maximum i’ve been offline here is 4 days. That’s still a long time!

That’s very good!

Well, I joined in Janurary. And I posted once or twice, but I became a regular poster in like May of last year. So that gap was my longest time away.

My longest time away as a regular member I suppose was the week I went to New Orleans last year. That’s the only instance I can think of. I’ll repeat that ths year when I go to New York City.

PS. I’m going to move this therad to the Pixar Planet section of the boards, it’s more appropriate that it’s there, as well as there are too many active threads on the Members side, and one on the PP side! :slight_smile:

I think my longest time was about a fortnight, when I went on the cruise to New Zealand this year.

Can’t remember if I went longer before then, I’ve been an at least once-a-week poster since I started in 2008.

About a year for me. Around the release of WALL-E, my friends left the site and I got lonely, so I decided to do the same. I didn’t visit again until after I saw Up, which was when my love for Pixar was being renewed. I became a bit more frequent, and eventually decided to stay because of the amazing people I met. :slight_smile:

I remember I was gone for a week when i went to Idaho. I remember I had little to no Pixar Planet when i had internet problems. but the longest time I’ve ever been away from pixar Planet was two years ago, where I spent 2 weeks in Hawaii, vacationing with my family.

Let’s see if anyone has beat your’s

I posted 5 times between the time I joined and August of 2009 and I still posted choppily between then and end of March into the beginning of April of 2010.

Once I was away for like two weeks.

I always seem to leave whenever the school semester starts or whenever my Summer vacation occurs.

I think the longest absence for me has to be from last Summer till this week…so about 8 months…wow.

Long time, but K9girl has you beat.

Ah man,

Sheesh why is that a competition?

I think once I was for 3 weeks. :open_mouth:

WOW Shocking! :open_mouth:

You actually shocked, or was that a joke? I am overly dramatic and loving of this forum, I admit. I’m an addict. 8D :blush:

Not sure if anyone still remembers, but pretty much the longest I’ve been away was back when I lost my internet for a few months. Of course for some of you it may seem like I’m always away since I don’t seem to say a lot here very often, but I can assure you that I’m still here. I just get busy doing other things on the internet behind-the-scenes while checking up on things here.

I actually do remmeber that!

I remember, Flik-E! Sadly, your internet misfortune started shortly after you and I really started interacting. It was sad. :frowning: Glad you’re here now, though! :slight_smile:

I was away for like 2 months this year, with school and sports and stuff. When I first joined I wasn’t a frequent poster, maybe I posted once over a whole year, but I don’t know if that counts. So my final answer is 2 months :smiley:

I’ve been away for 2 weeks right now, but this whole month (May) is gonna be pretty busy for me, :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: