Which Disney Franchise has the worst Fanbase?

Worst Fanbase

  • Jonas Brothers
  • Lion King
  • High School Musical
  • Hannah Montana
  • Kingdom Hearts

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For me it’s gonna have to be a tie between Lion King and kingdom hearts. Your opinion.

Well, even as a KH fan, I have to admit the fandom can get kind of obnoxious. But I’m going to have to go with the Jonas Brothers. Why do so many of their fans worship them as gods of music?

I agree with Rac.
Some people have even gone so far as to say the Jonas Brothers are the new Beatles. No, just no. The Beatles are a wondrous, amazing, timeless band, and no one, especially not a bunch of pretty boys like the JBs, can touch them.

I said HSM, but only because the fans hate me for not being one…

That’s what I voted, too. They don’t hate me, but I just kinda find some to be really obnoxious. Not all, just some :smiley:

I say it’s a tie between Jonas Brothers, High School Musical, and Hannah Montana, because being a girl I had to go through clothes shopping and trying to find something that didn’t have the Jonas Brother’s, Hannah Montana’s or Zac Effron’s face on it.

Jonas Brothers. I’m with Rock-itpop on the explanation

Those fanbases do have their doozies, but to insinuate their fanbase/s is/are worse than those of the Disney teen stars is baffling to me personally.

Oh god, don’t get me started on the Jonas Brothers fanbase. Some of them can be bratty stuck-up fangirls who don’t respect opinions and are WAY too obsessed, thinking that the band is as legendary as music artists like Michael Jackson and The Beatles, ugh. I fail to see what’s so good about them. Their songs are corny and unoriginal, their popularity is just because of Disney milking it and their fanbase is full of brats who don’t know what real Disney is all about. I’m not saying ALL Jonas fans are like this, this is just the way I see some of them.

Hannah Montana and High School Musical’s fanbases are bad as well. It goes for all the teen-based modern day Disney garbage I hate. As much as Robert Iger has managed to soil the company’s reputation in recent years, he’s not the worst CEO, but this teen-aimed stuff needs to end.

Kingdom Hearts. At least the teenybopper ones don’t interact online besides Youtube.

I beg to differ, I’ve ran into a lot of those sorts of people outside of YouTube, and only the most rabid KH fans could compete with them.

I think you mean Michael Eisner. He was CEO until 2006, so all the really bad stuff started under him.

Come to think of it, you’re right. Even though Robert Iger is continuing it, it was Michael Eisner who started it near the end of his career as CEO. And Iger must have had no choice to continue it because of it’s popularity among teens. Oh well, I guess Disney nowadays isn’t so bad. If only they’d stop this teen rubbish and franchise milking.

I know its not on the poll, but Buzz lightyear of star command has the worst fanbase, they act like the series was all about XR and NOS 4 A2 , and in their fanfics Buzz is always a dork that stands there doing nothing. :angry:

…Why is Lion King up there? As far as I know its fans aren’t especially rabid or active.

Well, it’s a little hard to say, for me. I don’t see fans for these things very often. I know that sounds ridiculous because of their immense popularity, but if I do see fans, I don’t usually see how they “conduct” their fandom. Voted Jonas Brothers though… their music is particularly unmemorable and unoriginal, and it does seem like many kids consider them “the Beatles of today” like earlier posts have mentioned.

HSM is very overrated like The Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana…Seriously girls screaming and crying over three overrated,overpaied rich boys?Really no… :confused:


I wish “Disney Princess” was one of the options. I use to be a frequent user of another website with a large Disney Princess fanbase. It was like a pyramid system, there was kind of like a ‘queen’ of the place and they didn’t welcome new comers that much. The Disney Princess fans there were very sarcastic, cold, and uninterested in anyones opinions that weren’t praising Princcess fans. also I felt like they made you feel embarressed if you liked “Princess and the Frog”

Anyway, those are the only Disney Fanbase fans I’ve had trouble with. When I talk to Jonas Bros or Hannah Montana fans, they always are very kind, and understand if you don’t like their fandom.

by the way, I’m not referring to ALL Disney Princess fans. Just all the fans from a peticular spot. I myself am a fan of Disney Princess

I do like several of the characters from the Disney Princess line, but I hate the concept of it :confused: It contains several characters who aren’t even princesses like Belle and Snow White, one who shouldn’t even be refered to as a Princess due to her culture (that being Pocahontas) one where labelling her as a princess defeats the object of her character (Mulan) and I could go on but…yeah.

Yeah, I totally see what you mean Leon. Mulan and Pocahontas are not really traditional princesses, they’re just put in the lineup because of their race, honestly. Which is a good thing I guess, you know so all little girls can think they can be princesses or whatever. (except Hispanics/Latinas. You don’t get princesses.)

No, I seriously hope to see a Hispanic/Latina princess/“princess” soon.